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We have posted our MLB 13 The Show review today, but wanted to gauge how the OS readers feel about the game so far.

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# 1 legacyme3 @ 03/06/13 09:02 PM
I love it so far.

I have not had any issues or freezes (last year's froze a LOT for me) yet, so I'm obviously hoping it continues.

RTTS is way improved as is Franchise, and the majoritu of the rest feels samey, which I like.

Scouting and training are wicked fun and intuitive and while easy, that is better than being conprehendable by only the best and brightest. It IS a game after all.

My only complaint so far is that I had to go through a lot yesterday to acquire it, which is hardly the fault of the game.

But now my mind wanders and wonders how 2014 the Show will be on PS4
# 2 ratedmoney @ 03/06/13 09:06 PM
Well I love the game, but it needs adjustments. Bout a few more days of exhibition games to get my timing down and its off to franchise mode.
# 3 fsufan4423 @ 03/06/13 09:33 PM
The hitting in this game is a masterpiece. What made 12 get old quickly for me was the lack variety when it came to base hits.

I've seen more different styles of hits in one night, than I did with the show 12 in 10 games. Being able to actually reach outside pitches and turn on inside pitches is a treat. The batting has probably been tuned to be a little easier on All Star level, but I'm still enjoying it.
# 4 rick044 @ 03/06/13 10:04 PM
I thought it looked pretty good until I got into the Franchise section of the game. The fantasy draft is awful. You can draft your first round player and then when the second round pick comes up the screen is blank. No players names on the screen!!! You have no choices of who you want to draft!!! MLB13 The Show won't even recognize the problem that many are flooding their forum page to beg for help. This is the favorite aspect of the game that many m,any of the fans love and now that we have spent our money for it , it don't work and they won't even recognize the problem!! So Like Madden, I will never buy it again till they get it right.
# 5 jupebox @ 03/06/13 11:21 PM
I was hoping for more improvement with graphics and commentary...

That being said, the hitting improvements alone make it worth getting this game. For some reason, MLB 12 was crazy tough for me. I've been playing games forever, but I rarely scored more than 3 runs. It got frustrating.

In MLB 13, I've won my first 5 games, but the games have been tight -- e.g., 9-8, and 6-5. The additional offense makes the game much more fun, and that's coming from an NL guy who likes low scoring games. The lack of scoring in MLB 12 was rough. It's nice to see the ball come alive in MLB13.

Something about the throwing seems a bit odd, still adjusting to that, but overall a A rating due to the intense games I've had so far.
# 6 dubeau @ 03/07/13 02:58 AM
I find the franchise even weaker then before. There is nothing stadium related. I like the new training and scouting. They were made them better, but it's nothing new.

Even tho the stadiums elements were not great, there was a sens of being running that aspect of the game that made you feel you where also a GM. There was a budget bug after 10 seasons and more in 2012 related to stadiums. Pretty sure it was scrapped because of it. But having nothing to replace it ?? For me, a big part is just missing and I get half a franchise.

I suppose I can't even be fire as a GM...a feature that was remove in 2010. Is there a box score now, in the playoff ?

I like the gameplay. It's there...It seems better too. Was it a big step from 2012 ? They could have made a patch, I couldn't tell the difference for now. Maybe in the long run I will like it. But my first impression is deception.

Hopefully maybe the offseason and contract management is better. Oh wait, you still can't resigned your players and managers DURING the season. LOL. Contract extension doesn't exist...in any sports.

oh well...
# 7 ThePhillyPhanatic @ 03/07/13 05:54 AM
# 8 BigRick47 @ 03/07/13 06:39 AM
The stutter from the cpu pitcher needs to be fixed, makes it impossible to be a good hitter, especially if you are sitting on 2 strikes! Doesn't happen every pitch but enough that it is an issue. (MLB 12 didn't have this at all). Other than that, game is great!
# 9 loco78 @ 03/07/13 07:26 AM
Without the wbc mode is an half game
# 10 Blitzburgh @ 03/07/13 07:57 AM
For me this game finally has the "FUN" factor! I always bought this game and the other game but for some reason (probably because it was too hard for my old eyes! lol) i didnt really enjoy the game as much as I should have. I think this years looks better and plays really well! I love the HR derby, RTTS is way more fun and the little things are just killer. I actually love the throw meter as it makes me relate to the other game which i liked that aspect of their game. So, my only complaint has been the audio cracks at times and I lose audio as well BUT i am thinking it could be my PS3 slim? It doesn't have many hours of play on it so I am a little concerned. MLB12 had the same issues for me...Is there a way to clean the lens in a PS3?
# 11 Rolltide1012 @ 03/07/13 07:59 AM
So far i am liking it alot more than any other year. The timing window being opened up has made hitting more rewarding. The game so far is great and i havent had any of the stutter problems with the pitcher or cut scenes. Havent done much other than play now but have loved it so far
# 12 zfarrow @ 03/07/13 08:07 AM
First time playing The Show and I am loving it. What's more my wife is loving it too! We started a two-team franchise together yesterday and played the first game head to head and it was so fun! Great game.
# 13 BSchwartz07 @ 03/07/13 08:21 AM
One little thing that REALLY bothers me is that they leave out team's uniforms... as a Braves fan it kills me to not see their weekend Home uni's in the game... and the throwbacks are not right either, such a shame for such a great looking game...
# 14 RED5_STANDBY @ 03/07/13 08:48 AM
The RTTS fielding is no longer a chore. It's extremely satisfying when you turn manual catch on. The only thing that I haven't gotten used to is the new guess pitch. I find the ball flashing a bit gimmicky when you guess the correct pitch type but the overall revamp of the hitting timing window helps me to overlook some of the more less desirable changes. Great game and 60 bucks well spent.
# 15 Baseballking888 @ 03/07/13 08:53 AM
Love it, despite some bugs and glitches.
# 16 RED5_STANDBY @ 03/07/13 08:57 AM
Originally Posted by Baseballking888
Love it, despite some bugs and glitches.
Yea there are quite a few stop in the middle of pitching stride moments and wall humping. Not a game breaker but it is noticeable. Hope a patch will be out soon.
# 17 reMicXz @ 03/07/13 09:19 AM
i purposely got a PS3 last year JUST to play The Show. best decision i ever made. will probably be a must buy for me in years to come as well barring the return of Triple Play from EA in which even still im expecting The Show to come out on top anyway. and this year the simple subtle changes and tweaks alone make this game feel fresh enough to love like its brand new all over again
# 18 lynkraid @ 03/07/13 09:44 AM
I'm liking how quickly franchise mode sims, don't like the new camera in RTTS though. Playoffs are fun, though I'd like it more if the commentary had been a little ramped up for the playoffs, they still talk a little too casual in big moments during playoff games. The more I play though, the more it feels a lot like last years game with minor upgrades. I'll still be playing it well into football season though.
# 19 DirtyJerz32 @ 03/07/13 01:42 PM
Just picked up a PS3 & Show so I need to change my answer. I'll find out tonight.
# 20 hf199 @ 03/07/13 02:07 PM
Awesome! simply awesome! every year it just gets better

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