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Immerse yourself in a new world of multiplayer competition powered by RaceNet (www.racenet.com), the online extension for Codemasters Racing games which tracks your races, rivals and rewards. Two player split-screen and 12-player online races across GRID 2™’s diverse range of events are just the beginning. An entirely separate multiplayer campaign challenges you to earn XP and cash to unlock and purchase cars and upgrades with each and every race, with player choice at the heart of player progression. Stamp your own identity online by customising and modifying your car and experience a fair race every time with new anti-griefing techniques.

GRID 2’s deep integration with RaceNet means you always have a new challenge as you take on Rivals in up to nine exclusive weekly Global Challenges. With RaceNet you can track your challenges, rivals and progress in GRID 2 away from the game too – on your desktop, tablet or mobile device or via dedicated apps set to launch around release.

GRID 2 Multiplayer – more depth, more challenges, more rewarding.

GRID 2 Multiplayer Modes

Whether you want to dive into a quick race online or in split-screen, specialize in your favorite events or become one of the best cross-discipline racers in the world GRID 2 offers a multiplayer experience that revolves around your play style. GRID 2’s wide range of game modes can be played online with up to 12 player races, including custom races based on your own preferences and choosing from pre-defined playlists so you can jump straight into the action. This is just the start though – GRID 2 multiplayer offers an entirely distinct progression system, separate from career mode, offering depth and flexibility and progression as the best of modern online gaming comes to the racing genre powered by RaceNet.

Game modes: Race (Including LiveRoutes™), Endurance, Drift, Touge, Checkpoint, Face Off, Time Attack. Global Challenge events also includes Overtake and Power Lap.


RaceNet, Codemasters’ free online browser-based extension which tracks your races, rivals and rewards, launches fully with GRID 2 and is the beating heart of the game’s entirely separate multiplayer mode. RaceNet will go far beyond simply visualizing your progress in game and will provide players with new objectives, rivals and rewards for progress, so you always have a new challenge whenever you fire up GRID 2. You can also track community stats, leaderboards and participate in weekly Global Challenge events, earning RaceNet Awards and more for your achievements. RaceNet can also be accessed on your desktop, tablet or mobile device and with dedicated apps set to land around launch you can keep track of your GRID 2 activity wherever you are. Sign up today and get your account ready for launch by visiting www.racenet.com.

GRID 2 Rivals

Always have someone to play and always have a new challenge with the GRID 2 Rivals system, powered by RaceNet. GRID 2 features three types of Rivals:
  • Weekly Rival: RaceNet automatically selects a weekly rival for you to compete against based on your ability and activity in the game so you’ll always have a well-matched challenger.
  • Social Rival: Choose up to four Social Rivals from friends or players you’ve previously raced.
  • Custom Rival: Select your own parameters, for instance, on event type or geographical location. Desperate to beat a Croatian in a Drift event? We’re not here to ask why, we’re here to make that happen. GRID 2’s Rivals system means you always have a race that counts.
Global Challenge

Global Challenge is where your rivalries come to life in this brand new asynchronous game mode. Compete against Rivals even when they are offline and earn XP, Cash and RaceNet Followers (see below) as you compete in up to nine weekly Global Challenges selected from across GRID 2’s wide range of game modes and locations. You can track your progress in Global Challenge in-game and online through RaceNet.

RaceNet Followers

Perform on track and gain online fame and bragging rights by increasing your RaceNet Follower base. The better you perform, and the more objectives you complete, the larger the increase in Followers you’ll get. You can steal followers from Rivals by beating them in weekly Global Challenges. You can also gain followers on RaceNet by taking part in online events, participating in community challenges, completing RaceNet Objectives and you’ll also unlock RaceNet Rivals cards on the site to show off your follower achievements. RaceNet will also showcase players with most Followers online.

Anti-Griefing and Matchmaking

GRID 2 includes a range of under-the-hood measures to improve player’s racing experience online. Improved collision detection and collision ratings means players who enjoy trading paint will be grouped together and players who prefer a clean race are more likely to find sessions with one another. Corner cutting will also be penalized with performance downgrade applied until the advantage has passed to ensure a fair race.

Customization & Modification

Stamp your own identity online with a simple yet powerful tool which allows you to create your own paint jobs and choose wheels and sponsors. With up to 6 billion combinations, you’ll be able to make your mark on the grid. You can also upgrade your car by unlocking and purchasing performance modifications.


Performed a sweet overtaking move or been involved in an epic crash? GRID 2 allows you to quickly upload highlights to YouTube and RaceNet from in-game and you can easily share your best videos through Facebook and Twitter.

  • Up to 12 player online racing
  • 2 player split-screen racing
  • Play up to 10 different events including LiveRoutes™
  • Full integration with RaceNet including planned dedicated apps – visit www.racenet.com for more.
  • Enjoy an entirely separate multiplayer game featuring deep progression – unlock new cars and modifications and you earn cash and XP
  • Always have someone to compete against with GRID 2 Rivals
  • Take your race with you with RaceNet apps set for release around launch
  • Customize and modify your vehicles
  • Anti-griefing technology ensures fair racing
  • Upload highlights to YouTube
Formats: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC
Publisher: Codemasters
Developer: Codemasters Racing Studio
Genre: Racing
Releasing: May 28 2013

Below are some GRID 2 hands-on impressions from around the web.

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