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Joe Montana Faces Barry Sanders and Robert Griffin III Challenges Adrian Peterson in Quarterfinals,
Voting Now Open at ESPN.com/MaddenVote

Today ESPN SportsNation revealed third-round results and announced the quarterfinal matchups for the Madden NFL 25 Cover Vote, as fans have now cast 35 million votes throughout the campaign. In the Old School bracket Joe Montana will take on Barry Sanders, while Jerry Rice and Deion Sanders will reignite their rivalry in the other matchup. In the New School bracket Arian Foster will square off against Russell Wilson, while Robert Griffin III and Adrian Peterson jockey for votes.

Jerry Rice stood as the top vote-getter in Round 3, trouncing Michael Strahan with 85% of the overall vote. Even though Strahan valiantly fought to get past Kurt Warner in the previous round, Rice’s momentum proved to be too much for the former Giants star. Adrian Peterson continues to run over the competition the same way he runs over opposing defenses in the New School bracket, garnering 81% of the vote in his matchup and spiking Rob Gronkowski. Other voting highlights include:
  • 35 million total votes cast to date
  • 5.9 million votes this round, 2.4 million more than last year
  • The matchup that drew the most votes this round was Arian Foster vs. Colin Kaepernick
The stage is set for an incredible run to the finish, as some of the biggest names of both past and present continue to campaign for their spot on the cover of Madden NFL 25. Fans are invited to cast their votes at ESPN.com/MaddenVote through their PC or mobile devices. For the chance to “Maximize” votes, ESPN and Madden NFL 25 have collaborated with Pepsi MAX to promote Twitter live voting every Tuesday throughout the Madden Cover Vote campaign, where tweets with each player’s respective Cover Vote hashtag will count as two votes. Double votes ends at midnight ET each Tuesday.

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Member Comments
# 1 Caveman24 @ 04/03/13 03:17 PM
My prediction for Barry Sanders/Adrian Peterson still alive and well.
# 2 Number999 @ 04/03/13 03:21 PM
Man Marino is out. :/ Hah, hoping that Russell Wilson or Adrian Peterson win it.
# 3 cuttingteeth @ 04/03/13 03:23 PM
It should have just been Leon Sandcastle.
# 4 TJO5551 @ 04/03/13 06:20 PM
Go Joe Montana!
# 5 The_Wise_One @ 04/03/13 07:39 PM
Would love to see Russ win it but Peterson/Sanders sounds nasty.
# 6 Mauer4MVP @ 04/03/13 07:54 PM
So glad Ray Lewis didn't make it.

Shocked that he didn't give me the courtesy of a warning before he left like he did this season.
# 7 The00Raven00Effect @ 04/03/13 09:37 PM
Russell Wilson or Montana please.
# 8 Bonee @ 04/04/13 09:41 AM
25th anniversary and no John Madden on the cover?!
# 9 The_Balm @ 04/04/13 03:51 PM
It would be cool if they put Peterson, Sanders and Madden on the cover, you know considering it's the anniversary, we'd get Madden, one of the best current players and one of the best ever to play. I think this would be an awesome cover, if it comes down to Sanders vs Peterson I think they should do this.
# 10 ERA @ 04/04/13 04:15 PM
Barry Sanders and AP. Book it.
# 11 CM Hooe @ 04/04/13 08:41 PM
At this point, anyone but Barry Sanders.
# 12 LionsFanNJ @ 04/04/13 08:47 PM
# 13 mr_president @ 04/05/13 08:11 AM
Originally Posted by Bonee
25th anniversary and no John Madden on the cover?!
Madden gets my vote!...if anyone should grace the cover it should him.

Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I777 using Tapatalk 2
# 14 jmurphy31 @ 04/05/13 11:45 AM
This is my guess. I am always skeptical about these voting contests. Like the one year the finals were between Peyton Hillis and Mike Vick (who just happened to be the two guys who announced the opening bracket on ESPN)

Now with the improved running system, it would make total sense to have these two on the cover.
# 15 theawesomeone @ 04/05/13 01:47 PM
I hope they put both Peterson and B. Sanders on the cover.
# 16 TexanFan92 @ 04/06/13 11:31 AM
I want arian foster but wilson will beat him
# 17 ItsOrangeBaby @ 04/07/13 06:06 PM
Just like i thought when the voting started it would be either ray lewis or AP. Seem like AP getting it
# 18 Sausage @ 04/08/13 11:21 AM
Like someone posted I believe this all for show and they already had the cover athlete inked months ago. With the latest "back of the cover" feature is all about the running game; hmm maybe its just me.

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