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GoMadden has posted a very good read on how Madden NFL 25 could enhance defensive line controls.

Yes, there are user-controls currently available to the defensive line, but no, they’re not good enough. Keep in mind that when I say user-controls are “not good enough,” I’m not saying you can’t get pressure while manually controlling a DE or DT. In fact, I know you can. But it’s simply not enjoyable, not as impacting as it could and should be, and you rarely ever feel like you’re doing the things that you’re intending to do. When players can often find themselves doing the opposite of their intent, it’s a good sign that something needs to change.

I have no problems with Madden NFL playing out the ratings as the DL and OL collide, but it shouldn’t make user players feel like they’re trapped in a simulation without any control over the moves their player attempts to do. In order for Madden 25, or any future Madden for that matter to really include all the superstars that we know and love on defense, the controls need to be completely revamped to enhance the usability of the defensive line.

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# 1 adub88 @ 04/30/13 09:02 AM
I've been talking about this for a while. I like how in 2k you can choose what moves you want to do. If I want to speed rush then hit the OT with a spin move ala Freeney & Mathis, then I should be able to do that. If EA is looking for authenticity, this is a major priority. It all starts in trenches as we know.
# 2 reddogmaddogbul @ 04/30/13 09:22 AM
This is a fantastic write up about" D-line modifiers!"This is a must read and a must have in M25!Someone from the dev team should see this idea and get started on this idea right away!!!Times a wasting!!!
# 3 ch46647 @ 04/30/13 10:06 AM
Madden is in desperate need of this, however I would not expect it to come until they have a complete OL/DL overhaul. (Particularly to the animations)

Right now Madden does not have the functionality, or animations to make DL play fun. Right now, it is as static and boring as watching the OL/DL dance animation that plays out every time.

Madden desperately needs a re-write to the trenches in general. The DL controls certainly need to be a big part of that. They literally need to add hundreds of animations to the trenches to make them look and play out realistically. Once they do that, they could add a modifier and add 20-30 new DL/DE moves to make playing that position fun and rewarding.

(This should be tiered to the ratings, but not just 90+ should have special moves. There should be moves that only 60+, 70+, 80+ and 90+ can have access too. This should go for the RB's, WR's, OL, DB's, LB's, QB's etc..) This is how EA needs to start differentiating players. Add TONS of specific animations that only players rated in specific rating levels have access too)

EDIT- Great write up by this guy though!! Is he a Gamechanger? If not, can we make him one or have a gamechanger take this directly to a developer for next-gen Madden. This would do wonders for the DL play, as long as they add appropriate animations and overhaul the OL animations as well. The days of this static dance, and one player gets a win animations have to end. Not only does it look horrible, but its makes playing D-line and the running game boring. No lanes really open up and it just seems like a big mash of players in the middle.)
# 4 Only1LT @ 04/30/13 11:29 AM
Very good read and very good ideas by the author. Don't want to minimize his ideas, but I think that they are all fairly obvious extensions of getting real DL and OL interactions. As an example, a lot of those suggestions were already in the other game that shall not be named.

Again, don't want to minimize his ideas as they are really good and well thought out, but once you do proper OL/DL line interactions and get rid of static animations, I think that all of those things become fairly obvious. It's just that what we have now is so terrible that there is no point to even contemplate it.
# 5 balljonesjr @ 04/30/13 11:56 AM
All for it ... And I've been wanting the strip sack in the game since the phrase was coined.
# 6 jpdavis82 @ 04/30/13 12:05 PM
Clint Oldenburg just tweeted that he read the article and thinks its a very good idea. Hopefully he gets this in for us.
# 7 ch46647 @ 04/30/13 12:07 PM
JP, this will absolutely not be in Madden 25. I am sure he means for future iterations. This would require a complete overhaul the the control scheme and a ton of new animations as well.

Hopefully they will get this in to start next-gen though.
# 8 Trick13 @ 04/30/13 12:07 PM
I agree with the concept of bringing back some user determined control to the DL. I just really don't like the "modifier" idea, either for run free or anything else.

I think a better idea would be to bring back the PS2/360 control layout then;

X/A is sprint and tapping that would be bull rush
L/R shoulder buttons would be finesse moves with variances determined by
how long you hold the button, with a player that has a pass rush spin
move you would hold it down for a bit and he would spin on release
within that system you can then have different windows based on
ratings, the higher the rating the longer the "window" (time you can
hold down the button) if you hold to long you could slip/stumble/fall
R stick would be power moves again with variances for how long you hold it
and in what direction

I think the "legacy" control layout is far more intuitive and actually offers up more options and actually helps developers as most moves would require the user to let off the sprint button - thus making "foot-work" a natural part of the user's input to perform the moves.
# 9 Big FN Deal @ 04/30/13 12:49 PM
Originally Posted by jpdavis82
Clint Oldenburg just tweeted that he read the article and thinks its a very good idea. Hopefully he gets this in for us.
This is not directed at you JP but at the notion that Clint or anyone else at Tiburon have just seen this premise the for the first time, in this write up, lol. Like others have alluded to, this type of player differential is nothing new to video games or sports sim video games.

I actually would be disappointed if this write up was the first time any dev thought of expanding this type of "modifier", ie player differential system, to other positions. It would seem like a natural progression to start out with ball carrier and defenders in general at first, then expand it out to each position. I posted this a few days ago and I know for sure it has been posted about long before this. Hell, GotMadskillzson has an entire thread about it in the NCAA forum. http://www.operationsports.com/forum...hand-hand.html

The write up is good and the idea is solid, just as solid as it has been in practice by other games for some time now. Also to anyone seemingly getting caught up in the terminology being used about "combos" and "Street Fighter", you shouldn't. This "modifier" is nothing new or innovative in a sports video game, which is a good thing. It's just EA Tiburon marketing trying to package it as something new because apparently that's how they do. However it's a solid premise used in other sports games, tied to animations and ratings, to differentiate players, hopefully it's done well in Madden.
# 10 BigBadTom @ 04/30/13 01:09 PM
This guy gets it and I hope EA takes notice... Huge room for improvement and this guy nailed it
# 11 DeuceDouglas @ 04/30/13 01:25 PM
This is all good stuff, but it's directly aimed at the user. I'm not saying that's a bad thing and more moves would always be better, it just depends on how the AI uses them. As a person who never controls the D-Line all of these moves and modifiers would go virtually unused. And if they weren't implemented into the AI very well, we'd have almost the same static line play we have now.

The same goes for the 'Run-Free' this year. It could turn out to be great for the user side of things but if it's not implemented well for the CPU and you have guys like Darren Sproles trying to truck & hop over everybody, it's going to be awful.

One thing I would like to see out of D-Line play is the lineman using these rush moves outside, or prior to being engaged. I definitely agree that O & D-Line pass play needs some significant improvement.
# 12 vannwolfhawk @ 04/30/13 01:26 PM
Yes please! Much needed! I'd like to see the same ability for linebackers when being blocked as well. It's amazing after all these years that something like this has not been implemented into the game. I hope to see this very soon! Good write up and ideas. I'd like to see a spin move be a circle in a direction you want to spin on the right stick though.
# 13 bigeastbumrush @ 04/30/13 02:09 PM
Excellent ideas that I'm sure they'll implement in Madden 35.

Yes- 35
# 14 Reed1417 @ 04/30/13 02:44 PM
This guy David Light...give that guy a contract!! It was a really good article and I would like to see this implemented at some point if possible.
# 15 CM Hooe @ 05/01/13 11:33 AM
Echoing the sentiment that Madden needs to revisit its DL controls, and that this idea is one potential good manner by which to change them.
# 16 Hova57 @ 05/01/13 03:09 PM
they really need to do that i like modifier idea. if its good for the goose then its good for the gander

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