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Now here's a tame question we haven't asked in a quick minute (or roughly a year): what kind of gaming experience do you prefer? Are you more of an offline or online gamer? What about some sort of a hybrid that jumps in between both?

Just interested to see what the state of sports gamers are as we head into closing out 2012 and into 2013.

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# 1 MrChainsaw @ 11/20/12 12:00 PM
As far as sports games though I rarely play them online unless I am in a league, which is rare because I seldom have that kind of schedule flexibility.

Non sports games are different though, as I play a lot of RPG's and FPS. FPS I only play online though once I'm done with the campaign.
# 2 frago @ 11/20/12 12:16 PM
It's mainly about the cheese. In the older days I used to really try and get into online stuff as much as I could, but really learned that people are real jerks for the most part. It just turned me off of even trying. People do anything to exploit in every fashion for the most part and I just rather not have to deal with it.
# 3 TreFacTor @ 11/20/12 12:48 PM
I'll play any game online with the exception of Madden.
# 4 Papa Bear/fsulw @ 11/20/12 01:00 PM
I have friends that come over and we will play. Our online playing is very limited. 0.5% of time we will play online.
# 5 brandon27 @ 11/20/12 01:03 PM
Definitely mostly offline for me. I'll play shooter games online, but other than that I'm an offline gamer in franchise/career/season modes etc. I'd prefer to play against my friends, with them at my place in the same room if I wanted the multiplayer experience.
# 6 DirtyJerz32 @ 11/20/12 01:07 PM
Usually offline, but it depends on what game. Madden and NCAA, both online.
# 7 pitchleague @ 11/20/12 01:12 PM
same as someone else said. When shooter games first became popular I tried playing online and even though I was pretty good, there were just SO many cheaters and campers and stuff that it just wasn't fun anymore.

I'll play Borderlands and The Old Republic online with friends only, but otherwise I play just the single player game and forget the online stuff. If it has a good co-op mode, I'll maybe try it out with a friend but otherwise no.

It kind of sucks that I play this way since some of those online games seem like they could be a ton of fun with the right people. Just so many people ruin the experience, to me at least.
# 8 AC @ 11/20/12 01:43 PM
Offline. Online is just too full of cheesers.
# 9 mdiggitydawg @ 11/20/12 01:57 PM
offline! just wish the producers of games would realize some of us do not like to play online...so produce games with fewer bugs, the last 3 years have been amazingly bad for releasing unfinished sports titles.
# 10 BlackRome @ 11/20/12 02:37 PM
Strictly online. The only time I play the Computer is when I'm in practice mode during Madden or NBA2k.
My limit is about two games vs the AI when a network is down.

It's all about competition for me. If there was no online I would have people over like I used to and running leagues.

All I'm going to say is this. I have been running leagues since 4th and inches on the C64.

We still have leagues to this day but we play online. The guys in my league who only play against the AI and spend all their time on their franchise . Don't do so well when they come out into the real world.
# 11 SHAKYR @ 11/20/12 02:40 PM
I'm almost exclusively an Offline Sports gamer. There are too many things that spoil my online experience. It's as if developers are forcing the offline community online. The offline features are getting next to no attention at all. If they do they are very minor.
# 12 tarek @ 11/20/12 02:40 PM
Offline player only. Frankly I've never had a good online experience. People either kick my ***, cheese the system, or turn role players (like 3 point shooters) into MVP calibre players.

I once made the mistake of joining an online league where 3 point shooting big men where valued higher than actual stars!
# 13 geisterhome @ 11/20/12 03:02 PM
offline association/carrer mode for me. every now and then i play some online head to head/friendlies/ranked games, but only when im really bored.
# 14 Majingir @ 11/20/12 04:29 PM
I've always preferred offline to online.

Online means you face off against people who likely play this game at least 5 days a week, so unless you also do that, you'll likely not be that great against these people, so it makes the gaming experience less fun.

Playing offline, means you can adjust the difficulty of the CPU, so if you don't play the game often, or just not as often as the average online gamer, you'll be able to still have fun playing.

I just hate when online modes get extra game modes that offline doesn't. It feels like you pay for a game and won't be able to use half the features. Like COD for example, some of those game modes you get to play online, I would have loved to play offline, but am unable to. I don't wanna play online, cause especially in a game like COD, the average person who plays that game, plays it so much.

Unless I'm facing my friends at a game, I won't really play online(I'll still be signed in online though to do things like download roster updates and stuff for sports games, or in 2Ks case, earn VC)

Online really proves how unoriginal games of today are. They rely on majority of the games lasting appeal being online play. What happened to games 10-15 years ago where the lasting appeal was just on the offline game itself(cause online didn't really exist at all back then). Now, gaming companies can just make the offline game suck, and "make up for it" by making online play have lots of diff things to do.
# 15 FaM0us Skins @ 11/20/12 04:57 PM
For sports game I play it both offline and online. For shooters I usually play the campaign and then I just play online for the rest of the time. It's a split for me.
# 16 NinerFan1983 @ 11/20/12 06:50 PM
Online with friends, although sometimes I'll mess around offline if I am bored enough.
# 17 Rob19ny @ 11/20/12 07:14 PM
Was an offline player.....Now....online player(2007-present)
# 18 NYJets @ 11/20/12 08:21 PM
For sports games at this point mostly offline. I've played in leagues in the past and they are a lot of fun but I don't want the commitment. I'll occasionally play online with friends but that's about it.

I do like playing shooters online, and for those it's exclusively online. Never liked the offline mode of any shooter.
# 19 HKPound @ 11/20/12 09:20 PM
I'm pretty much offline now. Used to only play online. However, that's changed thanks to getting into Football Manager and PES and downloading classic rosters for MLB The Show.
# 20 bccards13 @ 11/20/12 10:13 PM
The only sport game I've been able to tolerate online is the 3 player co-op in Madden. I haven't played in about a year but that was always interesting. Sometimes I'd be on a team with some normal guys and it was actually fun. Something about being on the same team must calm the tempers slightly.

I just can't stand the exploits and the constant yelling. I prefer offline because I play at my own pace and get my game time in.

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