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One of the big hardware reveals last night was the new DualShock 4 controller that will come packaged with the Playstation 4 console. The controller has an overall familiar theme, which is a good thing when it comes to entering a new generation of consoles. Back are the two analog sticks and the familiar d-pad and shape buttons.

But that doesn't mean the DualShock 4 doesn't come with a whole level of new -- because that is definitely the case as well. New to the controller is a touchpad on the front and rear of the controller, which will allow for PS Vita like multi-touch control over your PS4 games. Also included is a new share button on the top left of the controller, which will allow you to share screenshots, movies, and live streams of your games to all of your friends -- thanks to Playstation's new partnership with UStream. Think about the implications for leagues and how much cooler online dynasties and franchises just became.

Also included in the new controller is a PS Move like light bar that, when paired with the enhanced PS Eye camera that will itself allow for face recognition log-ins to the console. This combination gives you motion control capabilities for the PS4, potentially right out of the box if the PS Eye camera is shipped with the console. How this will combine with sports games is an interesting thought experiment, but it's not impossible to see the touch pad and motion control capabilities of the new console really make for some interesting possibilities within sports games.

You will also find a microphone jack for headsets, better rumble technology, reduced latency, a unified start/select button in the options button, and the possibility of an enhanced experience via a peripheral which senses your depth and 3D position in the room you are in.

How do you like the new DualShock 4 controller?

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# 1 CoreyMac @ 02/21/13 10:51 AM
Handles look more 360ish in size, sticks are concaved for better thumb grip, dpad is larger, and triggers and shoulder buttons appear improved also. I can't complain at all.
# 2 SHAKYR @ 02/21/13 11:07 AM
I like what I see so far.
# 3 DubTrey1 @ 02/21/13 12:27 PM
I like all of what I am seeing so far. Sony is moving in a great direction so far. I can only imagine what they will be able to do on the MLB games with touch pad.
# 4 eaterofworlds888 @ 02/21/13 12:37 PM
Yea, I like it to. Doesn't look to gimmicky at all which is exactly what I want. I love Nintendo but I am tired of their gimmicks. I like it, Sony
# 5 tril @ 02/21/13 01:25 PM
a touch screen for play calling in football. instead of having the plays on screen youd have it on the control on the touch pad
That will really add an strategy element. cause the defense really will have to adjust to offensive formations . it has the potential to make defense more realistic by making it more reactionary.
# 6 Jakeness23 @ 02/21/13 01:37 PM
Face recognition could really help CAP in the NBA 2K series, MLB: The Show, and Madden.
# 7 TCFClemson @ 02/21/13 02:40 PM
I like the look of the controller. Unfortunately I didnt see much in the press conference to make me want a PS4. I have a PS3 that sits for the most part now.

Watchdogs was the main thing that caught my eye and it will be on the PC so I wouldnt get in on a console anyway.

I really hope that EA will use the full power of the console to finally enter into a FULL fledged physics system for their Football games. Not a half hearted effort that we have now.

EDIT: To add I will more than likely get a new console but right now I would say the 720 is leading due to ESPN and Twitch apps. The reason I sold my 360 and kept the PS3 was due to Blu Ray.
# 8 TreyIM2 @ 02/21/13 08:22 PM
I'm good with this. I'm glad they didn't stray too far from the classic look of the PS controller. Remember that boomerang deally that they had on display when they initially introduced the PS3???? LMAO! Glad that never came to fruition.

Sticking to what many of us have known and loved and upgraded it with the latest and greatest tech is a great thing. Good deal.
# 9 ice2modern @ 02/22/13 04:03 AM
the look really does grow on you - tho cause it aint anything majorly groundbreaking, it doesn't jump out @ u...but if you've got a basic design which works - that everybody's tried to emulate over the years , then why change it ...i like it , awesome stuff sony
# 10 bigdoc85 @ 02/22/13 05:15 AM
I'm guessing NCAA Football 14, Madden 14 and NBA 2k14 will not be made for the PS4, at least not on initial release of these games -- hard to say whether they will also make them for PS4. Accordingly, MLB 14 The Show may be the one game that tempts me to consider upgrading to the PS4. By then, assuming a holiday release for the PS4, we'll have a better idea of the PS4, its capabilities and potential.
# 11 DethBaphomet @ 02/22/13 07:44 AM
I delayed a few days before reading about the new controller. I am intigued by some of the new things but not all will get used by me. The size and feel isn't a big deal as most will adjust to it. I like the the L2 and R2 button look coming off the back side of it. I am surprised they didn't add any buttons underneath for your ring finger. And curiosity has me wondering if that is a speaker or cooling area under the touch pad.
# 12 skywalkah @ 02/22/13 08:59 AM
I'm glad they didn't make some drastic change to the Dualshock, instead attempting to refine and modernize the look and (seemingly) feel of the pad. Also relieved to see they're keeping the sticks in the same locations.
# 13 illaim @ 02/25/13 05:05 PM
The "Spectator Mode" possibilities with the PS4 REALLY intrigue me

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