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The 2013 release season is a couple of months away still, but we're going to be there before you know it. In 2013, what do you want to see more of from sports games in 2013? Do you want to see more innovation or refinement from your favorite games as a whole?

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# 1 HustlinOwl @ 01/08/13 10:27 AM
MLB needs to take their online experience to the next level league wise. I want everything an offline franchise has to offer available for an online franchise. NCAA had been doing this for years and with Madden's CCM it is time for MLB to do something similar. In my experience this makes online leagues not really worthwhile in its current state and maybe thats why you see so many fail or users simply play a couple games only to quit and start another league.
# 2 JerzeyReign @ 01/08/13 10:33 AM
Refinement from my favorite games (NBA 2k and Madden). This reinventing the wheel stuff Madden goes through every year really kills the potential of a bunch of good things. NBA 2k has a history of refining their product so I expect them to continue with that with them. Correcting what you have rather than bringing something new is a top priority for me. No need to add instagram for your leagues if can't do something as simple as play a game without sliding/warping.

MLB The Show is a great product to look at as far as 'refinement gone right' - call them little tweaks if you like but the game is simply amazing.
# 3 Nightz @ 01/08/13 10:42 AM
Spectator mode. I play in a 32 man Madden league and would love to watch some of the rivalry games that we have. I would be happy even if you could only spectate the playoffs.
# 4 Bunselpower32 @ 01/08/13 10:51 AM

Seriously, though, innovation from SCEA on The Show, and how about 2k stays with one physics engine for a couple of years in a row and actually irons out some bugs instead of leading off the summer with, "We've completely revamped the game and it plays more real than ever." They have an Alec Burks of a game (all of the talent, little of the refinement), and they need to actually hit their prime before they reinvent themselves. The Show is a great game, but it might be time to put in some new stuff, another year of the same thing may start to wear thin on a $60 investment.

So, in short, innovation from Sony, and refinement from 2k, because they could both easily get stuck in the opposite cycles.
# 5 LowerWolf @ 01/08/13 11:02 AM

There's been so many bugs in recent years (yeah, I'm looking at you Madden) it's time to clean them up. Past time, really.
# 6 DirtyJerz32 @ 01/08/13 11:30 AM
I could careless if we get any new features. I just want to current features to work properly and clean up gameplay.

Stop looking for the back of the box features.

This should be on the back of the box. "GAMEPLAY IS IMPROVED."
# 7 onac22 @ 01/08/13 12:09 PM
I want to see more effort to improve the games and less effort on making money on MUT HUT or FUT. This ultimate team crap has to go the whole game is an ultiate team why do I need to spend more to have some stupid card tell me how many games my video QB or any one else can play.

So even though it won't happen less Ultimate teams and more finished product.
# 8 onac22 @ 01/08/13 12:10 PM
And I saw it up there and agree more Cowbell!!
# 9 CM Hooe @ 01/08/13 12:34 PM
I don't see the two as mutually exclusive.

Given a choice, I'd rather a series do as much to break new ground as possible. That said, glaring bugs ought to be corrected at the same time. Minor bug-fixing can be rolled out via title updates and then imported into next year's boxed release; it's not as pressing in my eyes.
# 10 MAGboyswifT27 @ 01/08/13 12:49 PM
Please fix NCAA...
# 11 ratedmoney @ 01/08/13 01:07 PM
Refinement. Right now most sports titles just need to get the things they currently have working properly. The only SORTA innovation I wanna see is EA add proper footplanting and dynamic line interactions. Besides that I wanna see all sports titles just polish their games. The 2 best sports titles seem to do that although they are not without their flaws (NBA2K/MLBTheShow).
# 12 TreFacTor @ 01/08/13 01:07 PM
I only play football (sports) games so I can only look at Madden when I say REFINEMENT. Every three years there's this new plan to revolutionize the game...it's not gone so well this gen. With legacy issues almost 10 years in the running in the game, it's time to get them out before they carry over bad habbits to new platforms.
# 13 1WEiRDguy @ 01/08/13 01:08 PM
more and more customization...im not sure how feasible that is with all of the sponsor bucks coming in from respective entities, but i would love for the ability to create my own logos in game a la Backbreaker or Forza. 2k needs to expand the create a shoe element...this was a nice addition to the game and im not even a "shoe" guy, but just seeing how this has potential got me interested.

stadium builders, arena builders, etc...

but first and foremost, i want to see more accoutability. I want to see people own up to their mistakes and stop trying to insult the community's intelligence by making us think its all in our head and that its not that bad. Im not talking about nitpickers, but reasonable, logical members.

Stop the nickel and diming with bonus/booster packs, jerseys, etc...
# 14 Bigsheen @ 01/08/13 01:52 PM

It's too late in the console cycle to innovate. Make sure the game works properly, then worry about innovating when the new systems come out. This way, when the game works on the old systems (PS3 and 360), and the newer systems are still too expensive people will actually want to buy the game for the older systems. Then if they havent screwed things up by the time the newer systems are within price range, people will continually want to buy it. Seems easier said than done however.
# 15 sportdan30 @ 01/08/13 02:17 PM
Better presentation and commentary for Madden. The game feels stale after a few games. I feel as if I have seen the same cut scenes and heard the same rehashed commentary. I'd be fine with a generic broadcast crew with better flow, more lines, and more excitement. The over use of cut scenes is irritating. I'd much rather have a real time presentation.........And give us back a freakin simple season mode!!!

MLB The Show desperately needs a 2k style broadcast. It's much too generic and boring. The game is darn near perfect, but the commentary is holding it back.

Fifa needs to have much more team variety. Great multi player game, but come on already, single player gets old very very quickly.

New broadcast presentation for the NHL series please. Time to freshen things up!

Presentation is lacking in NCAA Football. The pageantry, excitement, atmosphere is missing which is downright disappointing. A new graphics engine is needed along with a better physics engine.

Bring back college basketball 2k!!!!!!!!
# 16 willithome @ 01/08/13 03:25 PM
More broadcast presentation! We had more of this in 2004 when ESPN 2k5 came out! Why????? It's 2013 we should feel like we are watching a game on tv not a basic bland boring style of presentation that we have now. I want the game to absolutly WOW me and Madden and NCAA failed in this in most levels.
# 17 Cardot @ 01/08/13 03:31 PM
Less Online features jammed down my throat.

I would also like things simplified under the hood. I think too many things are going on that like "momentum", "Chemistry" etc that lead to wacky results. I also think too many games have some hidden manipulation to keep games "exciting".
# 18 BigBadTom @ 01/08/13 03:38 PM
Presentation 100% attempt, like no more brought to you by 2k sports! The game company shouldn't be seen while in game. Also 100 revamp on motion. Far too often is there jerking around and robot movements in games
# 19 misterkrabz @ 01/08/13 04:42 PM
MLB The Show=make it playable online.

NCAA/Madden=I want the players I control on the field to actually respond to the correlating button I push. e.g. if I push triangle on defense, please jump (or swat)....pretty simple I know and it's amazing that after 25+ years of video game development I would be asking for something so basic but hey, we are where we are.

Or just in general, be able to play an online season just as you can an offline season. And before you all jump in and say you can, the reality is you can't. I don't even care what sport it is, just give me the ability to play a two player season and let me control the opposing team when my buddies team plays and let him control the opposing team when my team plays...just like you can playing an offline season. I've been waiting for this since the internet was invented....
# 20 thelakeshow @ 01/08/13 04:51 PM
Certain games need refinement, some need innovation, and some need both.

Madden needs to refine their Online and Offline Franchise modes. They should allow us more customization in these modes.

NBA2k need to refine their Mycareer, Offline and Online Association Modes; refine and make gameplay tweeks to the game; and allow more customization for created and existing players and for teams. Or even something small like allowing us to choose the jersey we can wear in Mycareer mode. Also they need to bring back crew mode, add Online Lobbies, and have some kind of online leaderboards.

FIFA needs an refine its Offline Managers Mode and add some kind of Online Managers League or Mode. It would be nice if we could have a 22 team Online EPL league, where we can make transfers w/ eachother, etc., etc.

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