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We've literally deluged you with NCAA Football 14 gameplay news today. We've gotten our first look at gameplay, we've had a former Florida State QB chime in on it, and we've found out Infinity Engine 2.0 is coming to NCAA Football 14.

At this point, it's time to ask all of you how you feel about the announced gameplay additions? Are you excited? Depressed? Somewhere in between both polar opposites?

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# 1 malky @ 04/03/13 03:18 PM
It's not really gameplay IMHO it's replay footage so hard to judge it
# 2 soonermagic88 @ 04/03/13 03:27 PM
Im excited, the only thing i want to know now is if haveing a dominate edge rusher will matter? I want to be able to have a Julius Peppers type DE that will actually rack up sacks.
# 3 DirtyJerz32 @ 04/03/13 03:31 PM
It's football and it's college football. My two loves stuck together.

My only concern is my TB online dynasty with my friends. We're into our 7th season getting for our 8th.

It's like starting all over again.
# 4 Phreezy P @ 04/03/13 03:45 PM
I think I see new running animations which makes me happy. I was tired of those uber long strides they used to take.
# 5 Skillsonpills32 @ 04/03/13 05:07 PM
I hope size plays key. I don't want a 5'11 player to be able and pancake a 6'7 player. I hope blocking is improved also. I miss the old road to glory in 08 where u got a new dorm each year and you could make the deans list and stuff and you had a major. They should bring that back. The layout of dynasty mode was better back then than it has been the last 3 years
# 6 TreyIM2 @ 04/03/13 05:44 PM
Originally Posted by airaron32
I think I see new running animations which makes me happy. I was tired of those uber long strides they used to take.
I was wondering the same thing and started to comment on it in the first look article. I think I noticed it when that cat in the green jersey broke from the line of scrimmage. Maybe it was the way his arm was swinging and he appeared to have a lil more sway in his run but it definitely looked different, to me. I went back and noticed others swinging their arms but it was more obvious when green dude did it. Heh.

As for my thoughts on NCAA 14 from the clip, I still won't be buying this game cuz I'll hold on for Madden but I like the footplanting and some of the cutting and I was already digging IE in Madden 13, as imperfect as it was. I think I will enjoy the heck out of this demo!
# 7 CT Pittbull @ 04/03/13 07:22 PM
again just my opinion but im not impressed. it just looks like the same ole same ole, with madden 13 IE. all in all far inferior to nba2k13 as far as gameplay, graphics, total presentation, and fun factor i wish this wasnt the case but im afraid im done with EA football games or at the very least the NCAA series. i see absolutely no upgrades to player models an/or textures . i must say at least they nixed the ankle socks but that should have been done years ago. still no screenshots of any players with dreads i wonder why?. Is the predator still there? what i really wann know is if there is a customizeable camera to play on or not. i just cant deal with that same high angle that we get force fed every year since the sega genesis days. . i will again post what i posted befor because it pretty much sums up my opinion

how do you hype the speed burst? i dont know but they just tried to do so. oh well maybe next gen will be better or someone else will step up and make a football game. i dont know if its this gen or this game but even with infinity a year late i might add im just not feelin it ..AT ALL, its a shame too because a football game with 120+ teams to choose from would have sooooo much potential. it just looks and feels stale to me and again this is only my opinion. its just really hard to play a game like nba2k13 and then try to play a recent football game afterwards. Its like going back to the origal xbox when i pop that football game in. It sucks because i would so much rather play a game of video game football for hours over basketball or baseball but the quality from gameplay, graphics, presentation(announcers/stat overlays etc), and features is just not even in the same ballpark. hell they are not even in the same GALAXY. again just my opinion
# 8 JaySwizzlez @ 04/03/13 07:51 PM
Not impressed. Looks like the same old game with a few new "features" slapped onto it. Hopefully I will be pleasantly surprised, but so far I'm not impressed with gameplay.
# 9 NateOU @ 04/03/13 08:15 PM
Why are you all so stubborn? They literally put in every single thing the community asked for in regard of gameplay. It looks great.
# 10 MUCHLUV69 @ 04/03/13 09:59 PM
Hopefully away jerseys will get as dirty as home jerseys this year. So painful to the eyes seeing home jerseys nice and dirty and away jersey tops clean as pie. Also, lets get grass field degradation correct this year!
# 11 ps3veron @ 04/04/13 03:23 AM
I get over hyped (regardless of whatever goes in it) with NCAA every year.

This year, I am on going nuts! I also thought the NCAA series was more "fun".
# 12 rudyjuly2 @ 04/04/13 04:26 AM
Considering the NCAA team this generation has disappointed me a lot this news was really good. It's finally moving in the direction I've wanted with regards to foot planting and cutting. I like hearing the option changes and especially that the cpu can supposedly do it as well. But I need to see it for myself to believe it.

NCAA has really lacked the polish of Madden the last few years imo. The diverse college offenses should be a big plus but when the cpu fails to run anything other than a pro offense correctly (and even that is shaky) it becomes a negative. I've been disappointed just about every year so while I really do like this news I can only be cautiously optimistic.
# 13 MontagueBall @ 04/04/13 07:02 AM
Infinity Engine 2.0? Come on, guys. Haven't we learned by now that whatever Madden has, NCAA gets the FOLLOWING year? Looks good, but promos are designed to look good, not show flaws. Blocking is a MAJOR issue. Line play, pursuit angles, etc. But, most importantly, organic gameplay is the ultimate delivery. Here's hoping.
# 14 GlennN @ 04/04/13 08:22 AM
I'd be more excited if there was a Vita version on the way . . .
# 15 balljonesjr @ 04/04/13 11:51 AM
I think it's awesome;however, I'd like to see what the Oline/Dline WR/DB interaction looks like.
# 16 Ban_Irl @ 04/04/13 12:42 PM
Is their really enough to discuss? tackle engine and ultimate team cards? Is Teambuilder improved? Is Road to Glory improved? It worries me that I read nothing on that but I could really care less about Ultimate team mode. The Infinity engine looks terrible on Madden 13 so I'd say based off of those 2 additions and no word on RTG or teambuilder?.. Limited info is such a bad thing. Speculation, panic, fear, hope, joy and then ...? Who knows... I'll wait for now to before passing judgement
# 17 phantomremix @ 04/04/13 01:50 PM
NCAA 14 Football Coach Vs Coach in Career mode request

I have an online dynasty that I play every year NCAA comes out. My friends and I only play coach mode because it makes it much more challenging to play. Every year we wait for the new game to come out in hopes that the one gap on the coaching side has been resolved and this last year we even cancelled the dynasty and brought our games back because it hadn't been fixed yet. Coach VS Coach in the online dynasty needs to be added. You can play as a coach, but when you play another human team you cannot coach against them, you can either play the game against them or simulate the game (due to the rules of our league we just simulate it which takes all the fun out of being able to rub it into someone's face that you were the better coach).

My 1 request for 2014 is that the Online Dynasty mode allows you to coach vs coach. Since the game already allows you to coach in it and even coach vs coach on exhibition mode, I see absolutely no reason why it is prevented from happening in online dynasty mode.

Please Please Please add it!!

Thank you.
# 18 alabamarob @ 04/04/13 01:55 PM
Way to many running backs blowing up defenders like John Riggins.

Industry rule 1080 says that whenever a game is hyping up offensive additions, and things like stopping on a dime or the chaining together of offensive moves then it is very likely the game is going to be non sim/realistic experience. I understand that football in general has become an offensive game, whereas it used to be a defensive game. However, there are still teams (alabama, lsu) that play good defense in college football. I fear that this game will be unbalanced.
# 19 doubledeuceR6 @ 04/04/13 04:24 PM
Been dissapointed too many times by EA and this franchise to be excited but I am keeping a close eye and being cautiously optimistic. Haven't bought the game in 2 years, hopefully with NCAA 14 that won't be the case.
# 20 Tyrant8RDFL @ 04/04/13 05:45 PM
I'm very excited for NCAA 14.

I really like what I saw with the new running animations. I always felt players at that level and the NFL level can cut on a dime. I just wanted the animation that goes with it implemented, and it looks like they did that.

I can't wait for NCAA 14

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