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Just in case you've been living under a rock, Jose Reyes, Mark Buehrle, Josh Johnson, John Buck, and Emilio Bonifacio are all about to become Toronto Blue Jays.

It's a fire sale of the Miami Marlins variety.

The question we're wondering in today's poll is simple: Which team is now the more intriguing option in MLB 13: The Show? Is trying to contend and win in the AL East with the Blue Jays more appealing? Or, is trying to build a Marlins franchise from seemingly scratch more appealing to you? S

Sound off by voting in our poll to your right on the frontpage and above you in the forums.

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# 1 sydrogerdavid @ 11/14/12 02:42 PM
I can remember the Marlins being good. I cannot remember the Jays ever being good. I know they won in 92 and 93, but I was too young to comprehend anything at the time. I was too busy learning to walk and talk.

So for me. Finally seeing the Jays contend would be more intriguing.
# 2 willz1985 @ 11/14/12 02:59 PM
I personally enjoy taking charge of my beloved padres every year and after 9/10 years in realising i've gone absolutely nowhere
# 3 Majingir @ 11/14/12 08:21 PM

Even if they didn't make this deal, I'd still choose them for obvious reasons lol.

But like I said in the other thread, I can really see fans from teams outside the AL East, rooting on the Jays, cause the Jays success, leads to a worse Yankees team. And a real nice change to see too. 2013 could be first season without Yankees and Red Sox in playoffs, since before the WC spot was introduced. I'm guessing that from an "outsider"(aka fan of a team not in AL East) perspective, they'd rather see at least 2 of Jays,Rays,O's in playoffs, especially if it means no Yankees or Sox.
# 4 Gamzilla @ 11/15/12 12:41 PM
Dang! AL East is going to be tough for a while
# 5 Nexgenrulz @ 11/15/12 07:03 PM
Try being an Indians fan.
# 6 bccards13 @ 11/15/12 08:27 PM
Maybe it's me channeling my hopes for rebuilding the Astros but I'd rather rebuild the Marlins. Much more satisfying to me.
# 7 Gagnon39 @ 11/16/12 01:38 PM
Originally Posted by Nexgenrulz
Try being an Indians fan.
Try being a Cubs fan.
# 8 Perfect Zero @ 11/17/12 04:14 PM
Originally Posted by Showstealer32
try being a mariners fan, at least you guys have been to a world series

Bill Knows
# 9 AC @ 11/18/12 10:01 AM
Go Blue Jays.
# 10 Mike3207 @ 11/24/12 09:55 PM
I fail to see how the Marlins tearing down their club again can be intriguing-especially when it seems like they've done it 10 times before.

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