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# 1 schnaidt1 @ 03/09/13 02:26 PM
he talked to much with too many corny lines. i wish he just woulda kept it simple and just said his catch phrases on the awesome dunks. we didnt really need all the other stuff. it kinda ruined it for me...

still a cool idea tho.
# 2 Millennium @ 03/09/13 03:27 PM
I'm on the other side of this...that was awesome. I'd have Kitzrow call a funeral to make it more interesting.
# 3 sooperb @ 03/09/13 03:58 PM
That was dope and he said a lot of things that were fresh and new. Michael Kidd Gilchrist had to go to court to change his name to Michael Man Gilchrist. Put this guy on NBA 2K14 Blacktop!
# 4 JerzeyReign @ 03/09/13 06:39 PM
I liked that. Hopefully that's the start of something consistent.
# 5 jyoung @ 03/09/13 07:40 PM
I was expecting Jamal Crawford's between the legs alley oop to Blake Griffin as the #1 play, but it didn't even make the list.

This video must have been recorded before that dunk happened.
# 6 tjb_32 @ 03/09/13 08:18 PM
#1...the most stylish non-basket in the history of basketball
# 7 JerzeyReign @ 03/09/13 08:23 PM
Originally Posted by tjb_32
#1...the most stylish non-basket in the history of basketball
Probably the first charge ever to hit #1 on a highlight countdown lol
# 8 RED5_STANDBY @ 03/10/13 09:57 AM
I enjoyed it but it was pretty corny. I do want to go home and play NBA Jam now.
# 9 Cletus @ 03/10/13 11:18 AM
Lol I liked the video, it's the most basketball I've watched in a couple of years. Hopefully there's more.
# 10 inkcil @ 03/10/13 04:25 PM
hilarious corny goodness.
# 11 VDusen04 @ 03/10/13 06:00 PM
Good stuff. I enjoyed it. Also, nice to see Detroit Mercy and Kalamazoo's own Doug Anderson make an appearance at #3. He's the most explosive leaper I've ever seen in person.

Also, I liked this NBA Jam rendition as well...

# 12 King_B_Mack @ 03/11/13 08:01 AM
Time to reshoot this. Last night instantly made this out of date lol.
# 13 XenoZograscope @ 03/11/13 11:44 AM
That was pretty good lol.
# 14 thelakeshow @ 03/11/13 12:42 PM
Originally Posted by King_B_Mack
Time to reshoot this. Last night instantly made this out of date lol.
Definitely. Deandre's assault on Brandon Knight deserves the #1 spot. I'm not sure if Brandon Knight will ever be the same player after that. The dunk was just nasty.

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