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Another NBA 2K13 roster update yesterday morning with Kobe Bryant being taken out with his season ending achilles injury. It is likely he won't be back until the final update of the season. Thanks to The Real 2K Insider for his breakdown.

Injured Players

  • Rasheed Wallace (71) Knicks
  • Raja Bell (71/SG) Free Agents
  • Anthony Davis (79/PF) Hornets
  • Kobe Bryant (95/SG) Lakers
  • Steve Nash (82/PG) Lakers
  • Kenneth Faried (80/PF) Nuggets
  • Nolan Smith (67/PG) Trail Blazers
  • Nene (79/PF) Wizards
  • Martell Webster (69/SF) Wizards
  • Trevor Ariza (76/SF) Wizards
  • Richard Hamilton (73/SG) Bulls
  • Chauncey Billups (81/PG) Clippers
  • Jared Cunningham (66/SG) Mavericks
  • Ty Lawson (85/PG) Nuggets

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Member Comments
# 1 ksuttonjr76 @ 04/17/13 01:05 AM
Well, that's pretty much it for the season as far as rating updates are concern. The only change he'll make going forward are injury updates.

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# 2 redspyda24 @ 04/17/13 01:30 AM
they forgot T-Mac with the spurs
# 3 SkillzKillz719 @ 04/17/13 01:55 AM
# 4 JasonMartin @ 04/17/13 05:48 AM
2K is hilarious.

It was "big" news that the Spurs signed T-Mac, how hard is it to put him back in? Also Q-Rich is still listed in the FA section so he isn't too hard to put back.
# 5 Blackhail92 @ 04/17/13 07:15 AM
can we just get some rating upgrades idc who it is just someone GOOD GOD
# 6 44drob @ 04/17/13 09:23 AM
I NEED T-mac

# 7 diehardknicksfan @ 04/17/13 09:56 AM
Originally Posted by 44drob
I NEED T-mac

I don't need Q- brick

# 8 Frizzz24 @ 04/17/13 10:16 AM
The only light at the end of the tunnel is that 2k, while a long ways to go, still has a LOT of room for improvement for next year's title...which I won't be buying until/unless some aspects of the game are improved with more classic teams ('93 Suns), upgrades of classic players (like Bird), better updates (both accessory and roster), etc. It's incredible to me that if something happens with the Lakers, 2k is all over it like maggots on moldy beans, but with my hometown Suns...NOTHING!
# 9 H8terhatesU @ 04/17/13 02:19 PM
This was a horrible year for NBA 2K roster updates. I understand that you can't update every little detail, but this year was a poor excuse for roster updates. From moving players to the injure/active roster list, to inaccurate jersey numbers, bias updates, ect. this year has the worst updates. There were plenty of updates that didn't fix simple mistakes or update enough players that deserves it. I hope 2K fixes this with the next iteration.

In my opinion, without competition from NBA Live, 2K has gotten lazy. Granted, they made an excellent game. This is the best NBA 2K game play wise in my opinion. There could have been many improvements to the mechanics and options to the online play, but the game play was an improvement over the previous games.

I am very surprise that Gordon Hayward never got an update. He played pretty well this season. They should have increased his offensive abilities and his defensive abilities very slightly. Shooting 41.2% from 3pt range is pretty impressive. They never updated Vince Carter's 3Pt rating either. He's currently shooting 40.6% from 3pt range. Someone said that he's only shooting 28% from the corner and 42% at the other 3pt range, but he failed to mention how many shots he takes at each position. 82 isn't enough for a 40.6% 3pt shooter. Vince Carter has made 161 out of 397 attempts. That is pretty impressive. Compare that to someone like Carmelo Anthony who is shooting 37.9% from 3pt making 157 out of 414 attempts. Carmelo's 3pt rating is at an 86. J.R. Smith is shooting 35.6% making 155 out of 436.His 3pt rating is 82, the same as Vince Carter's and higher than Hayward's. Deron Williams is shooting 37.8% making 168 out of 444. His rating is an 84. How does this work? Granted Hayward shoots less 3s than all of them, Carter is making more 3s shooting roughly the same amount as Carmelo, and a lot less than Deron and Smith. Jameer Nelson, Darren Collison, Joe Johnson, Paul George, Damian Lillard, Eric Gordon, ect. all have higher 3pt ratings and their 3pt fg percentage aren't even close to Carter's and Hayward's.

While you can fix the player's rating and the game play by having custom rosters/sliders, you can't really play against other people online with it. Hopefully 2K will improve their roster updates in future installments.
# 10 turty11 @ 04/17/13 02:20 PM
get used to it, 2k will FOREVER be this bad at updating rosters and fixes with bugs until EA gets their ... together and gives them some competition
# 11 DWades House @ 04/17/13 03:18 PM
Man ... the roster updates this year have been really painful to look at. Just dreadful.

It's a shame 2K has given the insider all these different tools and barometers in the player edit menu to make amazingly accurate rosters but he is either too lazy or inept to take advantage.
# 12 LD2k @ 04/17/13 03:21 PM
Originally Posted by turty11
get used to it, 2k will FOREVER....
Forever is a strong word.
# 13 turty11 @ 04/17/13 03:33 PM
Originally Posted by LD2k
Forever is a strong word.
i hope i am proved 100% wrong in 2k14
# 14 alabamarob @ 04/17/13 03:38 PM
I recommend everyone to look at the final ratings of the players in 2k13 versus the ratings of the players on the first day of 2k14. If the ratings on most of the players aren't the same from the last 2k13 update to the first day of 2k14, then you already know that the ratings were arbitrary and not really being updated.

Example being. If Marc Gasol has a 70 mid range jumper, and 39 passing rating on 2k13 after his last game of the playoffs, and then in 2k14 he has an 80 mid range jumper and 59 passing rating then you know 2k13 was not updating his ratings.

The season ends tonight for 14 teams. 98 if not 100 percent of all those players won't play another meaningful game of any type before 2k14 comes out. I guarentee that 75 to 80 percent of all those players will have different ratings on 2k14.

If the roster updates are authentic then at least 50 percent (if not more) of the players should have the same ratings to end 2k13 as they do to start 2k14.
# 15 [email protected] @ 04/17/13 04:21 PM
Originally Posted by LD2k
Forever is a strong word.
"Electric word life--it means forever and that's a mighty long time..."
# 16 Angel_G @ 04/17/13 04:22 PM
Also Rasheed retired smh! Knicks signed Earl Barron to replace him
# 17 JasonMartin @ 04/17/13 04:29 PM
Sad news, wished he could still play in the playoffs. I hope he stays in the game and he isn't taken out completely like they did with T-mac.

Please put him in an FA pool or something.
# 18 diehardknicksfan @ 04/17/13 04:47 PM
Plz be ****ty with your updates and activate him and leave him in the team. Don't let earl Barron replace sheed. Plz 2k be crappy with this update concerning the knicks
# 19 franch1se @ 04/17/13 08:28 PM
Did they add Malcolm Thomas to Chicago?
# 20 JazzMan @ 04/17/13 10:40 PM
Originally Posted by LD2k
Forever is a strong word.
I'll tell you what, LD2k, I'm incredibly disappointed by the rosters, and I'm not the only one. Not only has the Insider committed a crime by neglecting many player updates (Gordon Hayward, Jimmy Butler, Danilo Gallinari, Marco Belinelli, etc.) that have deserved upgrades, but he has neglected players from the game entirely. How can this be taken as an Official Roster for an NBA game? The worst thing about it is that so many of the guys missing have their codes in the game. That's sad.

I know roster updates aren't your job, but we are all frustrated, man. We're tired of big market teams receiving every single update, while small market fans are left with rosters from months ago that weren't even that correct to begin with. How does JR Smith get more updates to his ratings/apparel than the entire Utah Jazz team? Talk about biased.

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