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With less than a week until release of both games, what is your final buying decision on the 2013 crop of baseball games? Are you going to buy MLB 13: The Show, MLB 2K13, both or neither?

Sound off by voting in our poll on your right on the frontpage and above you in the forums. Be sure to let us know if you are picking up the Vita version of The Show as well!

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# 1 Detroitfan4life1993 @ 02/27/13 01:27 PM
As much as I love baseball i will be passing on a baseball game this year untill i get a ps4 and get the next show game.
# 2 LowerWolf @ 02/27/13 01:37 PM
The Show. No question.
# 3 llinear @ 02/27/13 01:39 PM
Buying a PS3 first day of spring break for The Show. Feels dirty to do this to my Xbox though.
# 4 Lovesports @ 02/27/13 01:56 PM
Is this even a fair question? Megan Fox or Roseanne Barr?
# 5 DirtyJerz32 @ 02/27/13 02:05 PM
Love baseball and only have 360, 2K13 it is...
# 6 Behindshadows @ 02/27/13 02:52 PM
At first I was seeking 2k13 as I'm a big fan of the series. With the cancellation of the PC version.

I have no desire to play it on consoles.....visually and feature wise I think the Show 13 is the most improved game this season.

I'm looking forward to that, so about to send my PS3 off to Sony and let them replace my drive and hopefully have it back by the time the Show is released.
# 7 Cod @ 02/27/13 03:19 PM
Sticking w/ Pro Yakyuu Spirits only this year. I'll pick up The Show again after it debuts on the next gen console.
# 8 bigdoc85 @ 02/27/13 03:33 PM
Originally Posted by Detroitfan4life1993
As much as I love baseball i will be passing on a baseball game this year untill i get a ps4 and get the next show game.
I'm thinking the same thing.
# 9 Iceman87GT @ 02/27/13 03:46 PM
I've got the PS3 and the Vita versions preordered through Amazon.

This is my first year with a PS3 so I'm pretty pumped to finally get my hands on the superior franchise. I will miss the pitching controls from MLB 2K, always really satisfying when you got into a groove using the stick, in my opinion a much better system than the ones offered by the Show (I hate the button press timing). That is the only thing I will miss about 2K though, excited for the 7th (I'll be out of town when the game releases)
# 10 SpartanBoy81 @ 02/27/13 04:48 PM
Honestly, I can't imagine owning a PS3 and spending money on any baseball game besides The Show. I realize some people without a PS3 only have 2K13 if they want a baseball game, but that's the only reason I see to buy anything besides The Show
# 11 GlennN @ 02/27/13 05:02 PM
Already have The Show pre-ordered for the Vita. I'll check the reviews of 2k13 for the 360, but it looks like I'll just pass on a 360 baseball game this year.
# 12 boomhauertjs @ 02/27/13 05:28 PM
MVP 05 on PC again for me this year. Using the MVP 12 mod of course.
# 13 BigBlue @ 02/27/13 05:43 PM
First day purchase for me. I enjoyed mlb2k12 and look forward to 13, minor tweaks and all.

# 14 Doormat @ 02/27/13 06:16 PM
Like every other year, The Show
# 15 Herky @ 02/27/13 06:53 PM
I'm on the 360 and I am sticking with 2K12. 2K13 looks like nothing more than a roster update and mkharash and crew have been doing a GREAT job with updating the rosters on 2K12.

I'll save my money.
# 16 LC26 @ 02/27/13 07:24 PM
The Show
# 17 Spaced Ace @ 02/27/13 08:43 PM
The Show. No question.
# 18 sammysosa @ 02/27/13 08:51 PM
I'm buying both games they were both good last year..Hell madden has been doing the same thing for years with roster updates and everything else and people still bought the game..
# 19 RamboForever @ 02/27/13 09:37 PM
I love baseball,but even if I didn't have a PS3 I still wouldn't buy a 2K baseball game cause I've had so many bad memories of the ones I unfortunately did own and The Show has done nothing,but give me the best baseball experience ever
# 20 DJ @ 02/27/13 10:22 PM
I'll be getting The Show, likely just the Vita version first and then the PS3 version when I get back from a few business trips.

MLB 2K13 I will keep an eye on, but am not paying full-price for it.

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