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IGN has posted some details on the new Legends of the Majors mode in Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 14. Starting from the 1930's all the way to the present time, you can take your created golfer through scenarios based on actual championships, with balls, clubs and physics changing over the course of each era. For the first time ever, all 4 majors will be playable.

Other interesting features about the new game (releasing March 26) include a day/night cycle that lets you play anytime from early morning to nighttime (complete with glow-in-the-dark balls!), 20 on-disc courses out of the box, Country Club tweaks like a higher member cap (100 people instead of 25) and a club chat feature, and 35 total licensed golfers, including female golfers from the LPGA tour.

Source - Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 Goes Technicolor (IGN)

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# 1 jbd345 @ 01/07/13 03:45 PM
All four majors are in, awesome!! Can't wait see Oak Hill and all the presentation enhancements!!
# 2 cdawg44 @ 01/07/13 06:19 PM
Divot..... I'm crying tears of Joy!!
# 3 cdawg44 @ 01/07/13 06:21 PM
Holy hell, Seve's in too!!!!
# 4 mike24forever @ 01/07/13 07:28 PM
Cannot wait!
# 5 fsufan4423 @ 01/08/13 12:49 AM
Wow! The Next Gen era is winding down and we're just getting all four majors? I had high hopes for the Tiger series for the last few years just to be highly disappointed.

I would think golf would be the easiest of all sports games to replicate. Spend a cycle on graphics, atmosphere, details, and the next five or six on a system for putting and swinging.

The progress of this series is moving like a seventy foot putt on a cold, rainy, day.......SLOOOOOOOOW
# 6 jesusismyairbag @ 01/08/13 12:19 PM
can't wait to not buy this.
# 7 JODYE @ 01/08/13 02:02 PM
I could care less about the majors, if the presentation still sucks and the animations still look like limp noodles hitting a golf ball.

Not once has a TW game made me feel immersed in the tournament atmosphere that I feel when watching on TV. Going into next gen and they STILL haven't figured it out.

I'm sure we will hear more, but if this is the "big announcement" then it looks like another year of not buying this game.
# 8 DivotMaker @ 01/08/13 02:48 PM
Stay tuned for more announcements from EA ...
# 9 Matt10 @ 01/10/13 12:04 AM
I'm excited - they actually had Seve. The swings were spot on too; love it. I'm feeling good about this. If EA has an emphasis on the 4 majors, then something in the presentation department will be addressed - it just has to be. Can't wait.
# 10 poster @ 01/10/13 09:46 AM
Hopefully we will be able to have the majors rotate again or pick which courses we would want to use for the majors (sans Augusta, obviously).

The PC versions are showing their age, but the career mode editor from back in the day in 06, was such a great addition to the game. With all of the courses available, you could really have fairly realistic season calendars setup. I know the console is another beast, but career mode is my cup of tea, so hopefully that mode has improved leaps and bounds.
# 11 joewink23 @ 01/11/13 10:11 AM
I just hope they have a better presentation (as previously mentioned) and golf swings that look different from player to player. Tiger and Rory do not have identical swings... they shouldn't in this game.

Also, the "limp noodles" comment before was spot on! That's exactly what they look like!! They can render each individual grass blade, but they can't make a tucked in (or untucked for that matter) shirt look natural!

They should have an option (that you can skip if you want) that allows a TV presentation-like feel where they cut away to show highlights from the previous round, who is currently out there on the golf course, etc. It feels too much like a video game. I want to be immersed.
# 12 GrandMaster B @ 01/11/13 10:25 AM
Are there going to be any changes to the swing and putting controls? I rather enjoyed the putting last year so I hope they don't change anything.
# 13 itsmb8 @ 01/12/13 12:47 AM
this could have the potential of being the best game game i have ever played, although golf is one of my favorite sports, but still.
# 14 movethechains11 @ 01/12/13 03:05 PM
All 4 majors are in!!! This is the only reason I havent got the game in years!! Will you be able to compete for all 4 in my career mode?
# 15 DivotMaker @ 01/12/13 03:49 PM
Originally Posted by checkwreck
All 4 majors are in!!! This is the only reason I havent got the game in years!! Will you be able to compete for all 4 in my career mode?
# 16 DocHolliday @ 01/17/13 07:02 PM
They need to make sure the Majors feel epic. Talking custom TV Pres elements, and most importantly, HUGE CROWDS.

If a Major is just another tournament with a custom intro, I will be disappointed, but not necessarily surprised...
# 17 DJ @ 01/20/13 04:47 PM
Like others have said, we really need to see a major upgrade in presentation/immersion with this series. If not, then this game really won't feel all that different from 13, which wasn't all that different from 12.
# 18 Dos_Santos @ 01/25/13 03:39 PM
Let me know when they will let you play a real season with a real golfer.

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