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Kris Humphries. Serge Ibaka. Kyle Korver. Tony Allen. Shane Battier. George Hill. Heck, Ray Allen probably has to be considered a role player now.

Role players are incredibly important to a team winning a championship -- as they perform duties that are sorely needed from a grinding rebounder to a reliable spot up shooter to a punishing shot blocker. Everyone has a different 'go-to-guy' they rely upon or truly hate because of their reliability to make a play in the pinch.

So what about you? Who are your favorite role players in NBA 2K13? Who are the guys who are no fun to play against but totally fun to play with but who's overall ratings don't do them much justice? Sound off and let us know!

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# 1 RevivedZack @ 11/13/12 04:44 PM
Patty Mills. He is a perfect backup pg. He has great handles, is very quick and has a good 3pt rating with an easy release.
# 2 Bionickle @ 11/13/12 04:47 PM
I started an Assoc. with OKC's new roster and I'll have to go with my boy Sefolosha. Dude can be streaky from downtown and the lockdown abilty makes it fun to use him on D. I also like J-Lamb coming of the bench, he's a pretty legit shooter.
# 3 iwish40 @ 11/13/12 04:49 PM
JR smith. great sixth man and can light it up from anywhere
# 4 porkys8077 @ 11/13/12 04:57 PM
Gibson from Da Bulls.
# 5 Bama4Life12 @ 11/13/12 05:18 PM
Jeremy Lamb!! he gets buckets and a few years into association he plays some descent defense
# 6 wokkus @ 11/13/12 05:24 PM
I know this is sad to say and I'm embarrassed to admit it.... but in my Association... I picked up Luke Babbitt as an extra body to even out the trade. He turned into the 6th man of the year averaging 15 points for game. On a particularly hot night he will drop 30.. raining threes.... Luke Babbitt.
# 7 cmebfresh @ 11/13/12 05:46 PM
Carl Landry is the best in 2k with out a doubt
# 8 cavsfan2 @ 11/13/12 05:48 PM
JR Swish .
# 9 omgzgabe @ 11/13/12 05:50 PM
Antwan Jamison
# 10 Mbunn1993 @ 11/13/12 05:51 PM
This exact thread was started 4 days ago with replies up to yesterday already - http://www.operationsports.com/forum...leplayers.html
# 11 Greatness @ 11/13/12 06:13 PM
Toni Kukoc from the nineties Chicago Bulls teams.
# 12 Keyser Soze @ 11/13/12 06:19 PM
BRICK WALL big men!
# 13 shaboy25 @ 11/13/12 06:35 PM
Jamal Crawford for the Clippers so far has been crazy good off the bench. Can easily jump start the offense if the starters come out a little flat.
# 14 drk3351 @ 11/13/12 06:43 PM
marcus thornton in 2k11 in my kings franachise and so far in my wizards franchise in 2k13 jordan crawford
# 15 eaterofworlds888 @ 11/13/12 06:43 PM
Jodie Meeks, hittin 3's all day!
# 16 Joobieo @ 11/13/12 06:45 PM
Ray Allen is my favorite role player lol.
# 17 LPU @ 11/13/12 06:53 PM
Nic young. He's an automatic assist every I find him open in MyCareer.
# 18 drewdavi @ 11/13/12 06:55 PM
Chandler Parsons - dude is butter from deep
# 19 agreene7 @ 11/13/12 07:05 PM
marco belinelli is a beast for me. I thought I would miss korver but this guy can shoot just as we'll in this game.

marquis teague is also great for me.
# 20 Rob19ny @ 11/13/12 07:20 PM
Courtney Lee and Anthony Morrow.

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