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Another NBA 2K13 roster update has arrived this morning. P.J. Carlesimo has finally replaced Avery Johnson, as coach of the Brooklyn Nets. Scott Skiles was replaced by Jim Boylan, as coach of the Milwaukee Bucks.

John Wall, Grant Hill, Devin Harris and a few other have returned from injury. Dwight Howard, Pau Gasol, Jordan Hill, Kevin Love and a few others have been added to the injured list.

Only 2 player ratings were touched. Kobe Bryant +1 (95) and Serge Ibaka +1 (85). Hmmm...

For more details on what has or hasn't changed on the latest NBA 2K13 roster, check out The Real 2K Insider. Thanks Rashidi!

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# 1 Steve_OS @ 01/12/13 08:15 AM
Here is a shot of P.J. Carlesimo.
# 2 Steve_OS @ 01/12/13 10:34 AM
Only the ratings for Kobe and Ibaka were updated...
# 3 t_SKY @ 01/12/13 10:54 AM
Where's the increase of Vucevic, Sullinger, Pekovic etc
# 4 keshunleon @ 01/12/13 11:09 AM
Originally Posted by t_SKY
Where's the increase of Vucevic, Sullinger, Pekovic etc
Sullinger had one good game, one!
# 5 davis420 @ 01/12/13 11:29 AM
Does P.J. have black hands? I remember last year with coaching changes, some coaches had black hands.
# 6 Biagas @ 01/12/13 12:26 PM
Is kobe literally rated higher than durant now? Yeah yeah the overall number doesn't matter but it does now. I'm done with this game until this dude gets a clue.
# 7 Find_the_Door @ 01/12/13 01:03 PM
Needed Portland Changes as of 1/12/2013

Add sig skills:

Lillard "Closer"

J.J Hickson "Hustle Points/Scrapper"

Wesley Matthews "Lockdown Defender"

Attribute changes:

Nicolas Batum (79-80 OVR):

Play style "All around"

Shot 3pt from 85 to 84

Pass from 44 to 74

"Play pass lane" tendency from 69 to 81

Meyers Leonard(59-60 OVR):

Free throw from 73 to 88

Offensive rebound from 68 to 73

Defensive rebound from 64 to 68

Commit foul tendency from 58 to 70

Contest shot tendency from 62 to 71

Wesley Matthews (77 OVR):

Shot inside from 77 to 79

Shot medium from 67 to 70

Shot 3pt from 84 to 86

Free throw from 86 to 74

Shoot in traffic from 63 to 65

Shot Release changes:

Damian Lillard:

Shot Form: K. Malone

Shot Base: T. Parker

Fadeaway: W. Johnson

Runner: Bigman Textbook

Dribble Pull up: Elite 9

Free throw: D. Howard

Wesley Matthews:

Shot Form: Release 71

Shot Base: T. Duncan

Luke Babbitt:

Shot Form: Release 35

Shot Base: Set Shot 2

Joel Freeland:

Shot Form: Release 47

Shot Base: M. Yao

Ronnie Price:

Shot Form: Release 25

Shot Base: Jump Shot 1


Damian Lillard:


Left arm ADD padded sleeve

Left/Right Knees add "Hex Pad"

Sock Length (Medium Long Socks)

Add Tattoos

LaMarcus Aldridge:


Right Arm (Padded Sleeve)

Add Beard (if Possible)

Shoe Style (Nike Hyperposite) add them to game

Dunk Package 4: Basic Two-Handers off Two

Nicolas Batum:


Left Wrist (Rubberband) (1st/2nd Color White)

Right Wrist (Rubberband) (1st/2nd Color White)

Shorts (Pressure Shorts)

Shorts Color (Black)

Wesley Matthews:

Left Leg (Hex Pad Half Calf Sleeve)

Right Leg (Hex Pad Half Calf Sleeve)

Left Knee (Sleeve) Fix glitch that doesn't allow for combo of Calf Sleeve and knee pads

Right Knee (Sleeve)

Luke Babbitt:

Right Arm (Padded Sleeve Black)

Left Leg (Hex Pad Half Calf Sleeve) (Team Color 2)

Right Leg (Hex Pad Half Cald Sleeve) (Team Color 2)

Will Barton:

Add Headband

Nolan Smith:

Add Headband

Medium socks

Add Black rubberband to left wrist
# 8 JwP23 @ 01/12/13 02:03 PM
Kobe gets 95? Is this a joke?
# 9 bigball12 @ 01/12/13 02:09 PM
Originally Posted by TroinIggs
PJ wheres glasses I think. Gimme them peepers.
Haha, yeah, he looks VERY generic, but I guess it's better than Avery.
# 10 Thelorn @ 01/12/13 03:34 PM
Can't wait to see a Tristan Thompson upgrade in the future. Kid is a hard worker and the light bulb is starting to turn on.
# 11 Mintsa @ 01/12/13 03:40 PM
I think Ed David deserves a small increase. He's played really well for almost a month now since Bargnani went down.
# 12 DR Russell @ 01/12/13 04:31 PM
Originally Posted by TroinIggs
PJ wheres glasses I think. Gimme them peepers.

No changes for the knicks, Shump is coming back in a few days though, so they should get that on the next one. Also they should lower Amare to an 81.
lower Amare 60... 2k needs to lower his defensive awareness, quickness and all offensive sliders.
# 13 FearlessKaz @ 01/12/13 05:34 PM
Originally Posted by keshunleon
Sullinger had one good game, one!
He's averaged a double double off the bench over the last 5 games. Leads all rookies and the entire Celtics team in +/- this year. He's also a big reason why the Celtics are on a 5 game winning streak.

I would say his contributions account for more than just having 1 good game.
# 14 Thunder Storm @ 01/12/13 06:01 PM
Don't mean to sound greedy but Harden needs one more upgrade. Whatever attributes are combined to increase fouls drawed, he needs that.

I love what 2K has done with Lin, he's very balanced.
# 15 MarvinOida @ 01/12/13 06:57 PM
Look at them ugly Melo M9s in the new update.
# 16 diehardknicksfan @ 01/12/13 07:12 PM
Originally Posted by MarvinOida
Look at them ugly Melo M9s in the new update.
Lol i saw those and i was wf those are hideous
# 17 Optik @ 01/12/13 07:20 PM
Did the 2K insider not see what happened in the Thunder @ Lakers game last night?

# 18 FearlessKaz @ 01/12/13 07:39 PM
Originally Posted by Red Kafe
No he hasn't ....only the last two
He's been averaging 10 and 10 over the last five.
# 19 xVenomx91 @ 01/12/13 08:02 PM
no he isnt but hes close i do think he deserves an upgrade http://espn.go.com/nba/player/_/id/6624/jared-sullinger
# 20 daedae910 @ 01/12/13 11:04 PM
I'm just glad John Wall Is Back!!!

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