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It's been a three year voyage thus far, and it appears we're finally getting to some real meat and potatoes of the Ed O'Bannon/Sam Keller vs. the NCAA case. The implications are clear, if the players win the NCAA's fundamental claims of amateurism can no longer be given -- and players will almost certainly have the ability and legal right to get paid from their schools and from endorsements. If the NCAA wins, the status quo reigns.

So what side of the fence do you fall on in this case? Do you side with the players or the NCAA more? Sound off by voting on the poll above you in the forums and to your right on the frontpage!

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# 1 liberaluser @ 01/30/13 10:24 AM
I side with the players. The schools make too much $$$ off them not to share a slice of the pie.
# 2 Jadakiss88 @ 01/30/13 10:33 AM
I don't know who to side with to be honest. On one hand I look at the players arguments yes, these schools benefit greatly from their Student-Athletes however most of these same Athletes go to school for free, eat on and sometimes off campus for free, they get books for free, top notch housing for free, and if they make it to a bowl game OH boy how much they do get for free. While you have your regular student that pays out of pocket, takes out loans, fills out application after application for a scholarship...not to mention if it wasn't for these regular students the school wouldn't be making as much money in the first place.
On the other end I understand the NCAA and the Schools making money off players I mean at the end of the day Higher Education is a business. And the only way to keep regular students coming in, keep current students from leaving, and keep Student Athletes at the school is to make the school look better on and off the field. That takes money. And since the NCAA is the organization over all of this of course they will make money because they are the Oversight.

But as far as it concerns EA Sports. I mean EA could just say screw it and randomly generate the players, jersey numbers, and equipment. Close the EA Locker option but still allow players to edit the team how they see fit. It's a BS lawsuit but someone out there cares about this.
# 3 DKHardee @ 01/30/13 10:54 AM
I side with the school. It's been like this for 100+ years, why change now.
# 4 BaylorBearBryant @ 01/30/13 11:12 AM
Players are all me, me, me.

Schools and NCAA are all us, us, us.

It's my turn; I side on the side that gives me NCAA Football games for the next forever.
# 5 josephid @ 01/30/13 11:16 AM
Everyone does not know what they are talking about. Schools do not make so much off these players? Most schools lose so much money on athletics.

Football may make a ton of money, but it has to subsidies all the other sports that school has such as volleyball. Again, most schools are broke.
# 6 Trackball @ 01/30/13 11:24 AM
Wait a second, is THIS LAWSUIT the reason no NCAA basketball games have been released since NCAA 10?

Or is that just EA's fault?

...Sorry, I'm just one of those people that prefer managing recruiting efforts to managing trades and salary caps.

Got the feeling I'm asking a really dumb question here...but it's been nagging at me since NCAA Basketball 11 never came out.
# 7 DATPUCKINGGUY2 @ 01/30/13 11:29 AM
I think the NCAA that is considered a non-profit that should be in the Business of not making money for its own benefit, but for the student-athletes and only fulfilling its mission statement of a way to protect student-athletes, which continues to implement that principle with increased emphasis on both athletics and academic excellence. With that, the NCAA job is to protect the student-athletes. If these student-athletes are generating money based off their talent, the money should be restricted the use of protecting the student athlete. Now what does protect actually mean in context of student-athletes? According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, it may mean to shield from infringement or restriction or to maintain the status or integrity of especially through financial or legal guarantees.
Then there is the Finance side of things (directly from NCAA website): The NCAA is a nonprofit association that is committed to providing opportunity for more than 430,000 college students who compete annually in intercollegiate athletics.
• By choosing to play intercollegiate sports, you as an athlete are provided an opportunity to compete and display your talent across the nation against others.
Sixty percent of NCAA revenue is distributed directly to Division I conferences, which pass most of that money along to their member institutions to support their athletics programs. Another major use of NCAA revenue is the support of 89 national championships in 23 sports, including coverage of travel expenses for all participants. Other student-athlete benefits include catastrophic-injury insurance coverage for all student-athletes; year-round and championship drug-testing programs; and various scholarship programs, among others
Most NCAA revenue comes from a 14-year, $10.8 billion agreement with Turner Broadcasting and CBS Sports for rights to the Division I Men’s Basketball Championship. Projected NCAA revenue for 2011-12 is $777 million, $700 million of which (90 percent) is projected to come from media rights payments
• Now this is amazing, most of the funding comes from agreements with broadcasting networks. If the NCAA and schools that these athletes are playing are making money from these networks, the money is designated to fulfill its obligation to protect student athletes and that is the contract that these athletes sign when accepting a scholarship to a school.
# 8 BCDX97 @ 01/30/13 01:09 PM
If Ed O'Bannon wasn't such a bust, would he even be involved in this lawsuit?

I remember an interview with him, he seemed like a really dumb guy. And he thought OJ was innocent.

I'm not sure how to feel about the NCAA. I feel like they are exploiting the players, but it's not like the players aren't getting anything out of it, either. What about the one-and-done guys who are just using the schools as a stepping stone? It's just about everybody always wanting more money. Actually the seedy side of college sports is why I don't bother to watch them and stick with the pros.
# 9 Jadakiss88 @ 01/30/13 01:19 PM
@Josephid The NCAA and School do make money off of players.....Who do you think gets paid everytime somebody buys School apparrell out of Foot Locker, Footaction, Eastbay and other third party outlets? And to be honest Football isn't the only sport the spreads money into other sports.

For instance a school like Florida. The Football, Basketball and Baseball program are the heavy hitters they don't need help from each other financially....financially all of them can operate independent of the other. So you have three major sports the help out swimming, soccer, tennis, ping pong and whatever else they offer. These schools are far from broke that's why every student doesn't get a full ride, schools are expanding their housing options so they can force you to either stay on campus and pay them, or buy a decal and still pay them. And if you don't buy a decal you pay a ticket and you still pay them.

They also get money by fulfilling social quota's ( I don't know if that's the correct word to use) my fiance was offered a SCHOLARSHIP to Yale but that's because she came from a single parent home, is an African American Female (that's two quota's filled right there alone) had a 4.0, was in the band, and also competed as a scholar athlete. They get grants and other financial assistance for doing thing like this.

If a school is broke show me where they are?
# 10 tbennett54 @ 01/30/13 01:48 PM
On the NCAA side. Since all of these players got a free education and don't have to pay off any debts.
# 11 nova91 @ 01/30/13 02:20 PM
I'm on the side of the NCAA. I was reading a few comments somewhere and a commentor put it almost perfectly; playing collegiate sports is like an internship(lawyers) or residency(doctors) that you can put on you resume for your future career. Most of these guys get educations worth tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars while getting to showcase their talents to potential employers with the potential of earning 6-9 figures.
# 12 BA2929 @ 01/30/13 04:10 PM
I sure hope that if the players win those tennis players and swimmers at the D-3 schools all get paid if the school uses their likeness on a program they sell at the events.
# 13 lynkraid @ 01/30/13 04:16 PM
If it ever happened to where players would be paid to play college sports, mostly lets just talk about football. I would be scared of some schools with deep deep pockets and big budgets being able to buy and over pay for the best talent in the country. Think of it as the NBA before the salary cap, think of it as the NFL before the salary cap, this of it as the MLB. The big schools with big stadiums, and big budgets over small schools with small stadiums would be able to buy the best talent just like the Dodgers do now, or like the Cowboys use to, or like Lakers and Boston use to. Even though big schools are loaded with talent already, I think it could be much worse if say a team like Alabama was able to pay to get the best QB lets say Johnny Football played for Bama. It could get ugly. I don't think a team like TCU could ever compete with a Bama when it comes to a budget.

And like said, they guys already get to go to college with free room and board, 4 years at a big school cost how much?

Besides that it would open the door to past college players all wanting money from when they played in college. And that would be a mess for every school.
# 14 videlsports @ 01/30/13 05:13 PM
A lot of great points on here, I just want an open NCAA Liscense for Video Games and All Companies not just one or two
# 15 EHS_25 @ 01/30/13 05:26 PM
I side with the NCAA, if you aren't a professional athlete you should not be paid. End of Story. College Athletes as it is get every thing free. Thats why they are on scholarship, that is the way the school pays its players.
# 16 HighCmpPct @ 01/30/13 06:14 PM
To be honest I think it should probably stay the way it is now except for players being persecuted for accepting gifts whether it be money or whatever.

I mean I can understand them not being paid by the schools because of the free education etc..etc.. However if someone offers the player something it shouldn't up to the school/NCAA to decide if the player can accept it. Like the example given earlier about the PhD student inventing the patent, if they we're offered something (cash or whatever) to go to that school instead of another would we be so upset about it? Would we even know? No we wouldn't because no one would care.

That's just my opinion on the matter however, since being forced to take a side I choose the players side. Simply for the sake of those students who give their bodies to the sport only to fall short of making their money in the NFL, whether it be to injury or whatever. Which is also why I am never mad at a student athlete leaving their school early to seek a professional sports career. Although I do think/hope they would follow in the footsteps of many of today's athletes and go back to school and get their diploma.
# 17 SickDL @ 01/30/13 06:42 PM
Ncaa, scew the players they will make up for it if they make the nfl and if they dont they had a top notch free Education wich without fooball they wouldnt have got. All those players should be a little more thankfull for what they got.
# 18 vtcrb @ 01/30/13 06:42 PM
I side with the NCAA, BUT I have 1 stipulation. IF a player gets injured while playing College Sports the NCAA takes care of ANY medical Procedures they would need AFTER they leave school, IF it is related to the College Injury. Concussions, Knee replacements, etc.

IF they decide to PAY College Athletes, then they should HAVE to pay for their College Tuition out of that Money, at the SAME price a Normal Student would.
# 19 ofpveteran73 @ 01/30/13 08:30 PM
NCAA because if the schools played all players most schools would consistently not make a profit and lose money.
# 20 BJNT @ 01/30/13 09:24 PM
I figure it like this, students that are on academic scholarship or a band scholarship are allowed to make money off their own image. Why can't student that are on athletic scholarships do the same?

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