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According to The Verge, a new Forza game will be one of the launch titles for the next-gen Xbox with "super life-like" graphics.

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# 1 ps3veron @ 04/11/13 09:39 AM
Forza: The one game that actually made me want to get the 360.

Let's see hear more about the console before I dive into this.
# 2 mestevo @ 04/11/13 09:44 AM
Fighting car porn with car porn. Next up: which car porn presenter is less creepy.

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# 3 BigBadTom @ 04/11/13 09:48 AM
Honestly the graphics are so good, all they need to do is work on the camera angle in the cockpit.... needs to be more realistic in terms of turning head view
# 4 The_Wise_One @ 04/11/13 11:50 AM
If only football games looked this good.
# 5 CoreyMac @ 04/11/13 11:50 AM
surprise surprise.... one of the ONLY xbox exclusives for a launch title. Microsoft needs some new titles.
# 6 CM Hooe @ 04/11/13 11:56 AM
This is nice. I look forward to hearing more about the game.

That said, I want new tracks in the next Forza closed-circuit racing game, however. And (wishful thinking) it'd be really awesome if we could make our own circuits. Oh, and online leagues; car clubs were a small step in this direction, but I want some mechanism with which to schedule races and keep score.
# 7 DubTrey1 @ 04/11/13 06:45 PM
LOL, "Super Life Like Graphics"... is that the technical term thats going to be on the back of the box ... I think cockpit view, more cars, tracks and balanced AI racers etc will push more to this title...

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