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For those of you that didn't pre-order NBA 2K13, you missed out on the All-Star Weekend DLC. But have no fear, tomorrow is the day you've been waiting for (unless you are a PC user).

PS3 and 360 users can purchase the NBA 2K13 All-Star add-on content for $4.99 tomorrow.

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# 1 LD2k @ 01/07/13 08:05 PM
# 2 Playboy™ @ 01/07/13 08:05 PM
2k Lied they said only for preorders
# 3 thelakeshow @ 01/07/13 08:07 PM
Here comes the hate.
# 4 beast10 @ 01/07/13 08:08 PM
That's it?
Thanks though I wish off-line gamers like myself could get some love though.
# 5 MarvinOida @ 01/07/13 08:08 PM
Oh yippie for those who didn't pre order *fist pump* so no yippie for me. We wish more.
# 6 Rockie_Fresh88 @ 01/07/13 08:12 PM
I have 5$ worth of vc. Is that good enough?
# 7 Vni @ 01/07/13 08:12 PM

that's a reasonable price. Well done 2K you didn't go over the top.
# 8 MarvinOida @ 01/07/13 08:14 PM
Originally Posted by Vni

that's a reasonable price. Well done 2K you didn't go over the top.
Yeah $4.99 for a game mode vs $20 for something that apparently will last a year. (Unless that already bought Jewelry carries through next Installments. Like real life, some people have that same jewelry for years)

But I don't care I have the DLC and a legit 93 Overall MyCareer
# 9 syncity14 @ 01/07/13 08:19 PM
I thought it was going to be a new patch announcement, foolish me.
# 10 Playboy™ @ 01/07/13 08:23 PM
i was hoping for more art update like new player models were are those at ?
# 11 GrizzlyJuler @ 01/07/13 08:28 PM
Great for those for who didn't pre-ordered!
# 12 noah1212 @ 01/07/13 08:42 PM
im glad they priced it reasonably
# 13 Taer @ 01/07/13 09:29 PM
Good news for console owners who did not get it before.

Hopefully they fixed the issues MyCareer has currently or for those who play that mode it will feel like a waste of money.
# 14 scottyo60 @ 01/07/13 11:03 PM
Would I have to restart my career? Most definitely want this anyway!
# 15 TJ820 @ 01/07/13 11:36 PM
This is bull, this should already be in the game. If they're going to put something on dlc, maybe it should be like having more legendary teams, jerseys and players(reggie millers,sir Charles,dr j,kareem) available to you
# 16 Phreezy P @ 01/08/13 12:27 AM
I knew they lied. Well, I have it anyways already.

They should add a patch, and update ASW with proper judging, and some new competitions, maybe the HORSE from 2k12.
# 17 SPRINGS03 @ 01/08/13 12:45 AM
pay for modes that were in previous 2ks just now with better presentation on them? lol, no.
# 18 NZ Buccaneer @ 01/08/13 03:38 AM
Follow @sprite on twitter - they usually give away 200 codes to DL this for free a few times each week
# 19 sooperb @ 01/08/13 05:05 AM
Wow for $4.99 you cant beat it, until you play it. Then you will be screaming refund. Who created these modes?
# 20 Vni @ 01/08/13 05:11 AM
Yes the DLC is pretty average at best but what is 4.99? It's a big mac I mean.

You just cannot blame 2K for doing that. First some people where asking for it to come as a DLC, second 5$ is a reasonable price and third they would be stupid to refuse some more money. It's a win win.

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