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With no real news or features announced yet (besides cover athlete stuff) for either Madden NFL 25 or NCAA Football 14, we are still curious to find out which upcoming football game you are looking forward to the most.

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# 1 Eski33 @ 03/29/13 02:38 PM
If NCAA 14 doesn't employ the graphics of Madden 13 then I will pass. The game has gotten uglier over the past two iterations. NCAA 11 was beautiful but whatever they did with the HDD lighting it flushed everything out. Not to mention the game took steps back in the jaggy department.

If I were a conspiracy theorist I would swear that the game was made to look less appealing on purpose so Madden could escape the shadow of NCAA 11.
# 2 tbook24 @ 03/29/13 04:04 PM
madden because they always put more time into madden. the career mode in ncaa iscool but madden get the bettr online play which is what i care most about.
# 3 Dazraz @ 03/29/13 04:16 PM
Both. Providing NCAA 14 gets Maddens visuals & likewise Madden gets a Franchise mode that's actually worth playing Offline.
# 4 Scribe1980 @ 03/29/13 04:44 PM
Done until EA's Tiburon has some competition. Bought NCAA and Madden on release day, as usual.

Played 1+ season of NCAA; played Madden maybe half-dozen times, collected dust afterwards and went back in trade-in towards The Show on March 5. Got 20 bucks for it, better than I was anticipating.

Bored. Bored. Bored. Same crap, with window dressing, for 8 yrs.

No more.
# 5 CatMan72 @ 03/29/13 05:04 PM
Madden because NFL > NCAA and it's not even close.
# 6 misterkrabz @ 03/29/13 05:26 PM
Neither. .
# 7 kingsofthevalley @ 03/29/13 05:28 PM
Looking forward to both. NCAA gets a slight edge because of the abundance of teams. Hope NCAA gets an upgrade similar to Madden, i.e. booth team, broadcast camera cuts, and things of that nature. NCAA team dont forget the QB revo helmet this year!!!! Madden has it, quit slouching around and put a fire under your art team.
# 8 kingsofthevalley @ 03/29/13 05:29 PM
Oh, and implement Xans editor so we can dig into the game also!!!
# 9 grabursock55 @ 03/29/13 05:56 PM
ncaa if it has playoffs or fcs teams....

probably will not have either =[
# 10 tical2399 @ 03/29/13 06:27 PM
If NCAA doesn't have export draft classes to madden they I could care less about either. I only play offline franchise and I only care about Players as by 49ers and stocking them with guys from FSU (and now FIU).

I want the real FSU and FIU players on my 49ers roster as well as guys I recruited in NCAA and drafted in Madden. I've been doing this for about a decade and if its not there then I won't be.

I gave Madden 13 a shot with the fake rookies and I didn't have fun so no draft classes no buy.
# 11 jkra0512 @ 03/29/13 06:36 PM
Neither, I'm done with football games until they are on The Show level in terms of overall quality...
# 12 j3nkins29 @ 03/29/13 06:46 PM
Until 2k or some other company is able to make a football game I will not own either. I loved the feel of the 2k football games and just could never get into madden. Hopefully 2k will be able to make football games again one day...
# 13 TreyIM2 @ 03/29/13 07:19 PM
Madden. Last year was a great step in the right direction and I'm eager to see what they do to improve what was done there.
# 14 JaySwizzlez @ 03/29/13 07:33 PM
I actually had a lot of fun with CCM this year in Madden, but it was so unpolished and lacking sorely in some areas, especially player mode. That being said, I want to see significant improvement in that mode to warrant a buy. As for NCAA 14, I gotta pass. I felt like I wasted my money on a crap game that hasn't seen any improvement from the past couple years, and, in some areas, has regressed. I really hope to see something that stands out and makes me want to buy Madden or even NCAA, but from past experiences I am setting the bar pretty low in terms of my expectations.
# 15 khaliib @ 03/29/13 07:40 PM
Very little will be done for both as new consoles prepare to hit the market.

NCAA will get Madden's Infinity Engine, but the rag-doll effect was nothing to praise about and it definitely wasn't "Physics" as some keep applying the label.

Madden history says they will ride the so called "Physics" for another 2-3 yrs making slight adjustments to give the perception that the game is getting something new for $60.

I wouldn't be surprise if EA re-code their saves so that none of the external editors we've been able to use will work.

I'll rent and see with NCAA, but if they inject that CCM type of garbage, I won't even rent.

I'm 100% offline, so I didn't like M13 because CCM stripped all gamer customization away and there was too much that needed to edited that couldn't be edited.

Hope OS allows questions this year because there is so much unknown dealing with NCAA 14 for "No Questions Threads" to be instituted for another year.
# 16 Cod @ 03/29/13 07:54 PM
Not a football fan, but I'd be willing to buy a football game w/ mod support on PC.
# 17 SickDL @ 03/29/13 09:36 PM
Madden 25 but also ncca 14
# 18 BlackJack_Williams @ 03/29/13 10:28 PM
Neither, it has grown stale. Sad... I use to love playing against/with my friends 10 years ago.
# 19 Dunkster23 @ 03/29/13 10:48 PM
really both of them. Especially if they put the road to glory mode back into the madden superstar mode
# 20 PantherBeast_OS @ 03/29/13 11:08 PM
Honestly I'm not sure with either. Both ncaa13 and madden13 wasn't all that good in terms of gameplay. Plus the overall global speed of both games was way to fast. They really need to slow it down some. The players move was to quick as if the default setting was on super fast or something. Besides the speed. What killed Madden13 for me was the lack of oline/dline interaction and the blocking was just terrible and most of all was that the cap glitch ruin CCM. I feel that EA doesn't care one bit about the fans anymore. The gameplay as a whole keeps getting worse each year and EA only care to focus on MUT and online franchise. They stop caring about the offline franchise people. Because they refuse to put a patch out to fix the cap glitch, but yet they fix it for online. They use a whole patch on MUT and they seem to do care to fix the important stuff first and for most. Bottom line I ain't super happy about this year Madden. But I'm hoping that for once they will fix the problems and not let them lay their like they have in years past.

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