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The Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 14 demo is available now for Xbox 360 users (queue it up here). It weighs in at 1.98 GB.

PS3 users will have to wait until later this afternoon, when the PS Store updates.

UPDATE: The PS3 demo is available now.

Fans Get First Taste of Innovative Gameplay Features

Experience golf from the past and present, and play as golf icon Arnold Palmer in the all-new Legends of the Majors mode, experience the LPGA Tour and get a taste of the Connected Tournaments feature where players can compete online with friends.
  • The Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 14 demo features one of the most compelling modes in franchise history – Legends of the Majors. The featured challenge, 1961 Open Championship at Royal Birkdale, puts players in the shoes of golf legend Arnold Palmer, in the 1960’s era, with the legend’s era-specific attire, equipment and skills. Once the challenge is passed, gamers will unlock 1960’s Arnold Palmer for use in the full version of the game.

  • For the first time in franchise history, the game will feature LPGA integration and gamers can get a preview of the LPGA via the all-new Quick Tournaments feature. Players can use LPGA golf phenom Lexi Thompson on a new course – Oak Hill Country Club.

  • Golf in a “Twenty-foursome” through our all-new Connected Tournaments mode in the Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 14 demo. Compete online against other players or friends and see as many as 23 shot arcs from other players on the course at the same time. Players can get a jumpstart on creating their country club tournaments by going to the Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 14 website.

  • The Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 14 demo will support motion control and continue the level of immersion as fans can play the demo with Kinect for Xbox 360 or Sony PlayStation Move controllers.

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Member Comments
# 1 OnlookerDelay @ 03/05/13 07:38 AM
I'm 74% into my download at 7:37 AM EST, started at 7:07! 1.98 GB... it's a monster!
# 2 DivotMaker @ 03/05/13 08:59 AM
Playing tougher than what I saw in TW Community Day on Simulation.....best round so far at Oak Hill is +3 for 3 holes....only played two rounds and this will take some getting used to....but I like it alot so far. It should be tough but fair to shoot par....
# 3 cccgolfer08 @ 03/05/13 09:04 AM
I can't wait to get home and play!
# 4 CoreySA @ 03/05/13 09:19 AM
Lots of us community event attendees are here as well guys, so hit us up with your impressions, feedback and thoughts!

Please try 'Sim' difficulty too if you're a hardcore player. Just go into a round and hit the pause button and select it in the menus.

Loving the time of day dynamically changing. Evening golf looks awesome!
# 5 CallCenterZombie @ 03/05/13 09:39 AM
Can't wait to try the Demo later today! Keep the impressions coming!
# 6 RED5_STANDBY @ 03/05/13 09:49 AM
I haven't played a TW game for years. This looks like that will be changing soon. Downloading now!
# 7 CAMPBLACKMAMBA24 @ 03/05/13 10:00 AM

In 2 three hole rds on simulation I can't even hit the fairway. This is gonna be the one fellows I'm telling you

I'm hitting shots onto other fairways, hitting shots off the base of trees and getting kicks back onto the fairway. As Martin says. DAMN DAMN DAMN!!!!

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
# 8 CAMPBLACKMAMBA24 @ 03/05/13 10:10 AM
On the Live Tourney even Par is the leader. Even though its only 3 holes its good to see this. And I recognize some of the names as Hardcore TW fans

Simulation no doubt is for the Hardcore Sim Gamer

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# 9 OnlookerDelay @ 03/05/13 10:45 AM
Being the impetuous fool that I am, I had to jump right into the Simulation Difficulty, Connected Tournament. I was +4 for my first 3 hole round, after triple bogeying the last hole. I holed a pitch from 30 yards on the second hole to salvage a par, so it was really worse than the +4 sounds..

My overall initial impression is a bit negative, but that's being driven mostly by my disappointment with the "Broadcast" presentation setting. I had a real beef with the way the Presentation camera option worked last year, in that it immediately switched to another camera view at impact. Regrettably, that continues with Tiger 14, based on what I've seen thus far. It just destroys the connection I have with my golfer, and the desire to see the flight of the ball from his perspective for at least three or four seconds. I'm hoping my test with the Move version tonight, which will allow me to try this First Person Perspective view that's available to motion controllers, will remedy the situation with the presentation. As much as I dislike follow camera, I'm not sure I don't prefer it to what I'm getting out of this "Broadcast" presentation :cry:

I haven't seen a shot arc in any of my connected play so far, although I have seen hole by hole scoring updates. I've lost my headset this morning, so I don't know whether the vocal comms are working or not. I need to spend more time with the Connected Tournaments to see what I'm missing.

Simulation difficulty is indeed a handful! I'll be lucky to break par with it. The advanced shot shaping is tough to master. The 5 o-clock to 11 o-clock action Tiger's swing requires is difficult to reproduce for me. I do better with 7 to 1 0-clock. I'm all over the course trying to pull off this diagonal swing path! The fading analog strike meter target gives me a fit. I get a lot of bad mi****s because I'm not holding the stick anywhere near the strike point I'd intended.

Graphically, I haven't been terribly impressed with what I've seen so far, but the conditions have all been dark. There was a bit of a sepia tone to the Quick Play round I did my second time around at Oak Hills that wasn't my cup of tea. I didn't like the fact that the putting animation still has an over exaggerated waggle, but the overall putting stroke feels better than Tiger 13. I'm still extending the aiming cursor well beyond the hole an throttling my stroke accordingly. I have had some misses due to pulling putts with bad tempo, or at least, that's the way it felt.

Still, I'm really bummed about the presentation work. It's frustrating to know that the type of presentation I desire is "in the game", I'm just not given the menu tools to tailor it.... (sigh) I'm curious to see what Kinect users think of the "First Person Camera" option that's available with the Kinect in use. It might answer my gripe about the hyper-camera-switch of Broadcast presentation.

I've played Connected Tournaments for 18 holes now, and I've yet to see another player's shot arc. I've even camped in spectator mode for 20 minutes and haven't seen another player's shot arcs.
# 10 BagMan @ 03/05/13 10:57 AM
Not what I was hoping to hear
# 11 DivotMaker @ 03/05/13 11:02 AM
Originally Posted by BagMan
Not what I was hoping to hear
It is no different than any other demo or game release as users are getting used to the new gameplay and settings.....a week or two from now should be more indicative if this demo hit the mark or it didn't. And keep in mind that the demo was finished a full 2 months prior to the actual game and I would not be surprised if the demo may have some issues that were addressed in the final release.
# 12 Yeltzman @ 03/05/13 11:07 AM
ive tried simulation level as well im finding it really tough cant drive the ball on the fairway,tried again off the tee with a punch shot with arnold and the Game has froze up....not sure if its because i hit should a bad shot of just demo bugs.....really liking it so far,just finding it tough need a driving range to get my swing right...

Froze Again hitting ball into right rough with arnold on his challenge...looks like problem there off to try oak hill.
# 13 OnlookerDelay @ 03/05/13 11:11 AM
Please don't take my personal gripe with the Broadcast presentation, moment of impact camera switch as an overall indictment of the game. I'm sure this is more of a personal preference issue that will only be on the minds of a small minority of gamers. I'm sure the majority play using follow camera anyway, and my one 3 hole connected tournament with it showed me that it's working just like normal. I just can't force myself to play using follow camera anymore because I find that it destroys the point of view immersion I seek.

The fading analog target in the strike meter will be the death of me in Simulation difficulty. I'll start off thinking I'm holding the faded cursor on the lower left of the ball, only to have the post shot feedback meter show that I actually struck it on the mid- right. The result reflects that in where the ball ended up! It's tough, but I'm not sure just yet if it's tough for the right reason. I need to give it a lot more time. I can't even produce a diagonal that doesn't look like a dollar sign on the feedback meter!?
# 14 OnlookerDelay @ 03/05/13 11:18 AM
Anyone seen any shot arcs yet? I haven't seen one!
# 15 Yeltzman @ 03/05/13 11:30 AM
Yep other players shots appearing on my screen....names and voices left of screen you mean......
# 16 OnlookerDelay @ 03/05/13 11:37 AM
Originally Posted by Yeltzman
Yep other players shots appearing on my screen....names and voices left of screen you mean......
A lot of them? I wonder what I'm doing wrong to not see them? Are you also seeing shot arcs when you're in Spectator mode?
# 17 Yeltzman @ 03/05/13 11:42 AM
waiting on tee now at oak hill some arc's appearing but some just seems to appear has names on screen not tryed spectator mode
# 18 OnlookerDelay @ 03/05/13 11:45 AM
Originally Posted by Yeltzman
waiting on tee now at oak hill some arc's appearing but some just seems to appear has names on screen not tryed spectator mode
What difficulty connected tournament are you trying? I'll go there now once I find out.
# 19 Yeltzman @ 03/05/13 11:45 AM
simuation toughest one...i am awful...
# 20 Dazraz @ 03/05/13 11:46 AM
The Quick Tournament has been the feature I've been wanting from this game for years. At last. Thank you EA.

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