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# 1 pvclex @ 02/21/13 11:36 AM
If nothing else, looks like they got the new Safeco Field dimensions correct!

I really can't wait to play it!!
# 2 Money99 @ 02/21/13 11:51 AM
Great stuff!
I loved seeing that the Tigers blue has finally been fixed.
# 3 Blitzburgh @ 02/21/13 11:54 AM
That looked pretty good to me...
# 4 Cardot @ 02/21/13 12:17 PM
2k does love the wall climb. That is for sure.
# 5 p00p1 @ 02/21/13 12:18 PM
@0:45 you can see the Twins pitcher has the same generic face they used in 2012. Even their marketing team is suspect.

That view from the stands at the end was awesome though, hope that makes it into the game.
# 6 mbergh22 @ 02/21/13 12:19 PM
Looks like garbage. Graphics are so awful looking. Glad i am smart and own a ps3 so I have The Show to play.
# 7 GuyinPA75 @ 02/21/13 12:21 PM
Hope this is not a PC trailer. If not it is awesome to see they really did some work with the crowd looking much better.

I have always loved MLB 2k and hope this is not the last one. I purchased every year since 2k3 I think? Which ever was the first one they released on the first Xbox.

Every year has been pure fun to play. I even make Excel spreadsheets to help manage the Pirates and the farm teams in the game. lol It is such fun if fully immerse yourself in the franchise.
# 8 R0ver @ 02/21/13 12:38 PM
If they didn't slap that 2k13 graphic in the beginning and the end of the video, I would've thought it was a MLB 2k12 trailer.
# 9 johnnyg713 @ 02/21/13 12:47 PM
if the animations and little things finally look right, i can take the so-so graphics. I'll wait to see how the demo plays. If there is one...
# 10 Watson @ 02/21/13 12:52 PM
Braves' blue is still slightly off, but all things considered it doesn't look that bad.

May get my 60 after all.
# 11 DubTrey1 @ 02/21/13 12:53 PM
Wow. It boggles the mind that this is the same company that makes the NBA title. This looks horrid and needs a full on reboot - at least graphically/animations wise. Hopefully moving into the next gen will give them the needed assets to move this game into the next era. Otherwise, the Show has so much momentum - the PS4 version of Sony's title will destroy any hopes of making any forward progress.
# 12 anchorsteamer @ 02/21/13 12:53 PM
Unfortunately it's like all of the other trailers they've released--a lot of quick action, very polished, specific angles. I'd like to see the gameplay and hear about some of the adjustments they may have made before deciding. Obviously The Show will have the superior graphics, but I would just like some tighter gameplay and art direction (pitchers not standing awkwardly, cameras not delayed from one scene to the next, etc).
# 13 tsbmolina @ 02/21/13 01:03 PM
I think I may need to try 2K baseball for the first time in this generation of systems. Does not look bad at all and I'm looking for a little change of pace from The Show.
# 14 Flaxseed Oil @ 02/21/13 01:10 PM
  1. Colors appear fixed. Would be interested to know if they are ACTUALLY fixed or if they have been doctored for the trailer.
  2. People say the crowd looks better...but it is exactly the same. You can see the 2-D effects of distant crowds going 'flat' in certain scenes.
  3. Still generic face for Strasburg, and it appeared for Machado, too.
  4. The baserunners appear to be fixed...watch Josh Hamilton run to first. He has his head down and he is digging in.
# 15 icemann6 @ 02/21/13 01:12 PM
The insecurity of some people never ever ceases to amaze me. Its really kinda sad when you think about it.
# 16 Picci @ 02/21/13 01:13 PM
If they would only show this much love in their game as they do in their trailers. Really hoping to hear good news from 2k enthusiasts this year. Love to get another baseball game which I haven't in a few years. Still skeptical though. I remember thinking last year that in the 2k12 trailer there was no image showing the "funky running animation", yet it made its way into the final product. Unfortunately, I just don't trust the makers of this game. If they don't care, I won't care.
# 17 Blzer @ 02/21/13 01:14 PM
Generic faces still look awful, as do most of the swing animations.

I also think one major difference between the MLB 2K and NBA 2K representations are from the camera angles. For whatever reason, the MLB 2K team likes to use a lot of wide angles in their trailers, and it just doesn't look that good. The few shots that are more broadcast-like (such as the shot when Sandoval steps on home plate with the crowd in front) tend to look much better, as do gameplay shots. Which reminds me, the fielding camera in this game the last two or three years has been pretty bad. Broadcast cameras for the win!

Just glad to see that changes have been made in this game, and I hope the commentary has been upped more and more as well! I'm definitely going to find somewhere to rent this, if not purchase it with NBA 2K13.
# 18 Money99 @ 02/21/13 01:19 PM
I really hope the crowd has been worked on. There wasn't much atmosphere during playoff games or during a walk-off moment.
I hope that's been fixed.

Either way, I'll be getting the NBA/MLB combo pack.
If I'm really disappointed in the game, I'll just trade both in for the alternative.

But seeing as I really liked 2k11 and 2k12, I'm pretty sure '13 is going to be right up my ally.
# 19 docholliday8706 @ 02/21/13 01:33 PM
Small thing but they don't have a stand in for the Toyota sign that stands above the left field bleachers at Wrigley.

Question for the comments: If this is a re-skin of 2K12, and I didn't play 2K12 or any other recent ones, will it still be bad? Obivously it will pale compared to The Show but that isn't an option for me.

Props to using Gaslight Anthem in their trailer. Makes me excited for the game, even though I remember that it's probably **** after.
# 20 TerryP @ 02/21/13 01:38 PM
Really hard to tell for sure from their trailer, but it appeared some of the infielder animations were improved.

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