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As news hit yesterday that Take Two had retained Yukes to develop WWE games, gamers have expressed a wide variety of emotions to that news. Some are disheartened, others are excited, others still ambivalent.

What about you? Are you excited about the potential of a Take Two/Yukes partnership to develop WWE games?

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# 1 Majingir @ 02/14/13 10:13 AM
Unsure bout that. Cause Yukes was one who was apart of the other WWE games that weren't so great(though they were also ones apart of WWE games that were great too).

If Yukes was the one developing the game,then why did people from THQ have to answer all peoples questions about the game, and if something needed to be fixed, people who worked with THQ replied on twitter and were like "we'll look into it"(acting like THQ people were ones who had to take care of this stuff). And when previewing games, THQ guys were ones who were talking about how they were the ones with input on what went in the game and how things happened in it.

I don't see how Take Two would settle for a real poor development of the game like we've seen in things like SvR11 and WWE12. Guess we'll just have to wait and find out.
# 2 eaterofworlds888 @ 02/14/13 11:18 AM
I think take two can help make great strides in the games but Yukes hasn't developed a great wrestling game since SVR 06 and I just can't feel too optimistic at all about them until I see some better wrestling engines and less bugs
# 3 Phreezy P @ 02/14/13 04:29 PM
Originally Posted by goh

THQ probably had to answer all the questions because Yukes is in Japan. But this is just awful. They could've got Spike and made the best wrestling game ever. They could've taken it on themselves and made something entirely new and different. But nope,same shoddy stuff from Yukes. I'm going to hope most of the non-sense with the last few games was on THQ's part but ya know...


...THQ has nothing to do with that sort of thing.
They needed yukes, or else the game they are making this year will be complete garbage because it would be rushed to make. And plus, half the stuff WAS done in THQ. The people don't mocap in Japan, The wrestlers don't get chosen in Japan etc. They mostly do some of the core gameplay (Which I admit wasn't amazing in 13, but a step in the right direction)
# 4 Weedboy @ 02/14/13 05:36 PM
very bad news. what is gonna be different if its the same guys making it again. this engine needs to go away and never come back. they should've paid whatever they needed to reunite spike or even aki. spike makes the best games,better than aki even. ask goh if you dont believe me.

top 4 wrestling games of all time would be

1)koc 2
2)fire pro r
3)virtual pro wrestling 2 (japanese no mercy)
4)no mercy

i know you deprived fans that never played a true japanese game will say that no mercy was the greatest.
it was good but only half of vpw2. same game just way more moves and an expanded engine. yet in still it gets trounced by koc2. these last few wwe games are a joke. one button reversals are a sad thing.

like i said before
wwe 13- 20 possible grabs combined (including signatures and finishers)
koc 2- 36 possible grabs from the front as well as a possible 36 from behind (including power balls of course)
# 5 DJ @ 02/14/13 05:44 PM
WWE wanted a game out this year. Keeping Yukes was the only way it was going to happen. I'm OK with it. I'll likely stick with 13 for another year and get the first 2K game on the next generation of consoles.
# 6 cmidd @ 02/14/13 06:29 PM
If yukes patches this bug-ridden game they developed for thq, then yeah, but they definitely need to redeem themselves in my eyes. I know THQ is mostly to blame but as a show of good faith, and considering they were the developers. I know some of you lucked up, apparently, but my game is plagued with freezes and, the one count bug,
# 7 RamboForever @ 02/14/13 07:39 PM
As long as they capitalize on what was good in the series,fix what wasn't so good and don't try to go overboard with whatever Story Mode they want to include in the next game they should both make a decent debut together
# 8 Majingir @ 02/15/13 10:47 AM
Originally Posted by RamboForever
As long as they capitalize on what was good in the series,fix what wasn't so good and don't try to go overboard with whatever Story Mode they want to include in the next game they should both make a decent debut together
Exactly. WWE 12 and 13 actually weren't bad games. What was advertised about good in those games was good, it's just that there was too many bads about it as well.

If the next WWE game could fix things like load times(especially for the menus, created superstars,arenas and custom threads on real life superstars), community creations server speed, various gameplay glitches, commentary then that'd be great.

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