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CVG has posted their interview with Ross Gowing, Senior Games Designer for GRID 2. They discuss why it has taken 5 years for the sequel to arrive, how the racing landscape has changed, career mode and more.

How deep does the career mode go? What kind of options are you giving players to make the game their own?

Ross Gowing: The career is all about the player being the cornerstone of a growing global phenomenon and how they develop within that, and we're confident that people will feel that it's all about them.

We'll guide the player from starting out in classic muscle cars all the way up to 1,000bhp monsters - but the journey in-between is down to them and how they want to play the game.

On a practical level, they'll be able to choose which vehicles and classes best suit the way they drive, stamp their visual style onto them, and then choose how they want to take on the world's best drivers across a wealth of different challenges.

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# 1 TCrouch @ 01/10/13 11:53 AM
I can't believe it's already been 5 years since I first played Grid...
# 2 FinnZzgo @ 01/10/13 02:50 PM
I've been waiting years for this game.But I won't be buying it,The devs have confirmed that they have taken out the cockpit view...No cockpit view= no buy..
# 3 ps3veron @ 01/11/13 01:51 AM
Cannot wait for this! The first Grid was one of the best racing games of this generation.
# 4 DickDalewood @ 01/11/13 06:11 AM
As I said in the other thread:

I wish there were a cockpit view as well, but their 5% stat isn't the only reason it's not in. The devs state in several interviews that they wanted to make the exterior car models and surrounding tracks as absolutely beautiful as possible, and part of this meant not eating up memory resources with cockpit views.

I'll have to still see it to judge whether or not the trade off was worth it, but from the previews I've read this far, it's a damn gorgeous game.

I'm still excited to see this in action from a non-hood cam.

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