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Everyone plays Madden differently. Some people enjoy a good ground game, others like to air-it-out. Others (and you know who you are) run around with a QB like RGIII or Michael Vick and you chuck it long at much and as often as possible.

I still have nightmares of Michael Vick led Atlanta Falcons offenses from the 'Golden Age' of Madden on the PS2.

As for me, I enjoy running a very West Coast style of offense -- with a conservative passing game while relying upon the run to grind a game out as much as possible. I value a QB with a good short and medium passing game moreso than a QB who has the arm to really stretch a defense. I'm definitely a 50/50 guy when it comes to run/pass ratio.

Sound off: So what about you? What is your offensive style in Madden NFL 13? Is anyone trying something truly unique?

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# 1 wallofhate @ 11/12/12 05:10 PM
Gangnam style
# 2 Raw Energy @ 11/12/12 05:15 PM
Depends on team I'm using I try to play like they do in real life. I also take the opponent i'm playing if human into account..

I like to air it out and run a few times depending on RB i have. If i have a good/great rb i will balance my playcall more to give them more touches.

If not i will pass on you until you shut it down or give me wide open running lanes up the middle with ur play calling in which I will audible to run until you pick a play that requires me to pass or gives me and advantage in my pre snap read.
# 3 Trojan Man @ 11/12/12 05:19 PM
I try to use the real-life team's style just for realism's sake.

My own personal preference is to use lots of I form (regular, strong, and weak), heavy single back sets, and minimal shotgun. I like to run a lot and take shots downfield (basically the late Al Davis's Raiders).

Aside from the Raiders' book, which books are good for this style of play?
# 4 cavsfan2 @ 11/12/12 05:37 PM
LOL you used a picture of the jets when talking about offense. I see what you did there
# 5 rudyjuly2 @ 11/12/12 06:16 PM
Bad. I lean on the ground game as I'm a bad passer. I like two TE sets and the I-formation for my running plays. I still like to pass and would love to be able to lead an explosive offense but I stink at that.
# 6 Retropyro @ 11/12/12 06:37 PM
2 back ground and pound.
# 7 azdawgpound @ 11/12/12 06:43 PM
i run the ball to set up my passing i like pounding the rock with T-RICH then once they start getting tired i hit them over the top with gordon and Benjamin and work in my te's.
# 8 StreetCarp @ 11/12/12 06:53 PM
Runs up the middle, crossing routes, and a streak every now and then. Seems like screens do nothing and routes where the receiver stops are intercepted too much.

I don't play Madden 13, though. These were my experiences in past games.
# 9 Jr. @ 11/12/12 06:57 PM
Originally Posted by Drtro
I'd say my ratio is about 25/35 run/pass per game give or take.
What do you do the other 40% of your plays???

I'm a deep ball player. I try to establish the run game and use PA to go over the top.
# 10 Trojan Man @ 11/12/12 10:28 PM
What's the best playbook for ground and pound?
# 11 abeg1713 @ 11/12/12 11:32 PM
I like to pound the ground with 2 RB'S then move into play action and 2 TE sets. my strong suit is the deep ball but like to save that for when i rlly need it
# 12 Bmore Irish @ 11/12/12 11:55 PM
i run fake punts and field goals until im down a significant deficit, then i just run 4 verts.

or ill keep it pretty balanced. im all about the short to intermediate passing game too. screens are always cute. rarely do i take a big shot down field.
# 13 MEEKS973 @ 11/12/12 11:59 PM
im a ground and pound player. my ratio of run to pass is about 53-47. once my running game gets stopped, i use the short passes to get the first down then open up the run game again
# 14 Calvin_Johnson81 @ 11/13/12 12:37 AM
My style is simple pound the rock up the middle to open up my passing game.
# 15 KBLover @ 11/13/12 01:31 AM
Heavy HB involvement, both run and pass. Power running, some stretch/zone runs, screens, HB pass routes.

Blame loving do-it-all HB like Craig, Faulk, and now Ray Rice.

When I do throw to WR, it tends to be going for a big play/deep pass or very short, very high percentage - basically a "long handoff" or I guess a "forward pitch". Talking about 4 or 5 yards and hopefully QB accuracy and ball carrier skills of the WR make it bigger now and then.
# 16 at23steelers @ 11/13/12 01:36 AM
Power runs and stretch runs along with quick slants and posts when passing. I struggle in Madden when people use dime package which somehow stops the run and the pass successfully. Im trying to teach my friend who doesn't really know the ins and outs of football that dime package isn't good unless the offense has 4 WR's. But dime works on any offensive package unrealistically. THANKS EA!!
# 17 SkillzKillz719 @ 11/13/12 01:47 AM
I am completely adaptable to the game I'm in. I can run a multiple offense and defense, use gameflow the whole game, and be fine. I find that if I don't have a specific style to lean on, I'll never get shut down!

It totally depends how my defense plays me. If they press the corners and blitz, I become a vertical passer.
Run quarters and I ground and pound. It totally depends. And it makes every game I play really interesting.

On defense I run A 4-3/3-4 cover 3 the first 10 or so plays to get a feel for what my opponent is trying to do.
Works pretty well.

I think I'm 25-9 now? I was 20-3 but I've lost 5 times to cheesers. And I'll gladly take those losses. I tried cheesing it out with one guy and the score ended up being 91-80 and it took an hour and 20 minutes.... Never again. lol. I would rather take the loss and move on with my day. Nobody cares about your record. These blogs are the only times I say it to anyone but myself really. So I dont know.
# 18 MEEKS973 @ 11/13/12 02:32 AM
and it def depends on who you play with.

in my jets season i struggles a bit running with greene running the ball till he got hurt. once he got hurt i picked up jerome harrison who did a great job while greene was out for 4 weeks and evidently became the starter for me.

when greene struggled i couldnt help but pass the ball and jets really dont have many option at receivers but sanchez is getting the job done and harrison adds a nice balance to the team
# 19 33repus @ 11/13/12 02:40 AM
Winning style
# 20 guaps @ 11/13/12 05:06 AM
I've tried a couple of different style, but my two favorite styles are listed below:

The first is based on a Power Run concept (Two WR sets). Big Maulers at OL and Power/Speed Back combo along with a Speed (WR#1) and a Route Runner/Possession (WR#2) receiver. My FB is a Blocker and the TEs are Receivers. This style calls for a Field General at QB as I rely heavily on Play Action passes and throwing on the run.

The second style is based on a Balanced Offense (Three WR sets) with Balanced OL and a One Cut back. My #1 is a Red Zone Threats while my #2 is either Red Zone or Possession. The slot receiver is a Route Runner, TEs are Vertical Threats, FB is Balanced, and my QB is either a Pocket Passer or Balanced.

While the first style relies on the ground game to set up the pass, the second style does the opposite. I try to create mismatches and spread out the defense to take advantage of my One Cut HB.

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