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With the Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 demo out, and with many of you having played it already, what is your buying decision on Tiger 14? Are you planning on buying the game or are you still unsure?

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# 1 newtonfb @ 03/19/13 12:48 PM
Originally Posted by mpejkrm
It looks good, and I enjoyed the demo... but I hate golf. No buy for me.
The player models are awful. Tiger looks like im playing on the wii instead of the ps3.
# 2 ezio @ 03/19/13 01:00 PM
I didn't really like the demo so I am not getting it.
# 3 ps3veron @ 03/19/13 01:54 PM
Didn't try the demo but already pre-ordered.
# 4 SaveTheTurtles @ 03/19/13 02:22 PM
Can't wait until Tuesday.
# 5 DJMaybz33 @ 03/19/13 03:11 PM
Looks like the best in the series.....
# 6 SkillzKillz719 @ 03/19/13 03:42 PM
Not buying but I might get it off GameFly in a month or two. Have been playing golf since I was 3, but there are too many good games out right now.
# 7 ven0m43 @ 03/19/13 05:41 PM
I haven't decided yet
# 8 OnlookerDelay @ 03/19/13 07:31 PM
Right now it's a no buy. I was hoping for a viable presentation style camera this year, and at the very least, a more flexible True-Aim/cut-to-finish option. The "Broadcast" camera presentation camera production is too twitchy and prone to actually zoom out on action where it should be zooming in. My other safety net - True-Aim - is GONE, leaving me with my least favorite golf game presentation option of all time (well, now the second least favorite after experiencing the dodgy chaos of this year's Broadcast camera).

I'm finding some things I really like about the game play challenge and Connected Tournaments, but neither of the presentation options excites me in the least. I'll play it through the Season Ticket weekend to see if the game play actually has enough punch to make me set aside my disenchantment with the presentation. I'm not holding my breath though as my attitude about the presentation has worsened a bit the more I've played the demo.
# 9 cmehustle @ 03/19/13 07:56 PM
yes. I love the tiger woods franchise and I wsould never watch golf if it wasnt for this game.
# 10 JerzeyReign @ 03/19/13 08:16 PM
I just started playing/learning golf myself. I can't get into golf games anymore though because it makes me want to go out there and get better. I think if I was more of a golf fan I'd get it but I don't track it enough to get the latest game.
# 11 Bobhead @ 03/19/13 08:38 PM
The poll needs a 5th option: "What? Who is 'Tiger Woods PGA'?"
# 12 N51_rob @ 03/19/13 10:26 PM
Nope, I got TW13 for $10 with PSN+ and I would much rather play golf in real life. I also don't like some of the changes to the swing mechanics that they have done, add to that year of frustration with course DLC and I will visit TW again on Gen 4 systems.
# 13 Pappy Knuckles @ 03/19/13 11:06 PM
Locked and loaded. Can't wait to play.
# 14 onac22 @ 03/19/13 11:33 PM
Won't buy it because it is EA sports and they don't ever add anything or change it. EA will tell you they have new features, but the features are just polished old ones that were taken out last year and reinserted this year. Oh and then they will charge you for features that should be included.

should be new company slogan:

# 15 globalbeats7 @ 03/19/13 11:48 PM
based on the pool, seems like the demo was more negative than positive.....esp for folks who were on the fence about buying.

imo, the franchise makes a step forward with sim difficulty but once again....fail to make strides in the real sim areas. its all gimmicks in the series....
# 16 Cod @ 03/19/13 11:57 PM
I wish the Links series would make a gaming comeback.
# 17 BBallcoach @ 03/20/13 01:05 AM
this is the most excited i've been for tiger game in years. The Sim mode has me pumped plus all the eras and season mode... i think tiger 14 might be an all timer, it has potential
# 18 OnlookerDelay @ 03/20/13 03:34 AM
Originally Posted by Seymour Scagnetti
I'm surprised you find this a game killer Onlooker. I would think the sim mode with the much harder draw/fade mechanics, connected tournaments and improved presentation elements that livens up career and online would be more than enough to overcome the quick cut camera angles.

I would love to have that extra 2 seconds of watching the ball travel but all the other many improvements that are long overdue will still make this game very enjoyable. Chances are you won't see the angle you want next year either because honestly I don't think there is that much demand for it.

I know you are a sim gamer so why deprive yourself of a game that will finally be a challenge to play.
I'm surprised that it's that big a deal with me myself, but I can't deny it's killing the game for me right now. I held my nose and tolerated Follow Cam last year for 9 months in order to play Live Tournaments before it finally broke me, but I just can't bring myself to do it again this year. Honestly, Broadcast camera just seems broken to me, from a gameplay standpoint.
# 19 Dazraz @ 03/20/13 08:16 AM
Just preordered the game. The Quick Tournament option nailed this one for me.
# 20 tommyboy @ 03/20/13 09:14 AM
Dont like golf much,I will be getting Tiger Woods however

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