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In a financial earnings report released earlier today, Nintendo announced that they missed their financial targets thanks, in large part, to weak Wii-U sales thus far. This comes on the back of what appears to be waning third party support for the platform, as (most notably) sports gamers will find that the release lineup this year seems even thinner than what it usually is.

Nintendo is forecasting a better 2013 thanks to expected improving Wii-U sales due in part to a busy release season -- but one has to wonder just how much sales of a console, which has no distinct advantages over the competition, will really surge?

This Nintendo news comes when no sports gaming releases were announced by EA for the Wii-U at their spring preview event last week. Thanks to slowing sales of the Wii-U and disappointing hardware sales numbers overall, it seems smart for EA to avoid the platform for now. It wasn't long ago that video games analyst Michael Pachter famously declared Nintendo 'had made a mistake with the Wii-U that it would never recover from'.

What do you think OS? Is the land of Mario in trouble? Are you considering the Wii-U at all for your gaming destination?

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# 1 eaterofworlds888 @ 04/24/13 05:06 PM
I honestly want a Wii-U. However, I HATE (with strong intensity) their third party support. The whole reason I had to jump ship to PS2 and PS3 was because Nintendo had a very weak sports game library. I was hoping that would change with the Wii-U but it looks like the PS4 is growing a strong case for me buying it first.

Love Nintendo's exclusives, super pumped for a Windwaker remake and other upcoming titles, but they got to get their act together sports game wise.
# 2 jagsrock95 @ 04/24/13 05:16 PM
Nintendo will be fine they turned around the 3ds and they can and will do the same for the Wii u. Already it seems like this is going to be a good holiday for the Wii u with word that a new Mario kart is on its way along with windwaker HD and more that they have yet to announce. In terms of sports the Wii u might not be getting as much as I would hope,at least not from ea who seems buthurt over Nintendo not accepting origin. However ubisoft is developing for them and I feel once the sales pick up more third parties will come for the Wii u. Even of they don't I think Nintendo can support their own console with 1st party titles no doubt of they maintain the quality we expect from them.
# 3 scottyo60 @ 04/24/13 06:03 PM
First I stilly LOVE the pad controller idea, but lack of sports games potential has kept me from getting this system. If they get that going I'd be glad to pick one up. Yet third party support is waning because lack of sales. I don't want to buy a system that doesn't have what I want to play, or by that measure games up to standard of my 360
# 4 TjJunior @ 04/25/13 04:06 AM
where is Killer Instinct and Star Fox?
# 5 Ronaldo Silverado @ 04/25/13 03:05 PM
Sports games aren't the biggest reason the Wii U is failing, nor will they save it. Nintendo's marketig department must consist of a bunch of cardboard cutouts with a speech bubble saying "Yes, Iwata-san!". The name of the console itself is terrible, as many people think it's just some sort of peripheral for the Wii (same with 3DS, people think its just a simple redesign of the DS). The Wii U will succeed when far better games come out, like a new 3D Mario game (Galaxy 3?), a new Zelda game, and hopefully a new Star Fox game. Smash Bros. will definitely be a system seller, as well. Also, anything Michael Pachter says, bet on the opposite.
# 6 Valdarez @ 04/28/13 02:43 AM
Was looking at buying a WiiU today, but there's not any titles that I can't buy on the other consoles. Until there's a Zelda/Metroid/etc game that I can't get on the other consoles, there's just no reason to buy a WiiU. Their strategy for release titles was extremely flawed this go around.

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