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Fox Sports just released these rejected MLB 2K13 taglines by MLB All-Stars David Price, Giancarlo Stanton and C.J. Wilson.

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# 1 ratedmoney @ 02/04/13 10:30 AM
Tebow one by far the funniest BUT wanna see gameplay at this point.
# 2 MrChainsaw @ 02/04/13 12:28 PM
That was just painful to watch.
# 3 dubcity @ 02/04/13 03:55 PM
Not bad. At least they went at it from a different angle than last year. Although I'm sure they'll be shoving the perfect game challenge garbage down our throats soon enough.

I doubt we'll see gameplay in any of TV ads.
# 4 yougo1000 @ 02/04/13 07:40 PM
I wonder what the Canseco one was
# 5 Spaced Ace @ 02/04/13 09:42 PM
MLB 2K13. This game stands no chance against The Show.
# 6 lnin0 @ 02/04/13 11:48 PM
MLB 2K13....like 2k12 with new rosters
MLB 2k13....nobody else wanted it
MLB 2K13....this license deal hasn't bankrupted us yet
MLB 2K13....Halo kiddies need baseball too
MLB 2K13....now in stunning Technicolor
MLB 2K13....less sales and zero calories
MLB 2K13....because a few people don't own a PS3
MBL 2K13....now with more jaggies
MLB 2K13....please recycle
# 7 dubcity @ 02/05/13 03:06 AM
MLB 2K13: Voted xbox 360 baseball game of the year
MLB 2K13: We put the Astros in the AL West. That's worth 60 bucks, right?
MLB 2K13: Remember when we had The World Baseball Classic?
MLB 2K13: Improve the graphics? Ain't nobody got time for that.
# 8 MVP9072 @ 02/05/13 06:19 AM
Originally Posted by MrChainsaw
That was just painful to watch.
2 lines in the whole video were somewhat funny and the rest is just
# 9 Flaxseed Oil @ 02/05/13 09:36 AM
Really? Zero footage of the game...just that one screenshot that we've already seen?

I'd love to say I am surprised...
# 10 Behindshadows @ 02/05/13 01:26 PM
This thread should be closed already! It doesn't do anything but give people more fire to mention the show and mock them as nothing but a 2k12 clone.

It's going no where and people are just going to troll this too death....

This is typical 2k marketing, showing everything but the game. But even with exactly a month away, this is even bad for them.

I said I'd buy day one, but this looks like a discount to me, I'll purchase on sale or something.
# 11 Flaxseed Oil @ 02/06/13 12:54 PM
The game looks much better with the colors fixed. wow.
# 12 Money99 @ 02/06/13 01:29 PM
Originally Posted by Flaxseed Oil
The game looks much better with the colors fixed. wow.
I know. It's unbelievable how much better this game can look with a proper colour palette.

It's one of the reasons why I'm considering the Steam Box. To have that kind of flexibility with games is unreal. Especially with MLB2K.
# 13 SoxFan01605 @ 02/07/13 08:06 PM
Originally Posted by tonadom
You know what's weird ? I was told by a 2K moderator that used to program for them that their engine was to blame for the colors being off. Well, I guess modders have proved that's false..
Heh, I'm assuming you're talking about their site mods. I wouldn't be surprised if that moderator flat-out lied to you about his level of involvement (I know a couple have). Unless something changed, those guys are not involved in the game development in any way and are simply blind loyalists (at best...there is little good that can be said of 2K's site mods IMO). Most of them will say anything to avoid the reality of any of the game's shortcomings.

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