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EA Sports' official FIFA Twitter account sent out a tweet announcing that FIFA 14 news will be hitting tomorrow. The image features Lionel Messi with a full stadium around him with the text, "14 is coming..." to his right. Also a soccer ball pattern is overlayed upon the image.

What do you think we'll hear about tomorrow?

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# 1 JJT @ 04/16/13 02:45 PM
Not sure could be anything, probably tweaked the pysics or something, but any news is good news!

Edit just got the email, I like the better shooting for sure but still seems like nothing havent done before.
# 2 dubcity @ 04/16/13 02:47 PM

Actually, I'm sure the announcement will be that they are releasing it on PS4. That would be a shocking development.
# 3 Zangash @ 04/16/13 03:41 PM
If it has Messi in a stadium I can only hope that means they're bringing back the Nou Camp...
# 4 HKPound @ 04/16/13 03:48 PM
It'll just end up being about more microtransactions.
# 5 The_Wise_One @ 04/16/13 03:58 PM
Next-gen FIFA sounds epic
# 6 TreyIM2 @ 04/16/13 04:36 PM
Hmm. If that is an in-game shot of Messi, that COULD be a next gen pic with that realistic-er looking jersey ala next gen cloth tech like PES 2014 is touting.
# 7 ncaafootball14markus @ 04/16/13 06:14 PM
does fifa come out around the same time as the ps4? if so, omg ...this will definitely be the sports game of the year.
# 8 BLACKjersey53 @ 04/16/13 06:19 PM
Whatever Fifa calls its physics engine 3.0
# 9 2k10Fonzarelli @ 04/16/13 08:26 PM
this announcement of a future announcement will announce that a further announcement will be announced at E3....during an announcement.

# 10 Wanzibar @ 04/16/13 10:43 PM
that looks like an actual picture of messi, if its in game engine rendered then kudos to Fifa dev team. Fifa has never been a purchase on a yearly basis game for me. Last years offense additions were pretty tempting though
# 11 Barbatrucco @ 04/17/13 07:37 AM
- Pure shot Sytem (major realism)
- Protecting the ball (using the left and right trigger)
# 12 DBMcGee3 @ 04/17/13 08:02 AM
Sounds like there could be some amazing soccer games the next few years. So glad that PES is stepping it back up, you really can't beat a good competition in the sports genre.
# 13 lancedirk13 @ 04/17/13 09:14 AM
New info is up on FIFA 14's website. New ball physics, shooting improvements...

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