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It's NBA All-Star weekend, with the skills competitions, the rookies vs. sophomores game and more going on! The NBA has a great all-star weekend atmosphere, but which sport does it best?

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# 1 thelakeshow @ 02/15/13 02:34 PM
The NBA does it the best, easily.
# 2 Majingir @ 02/15/13 02:37 PM
I like hockey much more than I do basketball, but I prefer NBA all star weekend over any other sport.

NBA All Star weekend is best all star experience of any sport. Players actually wanna be at that weekend(MLB is just like a mini 3 day off thing where players would rather just go home for that time than travel to the all star city, NHL one hasn't been that great lately,and 2013(shortened season) and 2014(olympics) won't have all star game.)

NBA on Friday with celeb game, rising stars game.
Saturday with all star saturday night(something I look forward to more than any sports all star game, home run derby, nhl skills challenge, or nba stuff on friday night)
Sunday with the all star game(and while for 3 quarters players don't really play, it's still fun to see a street ball like style of gameplay)

Only thing to hate bout nba all star experience...Vegas gets an all star game, and Houston gets multiple all star games in less than 10 year timespan! All before cities like Toronto,Portland,Sacramento even get 1! None of those cities have hosted a single one yet in their history.
# 3 WhiteMan22 @ 02/15/13 03:25 PM
Shocked no one give the NFL a pity vote.
# 4 Phreezy P @ 02/15/13 03:50 PM
NBA has the slight edge over MLB. NHL isn['t bad, but most Canadians (minus me) watch it.

Nobody cares about the Pro Bowl though.
# 5 sydrogerdavid @ 02/15/13 03:51 PM
MLB. The game is a staple of summer and it doesn't deviate away from a normal game.

NBA-high scoring, no defense, nobody cares

NFL-high scoring, no defense, nobody cares

NHL-high scoring, no defense, some people may care

MLB-the same game we have always known, everybody cares, it's a true rivalry, everybody wears their own uniform which leads to a beautiful sight.
# 6 Bigsheen @ 02/15/13 04:02 PM
MLB. Home run derby is long but so awesome. Futures game is great to see the stars of tomorrow. The All Star game actually means something. Cant beat it.
# 7 TreFacTor @ 02/15/13 04:22 PM
Originally Posted by WhiteMan22
Shocked no one give the NFL a pity vote.
Yup, it got one. Nobody likes the pro bowl.
# 8 bccards13 @ 02/15/13 05:44 PM
The NBA has the best all star game and the best all star experience. Yes the players play virtually no defense but that leaves the acrobatics of the game wide open. It's like one huge dunk contest for NBA players. Beyond that the dunk contest, skills competition, and 3 point shootout are all fun to watch, though the dunk contest has lost it's luster to me.

The MLB does a good job too though. Love the home run derby and the game itself is enjoyable to watch. I feel like in baseball the best players go to the all star game while in the NBA the best athletes go to the all star game.

Beyond that the Pro Bowl is a waste of time and I'm not a big hockey fan.
# 9 gigadkc @ 02/15/13 06:27 PM
how about none!?

tbh I don't care about all-star games, always a waste of time if you ask me. Homerun Derby can be fun when somebody is mashing like crazy (like Hamilton in Yankee Stadium some years ago) but other than that I can't say that I've ever enjoyed watching an all-star game in any sport. Just boring when nothing is on the line (I know about home field advantage in MLB but who really gives a f***?) and nobody is playing to win.
# 10 corndog86 @ 02/15/13 06:34 PM
First off, I'm a fan of all 4 big sports.

NFL is the worst. Hockey is just not popular enough. It comes down to NBA vs MLB.

MLB All-Star game > NBA All-Star game
NBA Rising Stars > MLB Futures
NBA Celebrity > MLB Celebrity
HR Derby > dunk contest

I gotta go with MLB
# 11 The Amaizen Blue @ 02/15/13 06:38 PM
Easily the NHL. No idea how they're so low in the poll
# 12 DubTrey1 @ 02/15/13 09:24 PM
MLB has slight edge over NBA due to the fact the actual games (futures and All Star) have more impact. NFL Pro Bowl is a sad joke.
# 13 Eski33 @ 02/15/13 10:42 PM
I like the MLB All-Star game and home run derby much better. The dunk contest is lame and the exhibition games are more about entertainment than competition.

The MLB All-Star game bares some importance as it decides home field advantage for the World Series (which I am not a fan of).

20 years ago, I would have easily said the NBA with Jordan, Wilkins, Stansbury, Spud Webb and other dunkers. The game itself is nothing more than 3.5 quarters of dunks and showmanship...
# 14 sheredia @ 02/16/13 09:17 AM
nba all-star weekend, no question......although, i'd like to see a more competitve game with more on the line, like maybe home court advantage for the finals, like mlb does. i love the nfl, but the pro bowl just doesn't work very well....never has, especially with injuries and all. one of my ideas for the pro bowl would be to have it a week after the super bowl (so super bowl players can play) and have a limit on pro bowl games for each player, so it would limit risk/injury for veteran players and give newer, less-established players a chance to play and make a name for themselves. for example, a player can be selected as an all-pro as many times as they deserve, but only play in the pro bowl once. like this year, or example, maybe could have had rg3 vs. luck. that would have been cool.
# 15 GlennN @ 02/16/13 10:57 AM
Originally Posted by js3512
The MLB has the best All-Star game but as far as other stuff the NBA takes it with the dunk and 3-point contests, unfortunately the game is usually just a long highlight real with no defense being played.
I agree. And even this is by default - there is no defense in NBA, NHL or NFL all-star games, making each a mockery of the sport.
# 16 dochalladay32 @ 02/16/13 10:57 AM
MLB. NBA All star weekend hasn't been amazing in years. The All Star game was just a showoff fest and not a game and the skills competitions just don't feel the same to me as they did 10+ years ago.

MLB, on the other hand, I've always enjoyed the home run derby and the all-star game actually has some meaning. Now I, and most, probably don't agree that an exhibition contest should decide home field, but it definitely gives them an edge.
# 17 BCDX97 @ 02/16/13 01:46 PM
NHL, easily. The NHL Skills Competition is great, and so is the All Star draft. Sad they didn't get to do that stuff this year - I did watch the AHL Skills and game, though, to get my fill.

The NBA Skills stuff is cool - I love the 3-point challenge. But the dunk contest has been a big letdown the last several years.

MLB is third place for me. The Home Run Derby just takes too long, like most everything in baseball.

NFL is last. The Pro Bowl is a joke that's not funny. They really should fix the whole thing - not scrap it, but make it worth watching.
# 18 Tyrant8RDFL @ 02/16/13 04:43 PM
Baseball for me since they actually play for real and play for something.

Football and Hockey I cant blame them for taking it easy.

Basketball im on the fence with them.
# 19 AntiBandwagoner @ 02/16/13 06:39 PM
I went with baseball, the home-run derby and all star game have more meaning to me. But only recently.

Do you remember when the dunk contest was the best all-star weekend event of the year?
# 20 Patriots1996 @ 02/16/13 06:47 PM
I like the MLS all star game the best. A real match of the league's best vs a great team from a far superior league. Great experience for players and fans alike.

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