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In our hypothetical scenario for this poll you've been given a choice of which feature you'd like to implement in next year's sports game but the catch is you can only choose one.

The question is simple: What aspect of the following is more important to you as a sports gamer and thus which will be implemented in next year's games in a near perfect fashion? The ones you don't pick, well they'll revert back to what we have today and thus they'll be imperfect but variably good to bad depending on the game.

Completely accurate and dynamically updated rosters. Complete physics for each sport, giving each game a physics engine which go beyond what we have today. A completely true to life TV Style presentation and commentary. Completely streamlined dynasty/association/franchise modes which are deep but yet simple to get into and play.

So make your pick by voting in this poll on your right on the frontpage and above you in the forums and then let us know why in the comments below!

Member Comments
# 1 BezO @ 12/11/12 03:44 PM
No A.I. option? Booooooo!
# 2 hjgilber @ 12/11/12 03:45 PM
I chose deep franchise because I am a details nut, but a very close second would be the physics.

To me franchise depth, and true to reality gameplay are by far the most important part of the game.

Roster-wise I have OSFM for MLB which is more accurate than anything the game developers will come up with anyway, so that's more than okay.

Presentation is by far the least important part to me, it's just icing on the cake. Better is obviously better, but it's last on my list of priorities.
# 3 crumb @ 12/11/12 04:02 PM
I can't choose between those. Shouldn't we have all that **** already?
# 4 RedPhazon8 @ 12/11/12 04:05 PM
Originally Posted by BezO
No A.I. option? Booooooo!
I'd go with this too (in terms of improvements), but instead of having just one of these I'd like all of them if they're possible...
# 5 rdelizo35 @ 12/11/12 04:09 PM
Definitely deep and detailed franchise mode for sure. Updated rosters all season is 2nd in my book.
# 6 Vikes1 @ 12/11/12 04:25 PM
I voted for physics...beyond anything we have today.

But BezO's suggestion is huge.
# 7 F0rl3fclov3r @ 12/11/12 04:56 PM
I'm cool with rosters as they are now. Franchise modes are fairly in depth already and how much more is there to do really that would actually affect the game? Broadcasting can be tweaked and or shutoff if needed but overall it's just fine.

Leaving us the options of physics. Madden made a huge improvement this year and they should definitely keep it up and never look back to how it was. The fact that the running game requires me to bounce off my lineman or that durin after play cut scenes people fall all over, those are the bad issues that have came up due to great implementing of physics. Now it's just tweaking those things.

C'mon Madden, let's make the best game we can next year, this game continues to get better and better every year
# 8 naot2010 @ 12/11/12 05:03 PM
Couldn't enjoy my favorite mode "association" without having accurate rosters. Don't always have the time to fully edit them myself
# 9 eaterofworlds888 @ 12/11/12 05:44 PM
I choose option 4 but all 4 are really important. Updated rosters are always important to me as I'm a big rookies guy. A dynamic physics engine in essential to great gameplay and tv style presentation is a huge deal, the more like tv the better. I still pop in NCAA Basketball 10 from time to time just for the ESPN presentation.
# 10 Paulinho @ 12/11/12 06:13 PM
GAMEPLAY because regardless of how good anything else is in a game if it doesn't play true to life my interest in the game will die fast. Which is why the only sports title worth a damn right now is the FIFA series.
# 11 LingeringRegime @ 12/11/12 06:15 PM
For me it is physics. I want to see something new every single time I play a game. Just like real life.
# 12 misterkrabz @ 12/11/12 06:40 PM
Originally Posted by 55
Franchise/Dynasty for sure.

Are you listening, Madden?
Probably not.
# 13 videlsports @ 12/11/12 08:06 PM
I voted for physics, I think madden did good finally with this, but now we need to see more.

I want this to continue for basketball and hockey as well.
# 14 Lovesports @ 12/11/12 08:26 PM
I have to go with franchise #1 and then believe it or not TV style presentation #2. The other ones are important too but without the first two, the other ones make no difference.
# 15 eyeamg0dly @ 12/11/12 09:09 PM
id like more in depth gm mode more than anything. I want to build the team that can win it all, not necessarily play as them though. give me options to upgrade stadiums and to change jerseys.
# 16 TeeDogg @ 12/11/12 09:36 PM
i chose physics, but the key phrase was "like nothing we have seen". it doesnt havr to be true physics it can have some simulated physics too, but im not big on pushing true physics until it can be truely life like and varied. until then id rather have A.I. and presentation with well done animations.
# 17 bukktown @ 12/11/12 10:08 PM
Please make a new poll and add AI to it. I'm really curious to see where that would poll vs Franchise.
# 18 cmidd @ 12/11/12 11:35 PM
1) Franchise/Owners mode

2) Gameplay or AI. If we're talking about Madden, offense/defense line play

3) Physics... Weight and size should mean something

4) Commentary and presentation should be the icing on the cake
# 19 MrOctober430 @ 12/11/12 11:41 PM
Well I'm a big dynasty and career mode guy. I also love rosters and making big movies and controlling every aspect of my team.
# 20 ratedmoney @ 12/12/12 12:50 AM
I chose physics but a deep franchise/dynasty mode is very important. Maddens franchise mode was deep back in the day. I'd played for so many years.

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