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Check out the first batch of Out of the Park Baseball 14 screenshots. They showcase some of the game's new features, including the graphical depth chart screen and the ability to sign international free agents.

The pre-order special for OOTP 14 ends this Friday, Feb. 15. Everyone who pre-orders OOTP 14 will save $5 ($34.99) and will be entered in a drawing to win a 64GB iPod touch or one of three $100 Amazon gift cards. They'll also get the game 3 days before its release in April.

After Feb. 15, the price goes up to $39.99 and we'll give away the prizes, but anyone who pre-orders will still get the game 3 days early.

Here are the new and revamped features you'll find in OOTP 14. As in past years, more surprise features will likely be added as we get closer to Opening Day. Stay tuned!

2013 Opening Day Major League Rosters

You'll love our 2013 roster set, which features not only up-to-date Opening Day rosters for all major league teams but also thousands of individually-rated players for all minor leagues and hundreds of players from the 2013 first-year player draft class. Major league player ratings are officially based on Baseball Prospectus' PECOTA projection system, which has proven to be the most accurate player stats projection system on the market! The 2013 season will have plenty of drama in store. Will Mike Trout be able to improve upon his already legendary rookie season? How will Aroldis Chapman fare in the Cincinnati rotation? Will Washington with a healthy Stephen Strasburg and a more experienced Bryce Harper dominate the AL East? Will Toronto's all-in approach pay off? How will the AL West welcome Houston? Does Anaheim have the best lineup in baseball? Play OOTP 14 and find out!

Completely Recoded Player Origin System

We have completely recoded player origin to make your league's development much more realistic. There are now 5 different ways new players enter the league, and each one can be customized for the number of created players and their nationalities:
  • The First-Year Player Draft: By default, players in the draft pool are now from the USA, Canada or Puerto Rico. However, the nationality can be tweaked in great detail and can also include a set percentage of random nationalities. That also applies to the following optional player entry methods.
  • International Amateur Top Prospects (optional): These players are typically 16-to-17-years-old who have a reputation of being top talents. They appear as free agents in a new special international section of the league transaction screen and most likely will demand contracts with high signing bonuses (another new feature). You can customize the number of these players who will be created each year.
  • Established International Free Agents (optional): These players are typically from Japan, South Korea, Cuba, Taiwan and Mexico and are between 22 and 32 years old. They typically have slightly below average major league talent, but there will be the occasional star player, like Yu Darvish, Ichiro, or Aroldis Chapman.
  • International Scouting Discoveries (optional): Your team's scouts constantly evaluate the international leagues as they seek young, raw, and unknown talent. The success of your head scout is determined by the scouting budget, the quality of your scout, and his assigned regions. When your head scout discovers a player who he feels may have a shot at becoming a pro, that player is automatically to your team's new international complex. Players in the international complex may remain there until their 20th birthdays, after which they will have to be assigned to a minor league team or released.
  • Players from Independent Leagues (optional): You may also have your head scout look for talent in hidden independent leagues. These players are typically from the league home nation, but once in a while an international talent may be discovered here too. Independent league players are typically in their early-to-mid-20s and usually only have an outside shot at becoming borderline major league players. However, there may be the occasional feel-good success story.
Recoded Player Creation Algorithms

As we sought to create more realistic player types and support the new player origin system, we recoded OOTP's complex player creation routines. This ensures more stable long-term simulations and more realistic player careers and stats output.

New Fielding Ratings Development System

In real life, young players usually start out playing positions that demand a certain grade of athleticism. However, as players mature, they often grow out of these so-called skill positions (such as shortstop, catcher, or center field) and have to shift to the right side of the defensive spectrum. This is now properly modeled in the OOTP player development engine. For example, if you draft that talented 18-year-old 6'3" 175 lb shortstop, you may end up with a below-average corner outfielder eventually.

Recoded Scouting System

We have recoded the way OOTP evaluates players, both for the OSA and your head scout. For example, players with several years of pro experience are now better scouted than in previous versions, and the OSA is more accurate overall, providing a valid second opinion on players. There are also players who are vastly overrated or underrated by almost all scouts, resulting in more late-round surprises.

Better Player Development Tracking

OOTP now properly tracks the development of your players and offer several ways to analyze the data. You receive monthly player development updates from your head scout (or the OSA, if scouts are disabled), who highlights the most important changes, such as when a pitcher in the lower minor leagues learns a new pitch and improves his prospect status.

Expanded Real-Time Simulation Experience

The real-time simulation feature was a big hit in OOTP 13 - all of you loved it! We have listened to your feedback and improved the experience, such as adding an expanded view on a single game that is currently in progress. This new view shows you the most important facts of the selected game, like the current batter-pitcher matchup, past plays, basic box scores, win probability, and so forth.

Improved Trading

We improve the trading AI each year, and OOTP 14 is no different. On top of that, we added a screen that keeps track of all the trades in the history of the league, with a detailed look at the involved players' salaries, overall ratings, prospect rankings, and so forth. OOTP 14 also adds a "Not interested in Player X" function that prevents the AI from repeatedly offering a certain player to you.

Miscellaneous Features

On top of these headline features, we are tweaking and improving other areas of the game too, such as:
  • Improved interface
  • Better player evaluation AI
  • Roster AI recoding, resulting in better managing of minor leagues and the 40-man roster
  • Better contract negotiation AI
  • Improved league strategy settings; i.e., define the number of starting pitchers, relief pitchers, and position players carried by the AI teams, split by DH and non-DH sub-leagues.
  • Smarter in-game AI
  • Improved in-game control, including "Pitch to Contact" option and better stealing control in one-pitch mode
  • More storylines
  • Improved play-by-play commentary
  • One-click joining of online leagues
  • New graphical depth chart screen
  • New playoff series analysis screen

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Member Comments
# 1 HustlinOwl @ 02/13/13 08:58 AM
thinking about purchasing and hopefully restarting OSDK league
# 2 AlexOvechkin @ 02/13/13 09:34 AM
Just pre-ordered the game! Best managing game ever!!
# 3 voodoo_magic @ 04/11/13 10:08 PM
Reminder that this great game comes out tomorrow if you pre ordered and on Monday April 15 for everyone else.

It's usually quite playable from day one and the first big update to fix bugs happens soon after.
The people that get the game early with the pre order can really put the game through the paces so usually the official release is cleaned up enough so there are no huge bugs.
# 4 ChubbyBanana @ 04/11/13 10:21 PM
Put my preorder in earlier this week. Can't wait to try it out Tomorrow.
# 5 Brandwin @ 04/12/13 07:58 AM
Yeah I preordered yesterday (Chubby and his peer pressure) looking forward to checking it out tonight.
# 6 ChubbyBanana @ 04/12/13 11:25 AM
You know you wanted to all along. I just helped push you over the proverbial edge

# 7 ubernoob @ 04/12/13 11:28 AM
Got started, but I got sick and my computer crashed when I was trying to figure out how to Gerry some players I want on my team while still keeping my core.

Looks to be another great game, can't wait to play it after I take a nap.
# 8 MachoMyers @ 04/12/13 01:19 PM
Just fired it up and converted my fictional 13 league over. The interface looks lush.
# 9 Ozil @ 04/12/13 04:26 PM
Got it too
# 10 Kobalt @ 04/12/13 05:10 PM
Got home and installed this, starting with the Astros. This game will be the only thing I'll do this weekend.

On second thought, using the Rox. Trying to get the feel of the game since I skipped on 13, so gonna use my fav team.
# 11 SAJ323 @ 04/12/13 07:35 PM
Who wants to start a league up?
# 12 ChubbyBanana @ 04/12/13 07:47 PM
Originally Posted by Kobalt
Got home and installed this, starting with the Astros. This game will be the only thing I'll do this weekend.
Started on with my Reds. Thinking it might suck me in also.
# 13 Ozil @ 04/12/13 09:36 PM
Me too. I needed a FM break too so perfect time
# 14 bkrich83 @ 04/12/13 10:33 PM
Picked it up. Am currently importing my OOTP 13 word in to OOTP 14/
# 15 ubernoob @ 04/13/13 11:14 AM
I just started a sim from 1901. Going to stop on Jan 1, 2013 (would have stopped in 93, but the Astros moving makes me going to stop in present day.)

Stopped in April of 72 to make this post. Interesting history, here's just a little bit of it.

Batting Records

Pitching Records

I'll update once it stops in 2013. Some more interesting facts from this sim.

Joe DiMaggio played 20 years for the Whitesox and finished up for 2 years with the Cubs (appearing in only 3 games his final season.) He finished with a .312 Avg, 3101 H and 501 HR.

Roger Maris is in his 16th season with the Red Sox and has 371 career HR (averaging 31 a year.) His season-high for HR is 37.

Babe Ruth is a Cardinals hall of famer, though he only hit 217 homeruns in a career that spanned 1926-1938. He has a career high of 30 HR, and a .326 batting average. In 1937/38 combined he only played 111 games. Great player, but his real life career lasted from 1914-1935 so his numbers never came close to what they were.
# 16 MachoMyers @ 04/13/13 05:36 PM
Be interested to hear about Ty Cobb in your save. He always racks it up in historical sims for me.

Also no Cy Young. He is always a demon.
# 17 ubernoob @ 04/14/13 12:27 AM
The game froze when I was sleeping (sounds like its an issue right now, so I have to start over for that plan. Oh well, still won't take too long.

Cobb played almost his whole career for Boston, before finishing a couple years with the Yankees. Don't know his exact stats, but he was a hall of famer - that's all I remember.
# 18 jvalverde88 @ 04/14/13 01:05 AM
Decided to get OOTP 14, I need a break from Football Manager.
# 19 Garrett67 @ 04/15/13 12:22 PM
I purchased it as well. I also got PYS 2013 in the mail today. So, I have to figure out which I want to mess with.

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