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We, at Operation Sports, wish you and yours a very safe and happy Holiday season. For those of you that celebrate this day, after you've opened your presents (tonight, or in the morning), share with us what you received or what you bought for your loved ones.

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# 1 bigfnjoe96 @ 12/24/12 11:01 PM
As always Happy Holidays to you & yours Steve and the rest of the OS family..

Received so far:

New Nike ACG Boots

3 sweatshirts
1 Champion Hoody
25 dollar Starbucks gift card

Got my wife a pair of white gold earrings & a white gold chain

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# 2 mb625 @ 12/24/12 11:58 PM
Got a new winter coat and books. I'm boring.
# 3 Chaos81 @ 12/25/12 12:00 AM
Happy Holidays everyone.

So far I've received $150 in gas cards. Pretty happy with that as if it was cash, I'd probably just spend it on something I don't need.
# 4 XtremeDunkz @ 12/25/12 02:12 AM
So far from the gf and her family.

$55 in wawa gift cards <3
3 sweatshirts
Nike Fuel Band

gf got me the fuel band, messed around with it a little tonight and it looks awesome, excited to start using it.
# 5 Bighoff @ 12/25/12 03:03 AM
The greatest gift I'll ever receive was given to me today.

My Grandfather's WWII dog tags.
# 6 TheMatrix31 @ 12/25/12 03:15 AM
That is bad ***.
# 7 JerzeyReign @ 12/25/12 05:23 AM
Originally Posted by xtremedunkz
So far from the gf and her family.

$55 in wawa gift cards <3
3 sweatshirts
Nike Fuel Band

gf got me the fuel band, messed around with it a little tonight and it looks awesome, excited to start using it.
Subs on you? Yep, sounds like a plan. I miss WaWa lol
# 8 DickDalewood @ 12/25/12 06:35 AM
We haven't opened out gifts yet, but Happy Holidays fellas!

I'll be back later with my haul
# 9 Watson @ 12/25/12 07:50 AM

and I still have these coming in:

Santa was berry berry good to me.
# 10 Sundropjunkie @ 12/25/12 07:51 AM
Merry Christmas OS Family and to to your family Steve and may god bless.

my family gave me:

a Hunting bible-its Waterproof!!!

A Look at life from a deerstand! by Steven Chapman.

Great Hunting Stories by Steven Chapman!

I'm Thankful for the gifts from them...but the best Christmas is Watching my children's eye glow and beam with excitment as the torn open their gifts that Santa brought...PRICELESS!!!!
# 11 24 @ 12/25/12 08:07 AM
Got many gifts this year. Though I have a giant family so its expected . A few gift cards, some clothes and a new wallet
# 12 Scott @ 12/25/12 08:30 AM
Wii U
Thor Blu-Ray
Star Wars: The Complete Saga Blu-Ray
Harry Potter: The Complete Edition Blu-Ray
The Fighter Blu-Ray
Men in Black Blu-Ray
Big Bang Theory Calendar
Grand Theft Auto V PS3 Pre-Order (YES!!!!!!)

# 13 mburke2 @ 12/25/12 08:37 AM
Merry Christmas OS! Hope everyone has a great day with loved ones.

I stayed at my moms last night to do gifts this morning with her and her boyfriend and my bro and sis. Mostly got clothes from my mom, especially work clothes which I needed. But she also got me a nice wool coat and a small tablet to replace my laptop that broke a while back. Whatever else I get from the rest of my family at this point is just extra.

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# 14 BobbyColtrane @ 12/25/12 08:39 AM
Im a grown @$$ man so i care more about what i got for my family:

Iphone 5 for my wife
2 power wheels for my boys - 1 mustang and 1 4 wheeler
A ton of science stuff and a Rubiks cube for my 6 year old
A metric assload of hulk toys for my 2 yr old
Train pieces, octonauts books a furby and some tetras for my older boy

And now its pouring rain and my kids cant take the power wheels out. They are driving them around the house scratching every wall known to man FML.
# 15 Champion8877 @ 12/25/12 08:41 AM
Merry Chistmas everybody, hope you all have a good one.

This year I got a pair of Oakley Gascans, some money, and a few gift cards
# 16 DickDalewood @ 12/25/12 08:42 AM
Far Cry 3 (PS3), GameStop and BBY gift cards, cordless drill and bits, iPod Nano, workout clothes, cologne, and a bunch if other random stuff/Chicago Bears stuff

Funny aside... I thought I was sneaky getting my wife a Nano... and she got me one too. Lol.
# 17 PantherBeast_OS @ 12/25/12 08:49 AM
Merry Christmas to my fellow OSers. I got a Carolina Panthers Gnome, a Panthers drinking cup that keeps my something to drink hot or cold for a lot long time and a Panthers train ornment. Plus I got some money from my Grandmother and Aunt last night along with a brand new Carolina Panthers hat. Ain't receive my gift from my sister yet. But I'm having a good Christmas today so far.
# 18 19 @ 12/25/12 09:02 AM
Straight Cash Homie.
# 19 AUChase @ 12/25/12 09:14 AM
Merry Christmas everyone!

  • $400.00
  • Dewalt 18v llithium drill/driver set.
  • The Dark Knight Rises Blu ray
  • Two pair of jeans
  • Pair of Auburn pajama pants
  • Auburn T-Shirt
  • A shirt and hat from my uncle, with his company's logo.
  • Two packs of Nike dry fit socks
  • Wolverine Boots
Then there's the gift that means the most to me. My grandmother gave me a gift and in it was a picture of my grandpa and I when I was a little kid. She left a note with it that she wrote and a pocket knife that I remember him carrying from the time when I was a little kid to the day that he died.

I'm a grown *** man and I had to fight back some tears in the middle of the living room amongst my family. I miss the hell out of him and the gift totally caught me off guard.
# 20 ScoobySnax @ 12/25/12 09:19 AM
Family heirlooms are priceless man. No amount of money spent on a gift can top it. That's awesome!

Merry Christmas fellas! Enjoy your day!

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