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Cabrera/Posey win MVP Awards
Both Buster Posey and Miguel Cabrera won the coveted MVP Awards for their respective leagues.

Tigers fans defend Miguel Cabrera's MVP
Also manage to make fun of sabermetrician 'geeks'.

Bills beat Dolphins 19-14
A hard fought contest in this week's Thursday Night clash.

NHL Owners Don't Get It: 'Let's take two weeks off from Negotiating'
Hockey now in danger of losing second season in a decade, also risking complete irrelevancy when/if/who cares if it returns.

Wade Phillips: NFL Hates Defense
Thank goodness for Wade Phillips, stating what seems to be oh so obvious to many football fans.

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QOTD: Were Posey and Cabrera good choices for the baseball MVP awards?

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# 1 HustlinOwl @ 11/16/12 09:58 AM
Posey yes, but Cabrera not so much. Youre past triple crown winners were not awarded the MVP and Cabrera should not have either. So your saying only those three categories are important in the game of baseball and if Granderson or Hamilton hit a couple more HRs then MVP would have gone to Trout? Triple Crown is that the "Triple Crown" winner, but does not automatically equal MVP baseball got the AL MVP wrong
# 2 jahidtt @ 11/17/12 09:19 AM
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