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Perhaps the most iconic achievement in all of sports gaming is actually playing every inning of every game in a 162 game MLB season. Personally, I have only gotten to about game 100 before losing interest in the pursuit due to general busyness. So what about you? Have you ever done it? Do you have plans to try to do it this season with either MLB 2K13 or MLB 13: The Show?

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# 1 Majingir @ 02/07/13 03:43 PM
I've never done it, and don't think I'd ever have patience to do so.

I have time for/only feel like playing 1(maybe 2 on real unbusy days) games a day. So I don't wanna spend my 1-2 games a day mostly just on 1 mode.

I like simming on franchise mode anyways(in all sports games I play). Might play the occasional game(like if I make world series or home run derby) but that's it in terms of games I'd play in franchise.
# 2 eyeamg0dly @ 02/07/13 03:43 PM
in previous years, I have had a hectic schedule. This year though there is definitely a possibility that I can. I think if I pace myself and play one game a day every day the same team plays, I could probably do it.
# 3 HustlinOwl @ 02/07/13 03:48 PM
MLB 11 made it through 2 years playing every game of Reds Franchise. Pretty Easy with MLB being only sports game I own anymore
# 4 garyjr33 @ 02/07/13 04:10 PM
I usually make it to the All-Star break or close to it then sim and then play September and the last bit of August depending on what team I play during that last week of August. With the new additions to Franchise mode this year I plan to make an attempt at all 9 innings for 162 games.
# 5 rudyjuly2 @ 02/07/13 04:17 PM
I played 140 games last year before moving on to Madden. That is the closest for me.
# 6 giantsharks @ 02/07/13 04:21 PM
only in pys 2010, the only game that is fun enough and moves quick enough while still being realistic
# 7 Dannyld @ 02/07/13 04:44 PM
Yup! I once played an entire full season of Ken Griffey Jr.'s Baseball on SNES. St. Louis was OP in that game. No clue how old I was when I did it though.
# 8 GlennN @ 02/07/13 04:46 PM
Nah, in every sport I like to get through as many seasons as I can, to watch my players grow and develop in my universe. I just play a handful of games a year and sim the rest.
# 9 jmik58 @ 02/07/13 04:48 PM
Never tried and never will just becaus of other life events. I enjoy the off-season and and franchise management aspects of games as much as the gameplay so I don't even think I'd enjoy playing 162. Right now I do the 14 or 20-something game seasons. I only hit and super-sim the half innings of pitching/defense. I get through seasons pretty quickly this way and get to enjoy the offseason extras while seeing draft picks advance and improve.
# 10 LowerWolf @ 02/07/13 04:48 PM
Did it years ago and finally did it again last year on MLB 12!

Looking forward to trying again on MLB 13.
# 11 porkys8077 @ 02/07/13 04:51 PM
I've done it a lot of times.
# 12 Yankees2009Champs @ 02/07/13 05:03 PM
Twice, 2010 Yankees World Series champs, 2011 Yankees World Series champs. Skipped 2012 but I will in 2013.
# 13 kofilaate74 @ 02/07/13 05:14 PM
Every season since MLB the Show 08
# 14 Retropyro @ 02/07/13 05:34 PM
Did it back on Sports Talk Baseball for the Genesis. Too busy for that now.
# 15 jb1 @ 02/07/13 05:52 PM
Did it last year for the first time with The Show and went all the way to the World Series. Really enjoyed it but haven't picked the game up since as it pretty much burnt me out.

Don't think i'll be trying it again in MLB 13 as i'd like to get through multiple seasons this time around but I certainly had a lot of fun doing it.
# 16 nova91 @ 02/07/13 06:08 PM
I play through at least 1 full season w/pre&postseason in every sports game I buy with full game lengths.

82 games/12 min quarters for NBA games.
16 games/15 min quarters for NFL games.
162 games/9 innings MLB games.
11-13 games/15 minute quarters NCAAF.

Depending on the amount of distractions on weekends or after school/work I can get in about 12-15 games a weekend or 3-4 games on weekdays.
# 17 corndog86 @ 02/07/13 06:13 PM
Never was a fan of console baseball games until I found Road to the Show. I've played a full season of 5 inning games back on Triple Play Baseball but stats are unreal and it gets boring quick. I'm a stathead so Baseball Mogul was the perfect game for my stat addiction. Road to the Show made it so I could enjoy the actual game of baseball.
# 18 DarkOutFront @ 02/07/13 06:16 PM
On MVP Baseball 2005 plenty of times
# 19 WhiteMan22 @ 02/07/13 06:18 PM
I wish I could but by the time I'd be done finishing it, I would be in July or August. I try to play as many as I can, and then sim the rest so I don't lose interest and invest my time on one season when I rather enjoy multiple seasons.
# 20 sks81 @ 02/07/13 06:18 PM
I have not done this since back in the SNES days with Ken Griffey Jr baseball. I did it twice then. Never since.

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