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2K Sports has released another MLB 2K13 trailer, this one focusing on MyPlayer mode. Nothing new is mentioned, so odds are nothing much has changed. Guess we'll find out on March 5th, when the game releases.

With every Major League Baseball player comes a unique story. Stories of struggle, hard work, passion and triumph. Each player follows their own path to the Big Leagues, and creates their own legacy. Choose your path, and tell your story with MLB 2K13's My Player mode.

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# 1 shogunofharlem3 @ 02/28/13 04:08 PM
Looks the same. I'm wondering if they finally allow you to be the pivot man on double plays if you're a middle infielder. You usually only get to start the double play, never get to be the pivot, at least I didnt (although I do believe that part was in practce mode but not in game). Maybe this year.
# 2 Hockeynut99 @ 02/28/13 05:48 PM
Animation looks smoother this year.
# 3 Detroitfan4life1993 @ 02/28/13 05:59 PM
Im guessing they didn't change anything and you can still trade yourself to any team without actually being traded and you never become a free agent...
# 4 stephenk24 @ 03/01/13 05:55 AM
Not going to lie, that trailer is pretty good...
# 5 tvman @ 03/01/13 08:33 AM
If the actual game plays as good as that looks and the bugs have been cleaned up we may have a winner!
# 6 speels @ 03/01/13 11:04 AM
As someone that has never really played 2K baseball, that trailer really didn't show me anything about MyPlayer. I found it basically a gameplay trailer, but not even game play, more like a replay trailer. It mentioned nothing about any options, how I get to create my player, ball parks, etc.

I will be completely honest, I am a Show guy, but looking at this trailer from a business perspective, I don't think anyone can honestly say it gave them any idea of whay MyPlayer is about.

It does look pretty smooth though and hopefully that carries over into the actual gameplay.
# 7 queensbomber @ 03/01/13 03:34 PM
watching this leaves me wondering if the footage is from a PC because theres no way it looks that good on my PS3. Colors, shadows, player movement looks great in this "console" trailer imo. Its just so decieving
# 8 Tyrant8RDFL @ 03/01/13 06:49 PM
I really liked the way the game looked animation wise, and the colors looked great.

I will be getting this game on march 5th.
# 9 dubcity @ 03/01/13 08:03 PM
MyPlayer was so boring last year. I started like 4 of them, and I was never interested enough to continue it beyond the first year.
# 10 bighou @ 03/04/13 02:36 PM
Is it me or am I the only one who HATES those circlemeters that come on the screen during the pitch. SO DISTRACTING!!!! If they can find a way to remove that and revamp the pitching format, I may actually buy this over the show.
# 11 bxphenom7 @ 03/06/13 06:01 PM
This game might be good but there's something weird about the graphics. The Show just has looked and played better each year. Definitely going to have to wait for reviews.

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