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Yesterday we saw the MLB 13 The Show Road to the Show video blog. Today, Designer Kirby St. John talks about the evolution of the mode.

The fielding and baserunning cameras have been completely revamped to give you a more accurate and realistic on-field perspective. New fielding controls have been added to give you more of a challenge (if desired) and more to do at certain positions. A new simulator screen has been added and will display in between your player’s appearances. You have the option to choose from three different simulation speeds, as well as power to skip, or “Complete,” the simulation to get to your next appearance instantly. You can even “Watch” the game from your player’s location, so if you want to jump in and watch your team from the dugout while they are rallying, you can do that.

We really tried to focus on the presentation in RTTS as you are now placed in a first-person audio perspective. What that means is you are no longer going to hear commentators during the play. Instead, you are immersed in the sounds around your player, including other on-field players, coaches, dugouts, umpires, the crowd, and your own player’s sound effects.

On the menu side of things, you now have the ability to fully customize your player’s batting animations in the Create/Edit Player menu. This means you can now choose things like his follow-through, walk-up, stride, home run swing, and more.

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# 1 MrOldboy @ 02/28/13 08:51 AM
Points for hitting a cycle, finally. Everytime I have a chance to do it RTTS I try thinking I'll get a bonus after the game, but then don't. I always forget you don't since the opportunity to hit a cycle is rare. Glad that's in.
# 2 lynkraid @ 02/28/13 06:44 PM
Maybe an off topic comment here.. But I highly doubt the games franchise or RTTS mode is this advanced, but something I think would be really cool, and take both franchise and RTTS modes to another level only while in game, and the owner side of things.

That would be the option to tarp off upper deck or un-tarp and open up all seating. Like for instance back when the Marlins made the World Series they opened up the entire upper deck, or it was considered for the A's in the playoffs to un-tarp part of its upper deck (but didn't), and I see in the latest Rogers Centre photos the upper deck has no tarp, where as before it did for the outfield upper deck.

So say if your running franchise mode, and your teams really bad, or just cant draw, then tarp off part of the upper deck, and see the tarp in game, even if your the Yankees or the A's, same for the A's if your a winning team drawing good then un tarp the upper deck. I'd love to see that option in the future. And even have the CPU do that for RTTS if your teams bad or great ect..

I just always hated playing franchise or RTTS mode for the Blue Jays, A's or Marlins, and seeing parts of the upper deck closed off with tarp when your teams winning 100+ games and even in the World Series, just part of realism I hope improves in the future.

On topic, RTTS with the on the field sounds should be fun, I just hope it doesn't get repetitive too quick. Cause RTTS is a pretty LONG season lol.

And whats this about simulation speeds? This apply to franchise and RTTS? If so how quickly can it sim? I haven't been a fan of the slow simulation speeds for franchise mode in a long long time. Hope they do have some option thats quicker.
# 3 Nooooovak @ 02/28/13 06:54 PM
"This means you can now choose things like his follow-through, walk-up, stride, home run swing, and more."

-You have no idea how exciting this news is to me!
# 4 MVP9072 @ 02/28/13 10:48 PM
Originally Posted by Nooooovak
"This means you can now choose things like his follow-through, walk-up, stride, home run swing, and more."

-You have no idea how exciting this news is to me!
I know right im excited for this mode more then ever now
# 5 BrickieWR18 @ 03/02/13 01:40 PM
Add player interviews and media relations like NBA 2k

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