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It appears that the WWE and 2K are five year business partners minimum, with Yukes being retained to develop the game which will release this fall. In a release sent to ESPN today, it appears 2K's work on NBA 2K is what impressed WWE officials the most. When 2K officials were approached, they saw a similar type of fit for WWE in their gaming lineup.

“We’ve looked at the WWE franchise with respect for a long time,” said Jason Argent, 2K Sports’ vice president of marketing. “There are a lot of similarities that we see, from the size of the franchise to the demographics of the franchise, and they fit in very well with what we’ve done with NBA in terms of development and marketing. We thought we could add tremendous value right off the bat and down the road. We’re super excited to get an agreement in place.”

2K will be using Yukes this year in conjunction with the team at Visual Concepts. In the future, a hybrid model of Visual Concepts and Yukes developing the game looks to occur for now, with changes to that plan obviously possible in the future.

Added Argent: “Everything that we’ve done with NBA is what we’re trying to contribute to WWE. So the growth that you’ve see in the NBA franchise from the authenticity in the game to the excitement of the marketing that surrounds it is all something we expect to add to the franchise. We’re going to create one hell of a video game franchise.”

Are you excited about the prospects?

UPDATE: Here is the press release. Is the offical name WWE '14 or WWE 2K14?

2K and WWE® Announce Exclusive Multi-Year Agreement
for WWE Video Game Series

2K and WWE (NYSE: WWE) today announced that they have entered into an exclusive multi-year agreement granting 2K the exclusive worldwide rights to publish the critically acclaimed WWE video game franchise across all major platforms and distribution channels. The series, which will continue to be developed by Yukes in Japan, will combine the studio’s signature gameplay with 2K’s commitment to authenticity in WWE ’14, the latest iteration of the popular, long running series. With the addition of the WWE franchise, 2K will continue a highly-successful, 15-year tradition established by past WWE titles. Financial terms were not disclosed.

“The WWE series is a great addition to our stable of triple-A titles, and we’re very happy with this exclusive agreement with our new partners,” said David Ismailer, Chief Operating Officer for 2K. “We look forward to capturing the excitement of WWE and marrying it with the same commitment to authenticity and entertainment that we give to our NBA 2K and MLB 2K franchises.”

2K has a strong history in growing premier sports simulation titles, evidenced by the incredible commercial success of the NBA 2K series, with more than 15 million units of NBA 2K11, NBA 2K12 and NBA 2K13 sold-in to date worldwide. This year, in the first week of its release, NBA 2K13 sold 49 percent more copies in the same time frame than the franchise’s previous record-holder, NBA 2K11.

“2K’s reputation for outstanding quality and dedication to authenticity are a perfect fit for WWE,” added Casey Collins, Executive Vice President, Consumer Products for WWE. “This new partnership will ensure that WWE continues to be one of the leading video game brands in the world and we look forward to continuing the franchise with the benefit of their expertise across a variety of platforms.”

“The development work on the WWE franchise is impressive, and we’re excited to combine our background in developing the NBA 2K series with theirs in this new partnership,” concluded Greg Thomas, Executive Vice President of 2K Sports. “Fans can expect the most authentic WWE experience on game consoles this fall.”

Developed by Yukes, WWE ’14 is not yet rated by the ESRB and will be available for consoles in the fall of 2013.

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Member Comments
# 1 BlueNGold @ 02/20/13 12:18 PM
2K will be using Yukes this year in conjunction with the team at Visual Concepts and gradually, over time, they'll be having Visual Concepts take over control of development of the game.
Great move.

I'm really excited for this.
# 2 Thrash13 @ 02/20/13 12:20 PM
It's always exciting and scary at the same time when a deal like this is done. I enjoyed WWE 13, but the future could be even better with Visual Concepts in the mix. I'm hoping for a very deep and detailed career mode at some point during the next couple years, but we shall see. The team has a great base to work with after WWE 13. I'm excited to hear more about this deal in the coming months.
# 3 CM Hooe @ 02/20/13 12:20 PM
Color me intrigued.
# 4 sportdan30 @ 02/20/13 12:38 PM
An actual game is going to be released this fall? Am I reading that correctly?
# 5 The GIGGAS @ 02/20/13 12:44 PM
I'm pretty happy, honestly. I know 2k has its share of missteps, but since they're going off of a decent base, they'll be able to make WWE gaming even better IMO.
# 6 Casino @ 02/20/13 12:45 PM
#1 priority
Fix the atrocious a.i.
# 7 BlueNGold @ 02/20/13 12:46 PM
Originally Posted by sportdan30
An actual game is going to be released this fall? Am I reading that correctly?
It had to be done:

# 8 Jukeman @ 02/20/13 12:50 PM
Originally Posted by Casino
#1 priority
Fix the atrocious a.i.

Could we possibly finally get a sim WWE game?
# 9 Da_Czar @ 02/20/13 01:07 PM
Originally Posted by Jukeman

Could we possibly finally get a sim WWE game?
Wouldn't it take more than a year to make any significant change.
# 10 undertaker9999 @ 02/20/13 01:33 PM
yes they have done something special with NBA but look what happened to NHL I hope that same fate doesn't happen to WWE, yes controls, AI, and better online play is a must for this year
# 11 ILiveForThis @ 02/20/13 01:34 PM
Smart to combine Yukes/Visual Concepts these first few years. It has potential, but as I've learned in the world of games, never get too hype. I'm on board for it though.
# 12 Rockie_Fresh88 @ 02/20/13 01:47 PM
I might actually buy it this year .
# 13 Galvatron @ 02/20/13 01:53 PM
Originally Posted by Da_Czar
Wouldn't it take more than a year to make any significant change.
Exactly. I'm not expecting a drastic change this year but maybe next year and beyond when the next-gen console development is in full swing we should see some real nice advancements. I'm thinking a REAL physics engine and improved AI logic should be first priorities.
# 14 Majingir @ 02/20/13 02:10 PM
WWE learned their lesson from THQ. Don't just go to the comapny that pays most for the rights to the game, go to the company that will produce best games. Cause in video game industry, it's not about they money made off rights to the game, it's about how many people buy the game.

They learned the hard way from THQ about that. WWE lost 50M(WWE didn't actually lose it,but they didn't get it,meaning they could have gotten that money elsewhere) cause of THQ. So WWE realizes it's best just to go to the company that'll produce best games and make most profits off of the game, and not just the rights to the game.

And a 5 year deal, meaning we're getting WWE 2K through most part of next generation of consoles as well.

And alot of emphasis on NBA 2K which is great. If WWE chose 2K mostly because of the work 2K did with NBA, then that'll hopefully mean WWE pushes them to make the WWE game alot like the NBA game, which was real great.

Game coming out in the fall though...wonder how much can get done in that short period of time. I see WWE 2K14 being similar to WWE13, but less bugs/glitches and the 2K touch to it(like redesigned menus,the "WWE Today" feature,2K servers and so on)
# 15 DanH35 @ 02/20/13 02:10 PM
If they add a career mode, I hope they keep Universe mode around too, it's the only reason I got back into WWE games the last few years.
# 16 Rockie_Fresh88 @ 02/20/13 02:23 PM
Is Kanye Producing it?
# 17 Majingir @ 02/20/13 02:51 PM
Originally Posted by mars5541
Is Kanye Producing it?
lol, I wouldn't have been surprised if WWE/2K got Flo Rida or Diddy or Snoop Dogg songs in their soundtrack.

2K doesn't have custom soundtracks though, so shouldn't expect that for WWE. They do have custom in game music, and it's abit buggy on PS3 but works fine on 360. Al they really need for custom sounds is ability to have custom theme songs, and possibly custom soundtracks. Cause unlike NBA, it's not like WWE has songs playing during actual matches.
# 18 StL_RamZ @ 02/20/13 02:59 PM
Might start playing WWE games again...

Imma take a wait-and-see approach...
# 19 Jukeman @ 02/20/13 03:02 PM
Originally Posted by Da_Czar
Wouldn't it take more than a year to make any significant change.
Yea, that's why Im not buying the game lol.

Or do not plan on getting it at the moment.

# 20 nowayout47 @ 02/20/13 03:15 PM
I expect much of the same this year for the game compared to WWE 13. Well, maybe a few tests for features that will be very barebones that they may plan on adding to the game fully later on. Don't expect a full game this year, more like a beta.

In two or three years and when we will see if 2k and Visual Concepts can make a good WWE game.

edit: Also, Take Two, can we please have more then 6 wrestlers in the ring at a time?

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