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One of the details released after the Sony event last night is that the long rumored demise of the used games market was grossly over exaggerated. Or was it? In a conversation between Eurogamer and Sony's Shuhei Yoshida brought forth this quote from Yoshida, "So, used games can play on PS4. How is that?

While it's far from an official announcement, it definitely is a strong indication that the long-rumored used games 'block' on the PS4 actually won't be there. Such a move would tend to decimate the retail video games business, among other things.

Yoshida's comments leave plenty of wiggle room for Sony to work within, including online passes which would render large portions of games incapable of functioning and more. So let's not start throwing confetti up in the air just yet.

Would you be disappointed if used games were incapable of being played on new consoles?

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# 1 eaterofworlds888 @ 02/21/13 12:38 PM
Big upside to me. Most of the games I buy are used, so I'm happy I also like the fact it will have physical discs. I would much rather have hard copies of things than digital copies of things any day.
# 2 horrormaster @ 02/21/13 03:53 PM
Doesn't mean much now, but Amazon already has a game listed for the PS4 at 99.99$. I can see used games being bought even more if that's the actual price of a new game.
# 3 buckeyedawgtribe @ 02/27/13 07:12 AM
any word on backwards compatibility. I will be switching from xbox and want to play some PS3 games like the show 13, hot shots golf. The new Mlb the show for the PS4 will probably look nice but lack in the gameplay and options department as is such the case with the first year release of a sports game on a next gen system. this could be a deal breaker for me and may hold off my purchase of a next gen system.

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