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As posted yesterday, Kyrie Irving, Brandon Jennings, Kenneth Faried, O.J. Mayo, Anderson Varejao, DeMar DeRozan and AK47 received increases.

Lamar Odom, Roy Hibbert, Rodney Stuckey and Joe Johnson received decreases.

The new Thunder alternate uniforms are available, as well as the 10 Christmas day uniforms for the Celtics, Nets, Knicks, Lakers, Thunder, Heat, Rockets, Bulls, Nuggets and Clippers.

UPDATE: PS3 rosters arrive tomorrow morning.

As always, thanks to pjt8405 for the list of transactions that have been completed and still needed.

Fully Guaranteed Players Still Needed

New York Knicks
  • James White – 1 year Guaranteed contract - SF/SG - #4
Detroit Pistons
  • Slava Krostov – One year guaranteed with non-guaranteed team option for 2nd year - C/PF - #55
San Antonio Spurs
  • Nando De Colo - 2 year guaranteed contract - SG/PG - #25
Portland Trail Blazers
  • Victor Claver – 2 year + 2 year team option year guaranteed contract - SF - #18
Non-Guaranteed Players Missing

Philadelphia 76ers
  • Maalik Wayns – Unguaranteed - PG - #18
Charlotte Bobcats
  • Cory Higgins - Unguaranteed - PG/SG - #11
Miami Heat
  • Terrell Harris - Unguaranteed - SG/PG - #14
New Orleans Hornets
  • Brian Roberts - Unguaranteed - PG - #22
  • Lance Thomas - Unguaranteed - SF/PF - #42
Utah Jazz
  • Kevin Murphy – 2 year unguaranteed - SF/SG - #55
Los Angeles Lakers
  • Darius Johnson Odom - Unguaranteed - SG/PG - #7
  • Robert Sacre - Unguaranteed - C - #50
Denver Nuggets
  • Julyan Stone – Unguaranteed contract - PG/SG - #10
Indiana Pacers
  • Ben Hansbrough - Unguaranteed Contract - PG/SG - 23
Houston Rockets
  • Scott Machado - 2 year partially guaranteed contract - PG - # 1
  • Greg Smith - Unguaranteed - C/PF - #4
Phoenix Suns
  • Luke Zeller - Unguaranteed - PF/C - #40
  • Diante Garrett - Unguaranteed - PG/SG - #10
Golden St. Warriors
  • Kent Bazemore – Unguaranteed - SG - #20
Remove players from Free Agent Pool, due to overseas signing
  • Terrence Williams - Signed in China
  • Von Wafer - Signed in China
  • Gilbert Arenas - Pending deal to sign in China
  • Jamaal McGloire - Player Development coach for raptors
  • Garret Siler - Signed in China
  • Hamady N'Diyae - Signed in China
  • Jermaine Taylor - Signed in Spain
  • Sundiata Gaines - Signed in China
Assistant Coach Changes for accurate Association Mode

Dallas Mavericks
  • Jim O’Brien replaces Terry Stotts as Stotts is now the Head Coach of the Blazers.
Memphis Grizzlies
  • Dave Joerger replaces Henry Bibby as Bibby is still there but Joerger is the lead Asst. along with being one of the top up and coming coaching candidates.
Sacramento Kings
  • Alex English replaces Mario Elie as Elie has moved to the NJ Nets coaching Staff.
Los Angeles Lakers
  • As of 11-14-12 Dan D’Antoni will be Lead Assistant Coach replacing John Kuester * subject it change once Mike D’Antoni hires full staff.
Utah Jazz
  • Jeff Hornacek replaces Scott Layden as Layden has taken a Asst.GM position with the Spurs.
Orlando Magic
  • James Boreggo replaces Patrick Ewing as lead Asst. Coach. He is the lead Asst. this year under new Head Coach Jacque Vaughn.
New Jersey Nets
  • PJ Carlesimo replaces Sam Mitchell - Mitchell is a Studio Analyst as Carlesimo has been the lead Asst. Since last season.
Toronto Raptors
  • Johnny Davis replaces Alex English - Alex English is coaching with the Kings since last season.
Minnesota Timberwolves
  • Terry Porter replaces Bill Laimbeer (now NBA TV analyst) - Porter has been on staff since last season and is the lead Asst.
Portland Trail Blazers
  • Jay Triano replaces Bernie Bickerstaff as he was let go after Terry Stotts was hired as Head Coach
Chicago Bulls
  • Ron Adams is lead Assistant Coach not Ed Pinckney as Pinckney was only added as of last season.
Atlanta Hawks
  • Lester Connor is Lead Assistant Coach over Bob Bender.
Phoenix Suns
  • Elston Turner is Lead Assistant Coach as Bill Cartwright was released late last season.
Washington Wizards
  • Don Newman replaces Sam Cassell as lead Asst. Coach. Newman comes over from Spurs staff.
Update Additions:
  • Kyle Singler - Pistons - Created CAP instead of using real CF on disc (ID # 2170)
  • Donald Sloan - Cavs - Real CF
  • Chris Copeland - Knicks - Created CAP
  • Dequan Jones - Magic - Created CAP
  • Joel Freeland - Blazers - Created CAP
*Notes for new update:

It looks like we have found out that the 2Kinsider’s previous excuse of not being able to add unguaranteed contracts due to legal matters has now been confirmed false. He added 3 unguaranteed contract players in this update, along with only updated players who have real CF on the disc with downloaded generic CAPS instead.Couple that with the fact that although he added a decent amount of players in this update along with Jerseys additions, he still failed to properly add in the remaining guaranteed contract players. He has also failed to update positions correctly as many are still not positioned correctly (*see below for list). He also has not correctly set lineups as for example “Amare Stoudemire is still ACTIVE despite being out for weeks.

Position Changes for players: *Only important position changes are listed for online roster purposes

Charlotte Bobcats:
  • Byron Mullens - PF/C * Starter
  • Bismack Biyombo - C
  • Jeff Taylor - SG/SF *starts for them
Milwaukee Bucks:
  • Larry Sanders - C/PF
Cleveland Cavs:
  • Daniel Gibson - SG/PG
  • Luke Walton - PF/SF
  • Samardo Samuels - C/PF
Boston Celtics:
  • Leandro Barbosa - PG/SG *only due to no backup for Rondo online
  • Chris Wilcox - C/PF
Memphis Grizzlies:
  • Mareese Speights - C/PF
  • Josh Selby - SG/PG
Atlanta Hawks:
  • Kyle Korver - SF/SG
  • Anthony Morrow - SF/SG
Miami Heat:
  • Shane Battier - PF/SF
  • Rashard Lewis - PF/SF
  • Chris Bosh - C/PF
  • Udonis Haslem - C/PF
New Orleans Hornets:
  • Anthony Davis - PF/C
  • Austin Rivers - SG/PG
  • Jason Smith - C/PF
Sacramento Kings:
  • Chuck Hayes - C/PF
Orlando Magic:
  • Etwaun Moore - PG/SG *Starter
  • Gustavo Ayon - C/PF
  • Kyle O’Quinn - C/PF
Dallas Mavericks:
  • Brandon Wright - C/PF
  • Vince Carter - SG/SF
  • Dahntay Jones - SF/SG
  • Dominique Jones - PG/SG
Brooklyn Nets:
  • Jerry Stackhouse - SF/SG
  • Andray Blatche - C/PF
Denver Nuggets:
  • Wilson Chandler - PF/SF
  • Andre Iguodala - SG/SF
  • Jordan Hamilton - SG/SF
  • Corey Brewer - SF/SG
Indiana Pacers:
  • Gerald Green - SF/SG
Detroit Pistons:
  • Kyle Singler - SG/SF
Toronto Raptors:
  • Amir Johnson - PF/C
  • Ed Davis - C/PF
Houston Rockets:
  • Donatas Motiejunas - C/PF
  • Royce White - SF/PF *point forward
San Antonio Spurs:
  • Matt Bonner - PF/C
  • Tiago Splitter - C/PF
  • Gary Neal - PG/SG - Backup to Parker
Phoenix Suns:
  • Wesley Johnson - SF/SG
  • Jared Dudley - SG/SF *Starter
Minnesota T-Wolves:
  • Alexey Shved - SG/PG
Portland Trailblazers:
  • J.J. Hickson - C/PF *Starter at C all season
  • Luke Babbit - PF/SF
Washington Wizards:
  • Nene - PF/C
  • Kevin Seraphin - C/PF
  • Jan Vesely - PF/C
  • Chris Singleton - PF/SF

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Member Comments
# 1 Find_the_Door @ 11/17/12 10:31 AM
Why was Joel Freeland added to Portland with a CAP face when his cyberface is actually on the game?

Please here me out, I really enjoy your game (NBA 2k13) but I feel the only thing that's kept me from playing it as of late is the lack of authentic rosters/sig shots/equipment/players.

Victor Claver is still missing for Portland when he's guaranteed a three year deal? When he is inevitably added to the game PLEASE use his cyberface (which is already on the disk) and please update Joel Freeland whom you most recently added without his cyber face even though it's already on the disk? Please add Freeland's cyberface to his player model on 2k13 as it's already created, ready to use on the disk?

J.J Hickson has been playing lights out lately (10 & 10) and his rebound ratings should reflect that. Batum has progressed significantly since last season, and is a much better ball handler/distributor than 2k gives him credit for.

I know I sent in a request to change Lillard's jumper already, but it's off and I've found a PERFECT combo posted below. I've also requested a few others jumpers be updated as they're incorrect.

I'm just doing my best to ensure that the Portland Trailblazers are accurately reflected in 2k13. You can easily dismiss this entire message and carry on about your day, however, I and others would greatly appreciate it if this list was passed onto the 2k Insider. Please and Thank you

Batum Shaka Laka

Remaining changes needed for Portland:


Victor Claver (Cyberface, it's on the disc?)
Joel Freeland (Cyberface, it's on the disc?)


Elliot Williams (Achilles)

Needed Player Edits:

Damian Lillard:

Shot Base: 25

Shot Form: 67


Left Arm Remove sleeve

Sock Length (Medium Long Socks)

Add Tattoos

LaMarcus Aldridge:


Right Arm (Padded Sleeve) Black on road, white at home

Add Beard (if Possible)

Shoe Style (Nike Hyperposite) add them to game

Dunk Package 4: Basic Two-Handers off Two

Nicolas Batum:


Left Wrist (Rubberband) (1st/2nd Color White)

Right Wrist (Rubberband) (1st/2nd Color White)

Shorts (Pressure Shorts)

Shorts Color (Black)

Add signature skill "Lock down defender"

Wesley Matthews:

Shooting Form: Release 71

Shot Base: T. Duncan

Left Leg (Hex Pad Half Calf Sleeve) white at home, black on road

Right Leg (Hex Pad Half Calf Sleeve) white at home, black on road

Left Knee (Sleeve) Fix glitch that doesn't allow for combo of Calf Sleeve and knee pads

Right Knee (Sleeve) Black at home and on road for both knees

Add Signature Skill "Lock down Defender"

Add Signature Skill "Scrapper"

Luke Babbitt:

Shooting Form: Release 35

Shot Base: Set Shot 2

Right Arm (Padded Sleeve Black)

Left Leg (Hex Pad Half Calf Sleeve) (Team Color 2)

Right Leg (Hex Pad Half Cald Sleeve) (Team Color 2)

Jared Jeffries:

Add Signature Skill "Active Hands"

Will Barton:

Add Headband

Nolan Smith:

Add Headband

Medium socks

Add Black rubberband to left wrist

Crazy light II's

Ratings suggestions

JJ Hickson has been rebounding his tail off

Damian Lillard's mid and 3pt could use a boost

Batum could use an all around boost (especially midrange, ball handling)
around boost (especially midrange)
# 2 DeemDaDream @ 11/17/12 10:40 AM
I agree with most of this stuff. But the positions for some of those players mentioned dont need to be changed. J.J Hickson is a PF but hes playing out of position. Wilson Chandler is not a PF at all. Barbosa is a SG playing the role of a back-up point because of necessity. Nene is a Center. When he comes back he will likely be playing C. Okafor played PF before becoming a hornet
# 3 Gangrel @ 11/17/12 11:01 AM
PC Rosters aren't updated yet either..... wonder if they use the PS3 ones?
# 4 PrettyT11 @ 11/17/12 11:19 AM
Still no update yet on PS3.
# 5 ksuttonjr76 @ 11/17/12 11:21 AM
Indiana Pacers

Roy Hibbert
INS - 94 to 91
CLOSE - 83 to 81
LPO -80 to 76
BLK - 86 to 88 (Increase)
OREB - 89 to 93 (Increase)
DREB - 75 to 72
OAWR - 77 to 68
PFADE - 79 to 75
PHOOK - 95 to 86
CNST - 70 to 55

No other changes.

I can't complain, because the changes were fair. At least he noticed that Hibbert's OREB and BLK/GM went up from last year. I'm still mad that Paul George is listed at 6'8" instead of 6'10.
# 6 Majingir @ 11/17/12 11:49 AM
Nice to see Derozan finally got increased. Just sucks though how JV isn't getting increased.

8 points,5 rebounds,almost .500FG% in 20 mins per game average
# 7 Majingir @ 11/17/12 11:52 AM
Originally Posted by b2th3m1th
is it just me or is it insulting that 2k can't add flight white to the knicks, especially since he did their dunk packages for years... Really anyone on the roster now should be in the game. 2k's "insider" is terrible, I know this is nothing new, but it's frustrating.
The staff ones are bad too. Some guys have been there for over a year, and they're still not in the game. And about the Raptors...is their scout really making as much money as 2K claims he is? Cause that seems so high, especially when you compare it to the best scouts available once you're allowed to sign scouts.
# 8 knick9mm @ 11/17/12 12:36 PM
If they're gonna add CAPs, why not just add everyone one missing. That can't take more than 2 hours to make all those CAPs
# 9 Painkiller1974 @ 11/17/12 12:37 PM
Originally Posted by PrettyT11
Still no update yet on PS3.
From Italy, ps3 user no update too
# 10 gator3guy @ 11/17/12 12:55 PM
Originally Posted by Painkiller1974
From Italy, ps3 user no update too
That's great.
# 11 TeamBuilder @ 11/17/12 12:58 PM
Please add to the Master List that career statistics are wrong for all players who have missed a season in their career.

Brandon Roy
Andrei Kirilenko
Greg Oden
Jeff Green
# 12 mezezezah @ 11/17/12 01:01 PM
How is Drummond a 59 overall? Have they looked at his per 36 stats? Also Asik should definitely have higher rebounding stats, actually they should have changed that like two years ago.
# 13 Blue.Gazer @ 11/17/12 01:04 PM
still no update for PS3 (Canada)
# 14 MarvinOida @ 11/17/12 01:30 PM
Originally Posted by Batum Shaka Laka
Why was Joel Freeland added to Portland with a CAP face when his cyberface is actually on the game?
Afraid that a Black-Arm Fix is discovered? He's black-armed, so if he's fixed, it's possible for roster makers to get Kareem, Dr J, the entire 92-93 Suns team, the DLC players from last year, and the left over hiddens, fixed.
# 15 Blackhail92 @ 11/17/12 01:46 PM
to all those who still think melo doesnt need an update. please explain to me why Al jeffersons offense is a 93. but melos is an 88?
# 16 zniv @ 11/17/12 01:48 PM
Originally Posted by Blackhail92
to all those who still think melo doesnt need an update. please explain to me why Al jeffersons offense is a 93. but melos is an 88?
Last I checked Jefferson is a 84 and Melo is a 89?
# 17 PrettyT11 @ 11/17/12 02:16 PM
Originally Posted by Blackhail92
to all those who still think melo doesnt need an update. please explain to me why Al jeffersons offense is a 93. but melos is an 88?
Very simple. You do realize that what you are asking about is position based. Besides that Jefferson is well known for having one of if not the best post games in the NBA. And lastly Jefferson is the more efficient offensive player. Last season Jefferson not only had the higher FG percentage but also the higher eFG% and the higher PER. Not only that but Jefferson also had the higher offensive rating and more offensive win shares. Clearly this is one that 2K got right.

You keep yelling about Melo getting a raise but when logic is posted to tell you why he doesn't deserve one you have no response.
# 18 LionsFanNJ @ 11/17/12 02:20 PM
Anyone who downloaded, does any of the unis show up in your active associations? I'm hoping the uniforms show up in settings and not roster file specific for us custom roster users.

If not we have to wait for when 2k thinks we're worthy of having the codes.

Edit: ah nevermind, it isn't available for PS3. Users yet. Disregard
# 19 Slicknick75 @ 11/17/12 02:21 PM
Has anyone gotten the most recent update for PS3? And if not, has anyone heard why it is delayed?
# 20 PrettyT11 @ 11/17/12 02:25 PM
Originally Posted by LionsFanNJ
Anyone who downloaded, does any of the unis show up in your active associations? I'm hoping the uniforms show up in settings and not roster file specific for us custom roster users.

If not we have to wait for when 2k thinks we're worthy of having the codes.

Edit: ah nevermind, it isn't available for PS3. Users yet. Disregard
They are tied to the roster. They use to post the codes with the blog that went with the roster update but that blog doesn't exist anymore. Who knows how are when we get them now.

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