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According to GameInformer, the Madden NFL 13 team will be adding a new Draft Duels feature for Madden Ultimate Team. Check out some of the details below or click here to read the entire article.

Like the normal Madden Ultimate Team mode (MUT), Draft Duels is based around opening card packs of players, forming a team, and then playing against opponents with that team. Draft Duels changes things up by putting more emphasis on how you put together your team. Like on the real draft day, a good GM can build a winner.

Each player starts out with a pre-determined number of unopened, Draft Duels specific card packs that contain nine players apiece. Both players pick one card from their pack during a timed round that varies based on whether you play the short or standard version of the mode, which also determines whether you start out with one or three Draft Duel packs, respectively (five-pack Duels may be available after launch). The next round you get to see all the cards in your opponent's pack and you pick from their pack and vice versa. In subsequent rounds you alternate between picking from your pack and his/hers until all the packs are opened and players picked. At launch Draft Duel players will come in bronze, silver, and gold flavors.

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# 1 geisterhome @ 11/29/12 10:25 AM
what a bs...
# 2 mestevo @ 11/29/12 10:29 AM
Not my thing, but interesting. A take on the sealed deck tournaments still done today many stores that still sell Magic cards. Not much of a PvP guy, would probably try it if I could do it single player but doubt that'll be coming yet.
# 3 37 @ 11/29/12 12:09 PM
this was the *big* announcement?
# 4 NDAlum @ 11/29/12 12:20 PM

WTF is going on? MUT?

Only one legit answer:

MUT must be killing it with purchases and EA wants to monopolize on this. There is no other reason I can fathom.
# 5 jeremym480 @ 11/29/12 12:28 PM
# 6 Jr. @ 11/29/12 12:58 PM
# 7 DJ @ 11/29/12 01:01 PM
This thread is going to be epic!
# 8 SynShadowzz @ 11/29/12 01:21 PM
# 9 SickDL @ 11/29/12 01:39 PM
# 10 SJHalt621 @ 11/29/12 01:48 PM
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# 11 PPerfect_CJ @ 11/29/12 01:59 PM
# 12 RandyBass @ 11/29/12 02:07 PM

Not even really sure if this gif applies, just seeing if we can get the entire Dumb and Dumber movie posted here in gif format!
# 13 reddogmaddogbul @ 11/29/12 02:21 PM

# 14 brandon27 @ 11/29/12 02:30 PM
I bet the salary cap works perfectly in MUT, if it exists. They realize further profit there, so i bet everything works. Unlike CCM. I can't really say so myself since i've never entered the mode since it's existence.

Good for the few that do though I guess.
# 15 guaps @ 11/29/12 02:32 PM
# 16 kongemeier @ 11/29/12 02:34 PM
# 17 SynShadowzz @ 11/29/12 02:35 PM
I think this one sums it up best.

# 18 jeremym480 @ 11/29/12 02:38 PM
# 19 FisherPrice @ 11/29/12 02:58 PM
I used to play a lot of sealed deck Magic the gathering. This looks fun.
# 20 N51_rob @ 11/29/12 04:22 PM
Man, I really hope this isn't the second announcement. Honestly if it is then EA and their failure to address the salary cap issue for online CCM is basically killing online CCMs. We have people who are talking about leaving because they can't resign players, make trades or participate in off-season free agency.

Josh Looman has called this his "baby" and if that is the case then I have lost all faith and trust in him. The mode has a lot of potential and could be great, but for this to not be addresses and this is on the heels of "2 years of development" but for a potential game breaking (CCM ruining) bug to make it through QA alone is highly upsetting. The fact that it is looking more like it won't be addressed for Madden 13 is infuriating.

While I respect that EA is paying attention to the MUT guys, (fill disclaimer I've dabbled in the mode and found it to be fun in small doses) but I only buy Madden for online franchise/CCM and if that mode doesn't work properly then I can't enjoy the game. So I guess my leagues will play out this 2nd season and then when we hit the off-season that's it, and sadly that is BS IMO.

Really hope they can fix this on the server side, but seeing how EA hasn't even acknowledged that it exists doesn't give me any confidence.

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