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The gang over at UTC have posted their NCAA Football 14 gameplay roundtable. Two of the participants in the article have already had hands-on with the game at a recent Community Event.

Although it was mentioned that line play and blocking AI had been fixed, we still havenít heard exactly how far theyíve taken these improvements. For me, this will be integral to the success of the other gameplay mechanics because foot planting and locomotion is all for nothing if the line canít block appropriately. Going into this yearís football titles, I said footwork and line interactions would be the most pivotal necessities and so far weíve seen strides in one department but Iíll remain cautiously optimistic until I get further details on the second system. Overall though, Iím very happy with what Iíve seen and heard so far on NCAA Football 14. It appears as if the team is preparing to give us their best attempt at fixing the ship after last yearís less than stellar edition.

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# 1 CHICODUSTY @ 04/04/13 08:42 PM
I will not place my opinion on the game until i see some live gameplay! Yes, what they are saying sounds great but EA has a long history of making things look and sound good. Then when the product drops its nothing like they said it would be or whatever they implemented would be poorly done. I really hope GAMEPLAY is the focus for the next several years, the game LOOKS great. they can afford to stop the focus on LOOKS and just work on GAMEPLAY for the next couple of years if you ask me. If the game is not up to par again this year i will invest my hard earned 65$ on something else instead of making EA rich like in years past!
# 2 TreyIM2 @ 04/04/13 09:00 PM
I liked what I read. Good to know. Again, not going to get this one but will enjoy the heck out of the demo. Madden 25 is where it's at for me.
# 3 Cowboy008 @ 04/04/13 09:03 PM
Just read it and I'm excited can't wait for more info.
# 4 mrmass413 @ 04/04/13 09:57 PM
Avoidance mech is my fav...now all I need is a couple of pass interference calls and I'm good
# 5 Sheen_O_Mack @ 04/04/13 11:45 PM
There are a few things I could see going very badly with this system.

1.) 5'8" 160 Running backs or D-Backs "Trucking" players much bigger then them just because they may have a full head of steam....

2.) Not being able to use a defenders momentum to your advantage, i.e. If a Linebacker is trying to take an angle to you, realistically, you should be able to juke back across his body (if its a bad angle) causing him to have to take multiple steps to slow down and more then likely reach out with one arm in an attempt to grab on to you, which depending on strength would ideally slow you up or possibly trip you up enough to make you fall after stumbling.

3.) Running backs who are at full speed after the acceleration burst being able to make 90+ degree cuts with out having to stutter step multiple times in order to get their body weight in the intended direction.

I'm optimistic about these changes and I really enjoy the college game and will pick it up regardless but unfortunately I still have that little voice in the back of my head reminding about all the hype surrounding last years football iterations by EA and, yet, they were less then stellar.
# 6 mtoo22 @ 04/05/13 12:15 AM
I'm still worried that defenders momentum won't account at all for how they tackle. It sure hasn't before.

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# 7 Hova57 @ 04/05/13 09:51 AM
the more I read the more i'm worried that defense in the end is gonna suck. still i hope defense will get defensive assignments . also if some could answer cause i haven't seen it . will defense have fatigue or is it just for offense and what about oline will they have a fatigue meter also.
# 8 phantomremix @ 04/05/13 11:56 AM
Sorry if it is annoying, but i am putting this everywhere that it may be relevant as i don't think it should be a huge deal to add... there are plenty of other things i think need to be resolved in game play legitimately, but this one is already partially in the game so....

I have an online dynasty that I play every year NCAA comes out. My friends and I only play coach mode because it makes it much more challenging to play. Every year we wait for the new game to come out in hopes that the one gap on the coaching side has been resolved and this last year we even cancelled the dynasty and brought our games back because it hadn't been fixed yet. Coach VS Coach in the online dynasty needs to be added. You can play as a coach, but when you play another human team you cannot coach against them, you can either play the game against them or simulate the game (due to the rules of our league we just simulate it which takes all the fun out of being able to rub it into someone's face that you were the better coach).

My 1 request for 2014 is that the Online Dynasty mode allows you to coach vs coach. Since the game already allows you to coach in it and even coach vs coach on exhibition mode, I see absolutely no reason why it is prevented from happening in online dynasty mode.
# 9 malky @ 04/05/13 12:52 PM
Ill keep saying it ....NCAA football over the past two years has had a history of major bugs and glitches including serious hard freezes.... All this means nothing if the game is bugged out if its mind
# 10 moneal2001 @ 04/05/13 01:18 PM
Originally Posted by Hova57
the more I read the more i'm worried that defense in the end is gonna suck. still i hope defense will get defensive assignments . also if some could answer cause i haven't seen it . will defense have fatigue or is it just for offense and what about oline will they have a fatigue meter also.
I think i read on the TSO board that the fatigue was across the board as were most of the other improvements. check out the link in this thread http://www.operationsports.com/forum...ll-14-tso.html .

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