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We've had a few days to digest all of the information EA dumped on us last week, with NCAA Football, FIFA Soccer, NHL, and Madden all seeing bits and pieces of 'the plan' trickle out.

Which of these four franchises has you most excited as we head into the heart of the Spring 'playbooks' season?

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# 1 Mostarac @ 04/22/13 03:30 PM
None of them for one single reason.. Its the same old **** as usual from EA..
# 2 22cedric @ 04/22/13 04:00 PM
What about NBA Live 14 it should be on the list. EA Sports needs to release NBA Live this year.
# 3 believeinnow @ 04/22/13 04:04 PM
I agree, there should be the option of selecting "other" there. We know that UFC and NBA games are coming. And, what if something else is coming.
# 4 EJ21 @ 04/22/13 04:21 PM
I'm excited for both NCAA 14 and Madden 25. I hope they actually improved on things
# 5 porkys8077 @ 04/22/13 05:49 PM
NCAA Football 14
# 6 BaylorBearBryant @ 04/22/13 06:22 PM
NHL 14

No question
# 7 PantherBeast_OS @ 04/22/13 06:33 PM
I picked Madden25. But I'm looking forward to both NCAA14 and Madden25 this year. Going to be interesting to see if they did anything to them both this year with gameplay.
# 8 Rules @ 04/22/13 08:18 PM
I think I will skip all of EA's games this year as with the exception of FIFA, the rest absolutely sucked!!!! Little to no changes year to year with these games anymore.
# 9 Simple Mathematics @ 04/22/13 10:07 PM
NHL 14. Just like every year.
# 10 ps3veron @ 04/23/13 05:41 AM
I think NHL is looking amazing this year. One of the best sports titles is getting some very serious enhancements.

NCAA is also (finally) looking promising and both Madden and FIFA should be consistently good.
# 11 waytofailself @ 04/23/13 08:06 AM
I said NCAA 14 because, of those four, that is the only title I would buy.

And even now I'm on the fence about it leaning towards no. I'm still too burned by 12.
# 12 gigadkc @ 04/23/13 08:35 AM
how about none!? The only EA game I'm looking forward to is the UFC game.
# 13 Nox_Caelum @ 04/23/13 09:54 AM
None. Other than FIFA06 I havent skipped a FIFA game, but I more than likely will be skipping FIFA this year, hell I hardly touched 13 and 14's looking like it's just a patch for the new features in 13
If EA release a new Live I might pick it up over 2K, but even then it's not certain.
# 14 GlennN @ 04/23/13 10:12 AM
As others have mentioned, no "None of the Above" in this poll?
# 15 Scott @ 04/23/13 01:51 PM
Based on the info so far...NCAA.
# 16 Scribe1980 @ 04/23/13 03:21 PM
I would have voted "none" but that wasn't an option.
# 17 Dennis Neo @ 04/23/13 03:34 PM
NHL 2K14 for nextgen
# 18 DezurickC @ 04/23/13 05:17 PM
I need help, how do i post a new thread, I have a question, and I only know how to do this..
# 19 DarkOutFront @ 04/23/13 07:08 PM
MVP Baseball 2014?
# 20 Tyrant8RDFL @ 04/23/13 08:19 PM
NCAA 14 for me.

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