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It seems that everyone who is cool in sports gaming is doing a cover athlete vote these days, but the question we're asking you today is what do you think about them? Do you support them? Vote in them? Do you even care a little bit?

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# 1 tfctillidie @ 03/11/13 04:44 PM
No f's given. I don't care about the process, I don't care who wins. It's just a picture and has nothing to do with the actual game. Put a bloody special teams coach from the XFL on there for all I care.
# 2 StayPlation82 @ 03/11/13 05:29 PM
i like madden but only care when the ncaa has my team. that ray lewis vs derrick brooks was tough. brooks was a beast on madden back in the day. had to go ray though.
# 3 bonannogiovanni @ 03/11/13 06:57 PM
I don't care, actually I can't even tell you who's on the cover of the games I already own, that's because my mind is too focused on gameplay, physics, graphics, or the lack thereof.
# 4 Bat @ 03/11/13 07:19 PM
I never notice the case after I take the game out. Even when home town guys like Shaun Alexander was on Ncaa or Arod on Triple Play. Who cares..
# 5 NCAAFootballFreak @ 03/11/13 07:26 PM
Originally Posted by 55
It's not could care less... it's couldn't care less.

Get it right!
I completely concur.

But for the sake of staying on topic, I will occasionally vote but am usually not that swayed towards or away from a game because of the cover athlete.

Regardless of what the front looks like, it's what's inside that counts.

-- Stephen
# 6 Bobhead @ 03/11/13 07:28 PM
I get a dumb sense of accomplishment if my favorite player from a group of choices ends up winning.

But I will buy the game anyway, and at this point I couldn't even tell you who's on the cover of any of the sports games I currently own. Who needs a cover when the game never leaves the console?
# 7 UW4BCS @ 03/11/13 08:07 PM
I vote but I really don't care
# 8 wozamil @ 03/11/13 08:54 PM
I don't care at all. The reason they do this is help advertise the game. Give a people a reason to think about the game and for all video games blogs to mention the game. It's free advertising. The devs probably couldn't care less who was on the cover. So I get understand, but I just choose not to participate.
# 9 baumy300 @ 03/11/13 09:01 PM
Ohhh Madden and NCAA series, if only you weren't so naive to think that a popular athlete on the cover of your game will steer attention away from another chicken **** attempt at making a football game

Put an O-Lineman on the cover once and show me you realize they even exist, and then I'll pay attention to your covers.
# 10 ven0m43 @ 03/11/13 10:11 PM
The voting got old after the 2nd year it was done. I enjoyed the mystery each year, and that the player usually deserved to be on the cover by the way he played the year before.

Now it's just a popularity contest, or which ever team has the most fans/media coverage.
# 11 jWILL253 @ 03/11/13 11:37 PM
Please note Russell Wilson, please not Russell Wilson, please not Russell Wilson, please not Russell Wilson, please not Russell Wilson, please not Russell Wilson... :'(
# 12 BaylorBearBryant @ 03/12/13 02:16 AM
On Madden, I just make sure to vote for everyone but the player on my team.

On all the others, I just vote to insure they guy I don't like doesn't make it.
# 13 HeatDodger @ 03/12/13 03:23 AM
I personally think it's a cool/fun idea, I mean who doesn't want to see their favorite player or team on a cover of a video game.

I still have NBA Live 06, NBA 2K6 & 2K7 just because they have Miami HEAT players on the cover.

I would like a voting system for NBA 2K too since so many players should be on a cover, but I think we all know LeBron James or Kobe Bryant (Maybe KD) would win every year.

I like the Old School vs New School thing Madden is doing this year.

# 14 Gagnon39 @ 03/12/13 08:43 AM
Pet peeve of mine:

The last option should say "couldn't care less." Not, "could care less."
# 15 Caveman24 @ 03/12/13 09:48 AM
Its got stale
# 16 chi_hawks @ 03/12/13 12:34 PM
Would prefer they move any time spent on cover voting to game improvement.
# 17 bhurst99 @ 03/12/13 03:06 PM
I don't care who is on the cover. I don't care about the process. You know the expression: Don't judge a book by its cover. Same thing with video games.

The only thing worse than this is when a sports game announces the sound track. I don't care about that either.

And I don't care about a game's useless facebook page.
# 18 Jgainsey @ 03/12/13 03:46 PM
I don't know if I'd say they're completely ridiculous, but I couldn't imagine caring any less about them.
# 19 TreyIM2 @ 03/12/13 03:56 PM
I just want some game info other than what they said about using more real refs...months ago...
# 20 inkcil @ 03/12/13 11:08 PM
I could care less, even though I already don't care much at all. But then again no one from my hometown Warriors or A's will ever be put on the front cover, so....

I think Madden should put a picture of sliders on the front cover of the next one.

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