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It looks like Ultimate Team is headed to NCAA Football 14. According to a pre-order bonus at GameStop, you will receive an exclusive NCAA Football Ultimate Team SEC Conference Pack, which includes key SEC players and bonus game extension to get your star player off the bench and back on the field.

It remains to be seen how EA plans to implement Ultimate Team for a game which you can't have actual licensed players. Are they going to use generic players, past greats? One would think there has to be real players to have marketability for paid DLC, which is what the Ultimate Team modes are built around. It's not surprising EA is bringing this type of mode to NCAA, but it will be interesting to see how they implement it.

UPDATE: Polygon has just confirmed with EA Sports.

What are your thoughts on Ultimate Team in NCAA Football 14?

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# 1 bellaballa @ 04/02/13 05:33 PM
Steve, are you sure this wasn't posted a day too late? Seems more of a prank than a gimmick that's hyped as the "New feature". Just the thought of this screams glitch city to me.
# 2 RaginCajun @ 04/02/13 05:33 PM
I hope this isnt the info everyone is waiting for
# 3 The_Wise_One @ 04/02/13 05:35 PM
Cool if it's true
# 4 bellaballa @ 04/02/13 05:37 PM
I just really don't see how this gets done with the generic roster they put out. Unless the mode is like a Heisman Mode for a whole team.
# 5 huntt26 @ 04/02/13 05:38 PM
So... they are going to charge real $$ to "pay" for college kids to play on these ultimate teams when they are in the middle of a lawsuit? Sounds like a bad idea.

I'm up for the game mode, but the timing is strange.
# 6 CM Hooe @ 04/02/13 05:42 PM
Yeah, I have no idea how this works without a HUGE roster of historic players across all 120+ schools, or without included real-name rosters and players.

I'm all for the addition of the latter if the legalese allows it, however.
# 7 gausec @ 04/02/13 05:42 PM
I wonder what it means get your star off the bench and back on the field? Will guys be academically ineligible or is it like if they get hurt or graduated?
# 8 Feldman011teen @ 04/02/13 05:43 PM
When will EA realize that no one gives a fug about these card game modes?
# 9 The_Wise_One @ 04/02/13 05:44 PM
Originally Posted by gausec
I wonder what it means get your star off the bench and back on the field? Will guys be academically ineligible or is it like if they get hurt or graduated?
There is a Stamina meter in FIFA
# 10 mestevo @ 04/02/13 05:44 PM
Originally Posted by Feldman011teen
When will EA realize that no one gives a fug about these card game modes?
Meanwhile there's a whole subforum of people on OS that play it, and it remaining in the game (and expanding, even) would seem to indicate that people do indeed 'give a fug'
# 11 NINJAK2 @ 04/02/13 05:45 PM
Screw ultimate team! How about promoting/developing the ultimate simulation?
# 12 bellaballa @ 04/02/13 05:45 PM
I will say that if they add a solo challenges mode to this ala Madden 13 then I'd be all for it.
# 13 TB12TCUPROCOMBAT @ 04/02/13 05:45 PM
I know i wont play this mode. Also how are they able to put players names in the game I thought they couldn't do that (i might be wrong i was just wonder). Having and ultimate team full players with the name of position #00
# 14 BurghFan @ 04/02/13 05:45 PM
Yeah, like was said, I had assumed the reason there was no ultimate team in NCAA Football was the same reason there aren't real players in the game. Not that I have any interest in such a feature anyway.
# 15 TryHard_Nation @ 04/02/13 05:47 PM
Please Board the hype train!
--Tryhard_Nation aka captain of train
# 16 TripleCrown9 @ 04/02/13 05:49 PM
It's probably past players.
# 17 LionsFanNJ @ 04/02/13 05:51 PM
Interesting to see how this will actually work since current players can't be licensed. Probably not going to play the mode but cool for those that enjoy UT in the other EA games.
# 18 theharbinater @ 04/02/13 05:52 PM
never heard of ultimate team. only played the demos for fifa, and haven't gotten madden since 06 or so. what is it and how does it operate? is it like a fantasy team or all-star teams something?
# 19 hurricanefootball4 @ 04/02/13 05:58 PM
Originally Posted by TripleCrown9
It's probably past players.
Going to have to be past players. Don't like that it's taking up space, energy and resources.
# 20 N51_rob @ 04/02/13 06:01 PM
How is this going to work with "fake" players?

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