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Who do you have in tonight's National Championship game? Notre Dame or Alabama?

Sound off: And let us know your final score pick!!

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# 1 thelakeshow @ 01/07/13 02:49 PM
If I had to put money on it, I would have to go with Alabama. Only because the SEC is undefeated in the BCS Championship game.

It will probably be a good game, but I like to have some kind of rooting interest when watching a game. Other than UCLA, there are no two teams I depise more, than Notre Dame and Alabama. My two favorite football teams, will give you a hint on why I dislike both teams.
# 2 Nature_Boy @ 01/07/13 02:57 PM
# 3 chilli311 @ 01/07/13 03:00 PM
Let's go ND!

Honestly, I just want a close game. I think they CAN do it, but Nick Saban has an incredible team.
# 4 LowerWolf @ 01/07/13 03:29 PM
I'll be rooting hard for Notre Dame, but I think Alabama wins easily. I'll say 31-10.
# 5 Rolltide1012 @ 01/07/13 04:18 PM
Roll Tide 27-17
# 6 faceman1209 @ 01/07/13 04:57 PM
Roll Tide 26-13. Close early with Bama pulling away slightly in the second half.
# 7 RoundingThird @ 01/07/13 05:42 PM
I despise Notre Dame with all that its worth. 24-13 Bama. Roll Tide!
# 8 Balrog @ 01/07/13 05:55 PM
We are ND!
# 9 ItsOrangeBaby @ 01/07/13 05:59 PM
I see albama winning this game pretty easy, but I kind of want ND to pull off the upset.

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# 10 Sheamazin @ 01/07/13 06:00 PM
Not a fan of either team. But love me some football

Roll Tide
# 11 eagskerfan @ 01/07/13 06:02 PM
Notre Dame will be up by 4, then at the final, the game will freeze when showing highlights, and they'll have to replay it again tomorrow.
# 12 eyeamg0dly @ 01/07/13 06:35 PM
absolutely love to see ND win it all especially since they may not get another chance this decade. However I have bama winning 13-3 with a late td. I just don't see either side pulling away and I don't feel like the irish will have the luck tonight like they have had this season.
# 13 Bmore Irish @ 01/07/13 06:38 PM
the nearly 24% not watching this game/not caring either: a) don't like college football, b) are unable to watch, or c) are very bitter.

Go Irish. I have a feeling the reign of the SEC is coming to an end tonight, should be a great game.
# 14 Perfect Zero @ 01/07/13 06:40 PM
For some reason, I just feel that the Irish are going to pull this one off. I predict that there will be less than ten points of scoring in the first half, and I'm picking Notre Dame over Alabama 21-17.
# 15 madden316 @ 01/07/13 07:15 PM
Go Bama go. 33-16 Tide!
# 16 MavsManiac4Life @ 01/07/13 07:26 PM
Ehh, I may not watch, but rooting for Teo and ND.
# 17 Reaman @ 01/07/13 08:11 PM
Don't Care/Won't be watching
# 18 MrWise33 @ 01/07/13 08:30 PM
Rollll Tide, Too much Family in Boykins loll
# 19 LionsFanNJ @ 01/07/13 08:44 PM
Don't care about either team but Bama by 40

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# 20 houston2k13 @ 01/07/13 09:13 PM
I'd put my money on Bama but I wouldn't mind it if ND won. Either way both teams deserve it.

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