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We've asked this question before -- but now that we're less than a week away from the launch on Nintendo's new console, are you buying?

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Also sound off: What next generation consoles are you planning on buying?

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# 1 JohnDoe8865 @ 11/12/12 02:55 PM
Yeah if anything it'll be the Xbox 720 or whatever they call it, but it won't be at launch. Too many bugs/hardware issues for my taste to buy at launch.
# 2 bigsmallwood @ 11/12/12 02:56 PM
I look forward to my Wii U on day 1!!!!
# 3 MrWise33 @ 11/12/12 03:19 PM
I Always Felt like the Kinect destroyed the Wii
# 4 scotianprince @ 11/12/12 03:49 PM
Not at launch, there is not a game i play on nentendo that i cant play on my 360..
Now if they re made Tecmo superbowl the right way then i would condider it....but no wii u for me
# 5 Nexgenrulz @ 11/12/12 03:51 PM
Nope. Perfectly content with my PS3 until PS4 comes out. Too many amazing Sony first party games.
# 6 porkys8077 @ 11/12/12 03:53 PM
Maybe next summer.
# 7 rudyjuly2 @ 11/12/12 04:14 PM
Yes - for my kids as a Christmas present.
# 8 ItsOrangeBaby @ 11/12/12 04:15 PM
Really doubt I will get a wii u, since I'm kind of at the point that when it come to game system I will just be looking at Microsoft.
# 9 fsufan4423 @ 11/12/12 04:47 PM
I consider myself as a die hard gamer, I own both 360 and PS3....also a Vita. I would consider a Wii U if they make some decent games.
# 10 SpOrTsDuDeJ123 @ 11/12/12 04:58 PM
I highly doubt I am going to get a Wii U
# 11 GlennN @ 11/12/12 07:26 PM
Nope. The next system I buy will probably be the next Xbox, as long as it is compatible with 360 games (if not, it'll be a couple years after launch before I jump).
# 12 chtucker18 @ 11/12/12 07:41 PM
Yeah after it comes out
# 13 eaterofworlds888 @ 11/12/12 09:27 PM
I'll probably get it at some point, but it'll be a while, after the price goes down some. I never pay for consoles at launch price.
# 14 kidnice15 @ 11/12/12 09:45 PM
Yes I am getting 1 actually picking up 2. Basically for my wife and daughter. They loved playing the wii so I am going to get the Wii U for them.
# 15 JerzeyReign @ 11/13/12 07:47 AM
No... I don't even play my Wii or Xbox as often as my PS3 so it'd be a waste for me. Plus, when I do play the Wii, I'm content with just playing ol' school Mario Brothers 3 and don't really look into much more.
# 16 22cedric @ 11/13/12 07:58 AM
No i'm waiting for the final specs of the XBOX 720 & PS4 to be released.
# 17 BQ32 @ 11/13/12 08:28 AM
I find a lot of these polls telling. Now granted this is more of a hardcore gamer site and those type of gamers typically have not gravitated toward the Wii. I feel Nintendo really needs to brace for a significant drop from the Wii to the WiiU. The wii struck lighting becoming somewhat of a fad both hitting the nastalgia button at the right time and introducing the motion controls where parents and casual gamers picked it up in droves thinking it would be fun for the family or parties. I estimate that that market made up well over half of the Wii's first year business because of its price point. That same market will NOT be there this time and Nintendo to a big extent has alienated the harcore gamers as proved by the lack luster software sales. The Wii was very gimmicky and although I feel the WiiU would be a better platform for true gamers they are still releasing a system that will be inferior in processing power and graphic capabilities to the other next gen cosoles.
# 18 waytofailself @ 11/13/12 08:32 AM
I already put my chips for this coming gen in building a high quality gaming PC.

If I get a WiiU, it will be more for my daughter's benefit when she's older (she's 1 now) and when the price of things have dropped. As a lifetime Nintendo fan I am excited about the system, but gone are the days when I buy systems at launch. I still have a whole slew of 360 back library to play after picking up one Jan last year.

edit: and I know this is a sports gaming website, but the Wii actually had an excellent library of games outside of FPSs and sports games. So I'm inclined to disagree with people here who say, "The Wii had no games" or "Hardcore = not Wii"
# 19 ultralow36 @ 11/13/12 08:49 AM
Yeah will pick it up sunday....hardcore gamer but most important im a gamer...i have a xbox360,ps3, aleinware x51(love it)).....and now wii U......dont care about hardcore name crap....btw it has all the core big games right now..
# 20 Valdarez @ 11/13/12 09:58 AM
I've owned every Nintendo console made, so I can't see any reason not to purchase this one. If anything, it's worth the purchase just to play the Nintendo based games (Mario, Zelda, Metroid, etc).

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