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1UP has posted their MLB 13 The Show preview, discussing a global cooldown to pitchers when playing online (interesting), more on Beginner Mode, Road to the Show and Franchise Mode interfaces, improved online leagues and more.

Speaking of which, both Road to the Show and Franchise Mode are getting their share or improvements. "Streamlined" would probably be the best way to describe them. The interfaces are much simpler now, and old holdovers like hot dog promotions are now gone. In their place is a budgeting system that will increase and decrease with success, meaning that a consistently excellent small market team like the Rays will be able to earn more money for free agency. For Road to the Show, the presentation has been overhauled, with more commentary relating directly to your player and a surplus of new camera angles. When simulating between innings, you can also see what's happening now, so no more trying to guess how the Royals tagged you with 10 runs during the bottom half of the 4th inning.

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# 1 metsfan4life1 @ 01/24/13 04:23 PM
Not a good read for this one.
# 2 wozamil @ 01/24/13 04:32 PM
I'll miss facing CC Sabathia in every online game. It was such an advantage to me when I saw him on the mound because I knew his entire arsenal. But it's a good change and it will help me become a better player by seeing more pitching varieties.

Now, to install that jumbotron in my living room somehow
# 3 HustlinOwl @ 01/24/13 04:50 PM
Of all the improvements, I would say that the improved online leagues are the most compelling. Done properly, they can be a fun way to play through franchise mode with a few friends, and they can vastly extend the life of the game overall. Over on NHL 13, my GM Connected league is nearing its second season, and we're all having a great time. My only concern is whether the lag will continue to be an issue, as it has in the past. I've been assured that input lag won't be nearly as noticeable when playing online, but I suppose I'll have to see. That, more than anything, will determine whether I stick with MLB 13 for the long haul (though there's always the possibility that I will get roped in by a good Road to the Show career as well).
too bad multiple seasons is still not an option for online leagues. Need to fix wording to season mode not franchise mode.

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