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GotGame has posted this Madden NFL 25 video interview with Creative Director, Rex Dickson. They discuss the new and improved running game, defense and Infinity Engine 2.0. A few snippets of gameplay are included.

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# 1 SageInfinite @ 04/28/13 01:45 AM
I hope they clean alot of that stuff up. In the Raiders clip the ball carrier tripped with both feet and still was able to recover, which was also in Madden 13. That's gotta go. I know that was really early footage, but it was rough. NFL Blitz style hits.
# 2 Indyboy180 @ 04/28/13 01:46 AM
Those hits are absurdly comical. A little too much force imo.
# 3 jpdavis82 @ 04/28/13 01:56 AM
New Dolphins uniforms at 1:48
# 4 jpdavis82 @ 04/28/13 01:59 AM
Originally Posted by ghettogeeksta
Those truck animations are absolutely hilarious, I seen them in the NCAA Football 14 trailer too. When a ball carrier trucks a defender 9 times out of 10 they don't go flying backwards in mid air, most of the time the defender falls on their back while still trying to make the tackle and the ball carrier stumbles and falls most of the time.
Yeah hopefully they tune those down for the final build, that was obviously footage of a very early build, as it was more a slide show than in game footage.
# 5 SageInfinite @ 04/28/13 02:17 AM
I just find it funny that these guys keep preaching sim, but then you see stuff like this. I know it can be tuned and toned down, but why are they even capturing stuff like this and why is it even making it into early builds?
# 6 jpdavis82 @ 04/28/13 02:17 AM
Originally Posted by ghettogeeksta
Those truck animations are absolutely hilarious, I seen them in the NCAA Football 14 trailer too. When a ball carrier trucks a defender 9 times out of 10 they don't go flying backwards in mid air, most of the time the defender falls on their back while still trying to make the tackle and the ball carrier stumbles and falls most of the time.
Yes that's the main issue I have, is the way the defenders fly back off their feet. The trucks in Madden 13 were pretty accurate actually, defenders fall on their backs while they are still on the ground.
# 7 jpdavis82 @ 04/28/13 02:39 AM
This is a truck from Madden 13, done right

# 8 jpdavis82 @ 04/28/13 02:47 AM
Originally Posted by Broken Stixx
No........ thats our old uniforms

New logo though, this event happened before the uniform unveiling so that's probably why it's just the new logo being shown. I'm certain all the new uniforms will be in Madden 25.
# 9 d11king @ 04/28/13 05:57 AM
This game just keeps looking worse to me. I've never seen a player in the NFL, trip over a defender (with BOTH feet) and maintain their balance, it seems like everyone who trips is able to recover. The RGIII spin behind the LOS is absolutely atrocious and looks like some Backyard NFL on PC stuff. This Truck Force Hit Stick, I don't care whether it can be toned down or tuned, like someone said earlier, how does that even make it into the build??? What happened to this Infinity Engine, cause I know when two players running at top speed collide head on, there is absolutely no way in hell one of them is going to fly back as if he was just shot with a shotgun 3 feet away.

Even the interviewer, (I'm sorry) looks and talks as if he's a casual gamer. Nothing about this game so far is blowing me away, actually, it's really blowing me away from ever buying Madden again. These animations are too arcady and remind me too much of NBA Live 2007, it's as if I'm playing a cartoon. I know it's only April, but like I said, I haven't seen ONE video where I walked away saying, "okay, EA's over here putting in some work," and closed the video amazed. We keep saying, ah I'll wait until I see this, I'll wait until I see that... These videos are as clear as the invisible man in the mirror. These running animations looks as if they've taken a step back from already not being near the step it's supposed to be at.

Very disappointing with what I've seen this far.

EDIT: Rewatched the video again, in the Raider clip, my man does a spin move and both feet run into {gets caught under} a Browns defender who is lying or falling on his back, and DMC (I'm assuming) doesn't fall on his face like he's supposed to, because that's what physics tells me, one of these elementary kids from that phone commercial would be able to tell you that... he doesn't fall, he STUMBLES..... is able to maintain some sort of speed, put his arm down to regain his balance, and continues on... .... WTF!
# 10 Skyboxer @ 04/28/13 06:47 AM
Only thing I'm not liking at all at this point is the overblown hits. This needs tones down.
The "stumbling"??? yeah some shown should not be recoverable but I'll wait and see if it's more based on player rating for who recovers and who doesn't..
The hits... please EA..tone it down a bit.
# 11 SteelerSpartan @ 04/28/13 07:52 AM
whats worse is if, these animations cause the bowling pin effect again, where other defenders can't come in an clean up the ball carrier
# 12 FreAk47 @ 04/28/13 08:16 AM
"Re-imagined versions of classic features"...a nice way of saying they added back stuff they should have never taken out, and we should be impressed by it. UGH.
# 13 ratedmoney @ 04/28/13 08:44 AM
Didnt see any wrap up tackles. Guys are just running into each other for tackles sending eachother flying. Calvin Johnson manages to truck someone after a hurdle where he had no momentum left. sigh I really want this game to be good.
# 14 jpdavis82 @ 04/28/13 09:20 AM
FWIW I talked to Simfballcritic today and he said he didn't think the force impact seemed this overdone based on his time playing it. Hopefully they are still fixing this stuff and not just copping out with the WIP label.
# 15 jWILL253 @ 04/28/13 10:33 AM
That interviewer is a douche.

On-topic, the physics engine needs to account for the center of gravity in a player's body. As it stands, there are still instances where a player's body is obviously affected by physics, yet the player doesn't lose balance or fall...
# 16 Mckinley Cash @ 04/28/13 11:23 AM
I like what they're doing, so I'm not going to bash on some of the stuff they've done. I think everything will be cleaned up and polished by release. I don't think the over-dramatic hits we're seeing will happen as much as we think; I think they may just be a poor choice of clips put together.
# 17 Big FN Deal @ 04/28/13 12:17 PM
I am surprised nobody commented on the Ryan Kerrigan sack, I thought that looked good the way Force Impact or IE 2 effected the blocking RB and Kerrigan was able push him back to get the edge, to sack the QB. I also liked the realistic emotion/celebration of the defenders after those big hits. On the Patrick Willis hit, it doesn't seem like the usual big hit stick-fly backwards animation, towards the end you can see Willis do more of a wrap, to try to make it seem more like he hit and drove, needs work though.

That said I agree some of this stuff is over the top, especially the airborne truck/stiff arm stuff. It has been mentioned that for some reason EA thinks people want to see this stuff in trailers, so we shall see how it looks in E3 videos.

EDIT- Wanted to add that in that same Kerrign clip, Orakpo is in the right of the shot, starts to the outside, is blocked and seems to try to spin back inside. The downside to this is that he is not able to disengage from the blocker/blocking animation as soon as he spins free but at least he does do something besides stand there patty caking. Also the "heat seeker" tackling looked promising, aside from the moniker. Those Polamalu tackles, namely the attacking the ball carrier, taking out the ball carriers legs, I didn't notice in M13 and the last one by him, the high tackle, would have been a poor pursuit angle and likely a run by-follow behind the ball carrier-whiff, in M13. There are some promising and concerning things in this video, good post JP Davis.
# 18 DeuceDouglas @ 04/28/13 12:58 PM
Still too many hits where either way one guy is basically hitting a wall. Big hits are cool but they aren't what makes defense fun IMO. Most of those big hits would look a hell of a lot better if the defender or ball carrier ran through the tackle/broken tackle instead of just stonewalling the guys as they fly backwards.

I would have preferred if the new 'heat-seeking tackling' was revised into "hug-seeking tackling" so that guys would wrap up 95% of the time. I was actually hoping they got rid of the hit-stick, but it appears they've enhanced it, and not in a good way.
# 19 carvis#15 @ 04/28/13 01:24 PM
Man the hit stick looks great. I don't understand why people go crazy. They obviously show the hardest hits for the sake of showing some highlights for the footage. Plus they even had guys on the video who were missing half of their jersey number. That's how I know the game is being worked on. One con is the truck animation they keep showing and the also the bad stumble from D-Mac on the raiders. It wasn't at the right time. Again, it is *April*. This game doesn't come out until August. Last year they didn't show any kind of physics this early.
# 20 carvis#15 @ 04/28/13 01:29 PM
Lol plus they have Darren Macfadden is like number 93 in the video or something lol. Yea it's an obvious work in progress.

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