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Irish Still Rack Up a Victory During BCS National Championship

Though they were defeated by Alabama in last night’s BCS National Championship Game, Notre Dame won the first round of the NCAA Football Cover Vote. With more than 630,000 votes cast, the Irish took the opening round by storm, claiming the most votes overall and landing themselves in the next round. Other schools advancing include Oregon, LSU and Michigan, and polls will open on Wednesday, January 9th for round two. Fans are encouraged to visit the NCAA Football Facebook page to vote for their favorite team.

Below are the 32 schools advancing into the next round.

From this point forward, the field will be continually halved until a champion is crowned. Below is the schedule for the remainder of the rounds.

32 Schools
  • Voting Begins – 1/9
  • Voting Ends – 1/15
16 Schools
  • Voting Begins – 1/16
  • Voting Ends – 1/22
8 Schools
  • Voting Begins – 1/22
  • Potential Cover Athletes Revealed – 1/23 to 2/3
  • Voting for Cover Athlete Begins – 2/4
  • Voting Ends 2/18
4 Schools/Athletes
  • Voting Begins – 2/19
  • Voting Ends – 2/25
2 Schools/Athletes
  • Voting Begins – 2/26
  • Voting Ends – 3/8
Vote totals reset after each round, so the only way fans can be sure their team continues to advance is to keep voting. Anything can happen now that the tallies are back at zero, so enthusiasts are encouraged to not only vote in the main Facebook poll, but also support their school in the secondary polls which appear daily.

This has proven to already be the most successful NCAA Football Cover Vote yet, as it has reached more than 32 million fans and garnered more than 144 million impressions on Facebook. With eight weeks remaining in the competition, college football enthusiasts are already coming out in droves in the hopes of landing their team on the cover of the next edition of NCAA Football.

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Member Comments
# 1 tacosaban @ 01/08/13 05:10 PM
Why not put the National Champ on the cover every year and be done with it....you stupid Mfers are worrying about stuff no one gives 2 sits about. Fix the game and play it for about 2 months online with each other before you release it...do your job...is that too difficult?
# 2 tacosaban @ 01/08/13 05:11 PM
Honestly, I just thought about something. You probably have no idea about how the game of football is played so you think its all good. SMFH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
# 3 The_Wise_One @ 01/08/13 06:22 PM
Tacosaban it hasn't been 48 hours yet.....you can still be in a good mood.

Yea who cares about the cover. Wish Montee Ball could get some love.
# 4 reMicXz @ 01/08/13 06:35 PM
haha Wise One he's kinda right about the first thing. either put the national champ on the cover or make a cover that represents college football as a whole instead of singling out a specific crowd. but marketing a target audience is a good deal and i would love to see the only undefeated team in the nation (Ohio State) on the cover. the voting thing is just something to build hype. Whereas with Madden we didnt care about the cover because Madden himself was on the cover up until 2001 when Ohio State's Eddie George was on the cover

i however dont support the second comment. thats just angry misdirected malice
# 5 BA2929 @ 01/08/13 06:52 PM
If Penn State is on the cover, EA won't be getting my cash this year. Plain and simple.
# 6 seancass38 @ 01/08/13 07:19 PM
better yet...just put the crystal football on the cover
# 7 SkillzKillz719 @ 01/08/13 09:26 PM
What if Saban gets on the cover?
Maybe more emphasis on the coaching aspect?
# 8 TDenverFan @ 01/08/13 09:27 PM
Originally Posted by BA2929
If Penn State is on the cover, EA won't be getting my cash this year. Plain and simple.
...Why? Not to start a debate, but that seems kinda petty.

Also, I find it strange how Kentucky and Penn State had massive leads over everyone yet aren't 1 and 2.

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