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The guys over at Sega-16 have written an incredible piece on the history of the Sega Sports brand from it's origins before the Genesis right up through the present day of sorts.

"Despite all the doom saying that filled the gaming industry regarding the future of Sega Enterprises, the slow and painful decline of the Saturn in the U.S. the all-too-quick arrival and departure of the Dreamcast, and the reality that there would never again be a Sega-made home gaming console; there was one aspect of the company’s business that was slowly and steadily growing at a phenomenal rate. Despite some missteps, one brand would become so successful that it would go on to produce virtually half of Sega’s entire profit revenue by 2003 – a full three years after the House of Sonic abandoned the console market for good.

That brand was Sega Sports.

This piece is quite long but serves as an effective historical anthology for SEGA Sports. From how the brand came to be, to how it flourished, to how it effectively died when the whole division was shipped off to Take Two. Be sure to give it a read.

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# 1 kunner @ 11/16/12 01:19 PM
it was a good read. I was always a sega fan growing up, I had a genesis, dreamcast, just found my old game gear in a storage container. Ahh, the memories
# 2 jahidtt @ 11/17/12 09:21 AM
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# 3 newliulummohome @ 11/27/12 02:28 AM
Thanks to you posts!

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